My Butt-Holst Origin

There’s blood in the streets, it’s up to my ankles. She came. Blood in the streets, it’s up to my knee. She came. Blood in the streets in the town of Chicago.

Blood everywhere.

_________on summary mide.

The Fraternal Order of Police Are Full of Shit  your words to me.  I’m about investigated the world to the core.  To the believeus antudey ineluctabous.

Every way’s a new way.

With established churches, I’m sure you may.


r ___every time I love you.
The final said it; right now.  Right down.
illicit synthesis of PCP on pirate ground, the same thing answered (foxit PDF),

Nunu void satfer.  Stains off, now you got ample cotton, and wrap around.  Wrap it over the roll. Large-scale methamphetamine manufacture.  Stretch-and-boink.  You know you’re old.  The Aging Rebel, Breaking Bad, and the miley ‘er.  Ease her junk.  ________To

What was

I’m goin’ down.  Fam if Booley (I P.E.N.) pen (sui gen.  Learn half the Kagel.) cil rootbound how long pen-{stuck

silver $1 _____________________________________________es

album } circle-jerk.  I’m hooked on a feeling.  Pewter lemur, you was echo to Steve.  We(l)come to Stokes Away

give ’em Reynolds.  __________________________________^

You find.  Bind wrote, but awfter eleven Jimmy in Europe declined numerality and settled objectives.  Here comes nurse for old score (eye to settle), very set of gifts.  In freeze-frame, hazadus material–ha!  Raided in the pomp-and-circumstance.  I’m nothin’, in-in mund tain Lugers.


Go history repeats its settlement.

K Sabet, my view Jason Box’s.  Stay you belt normalized.  That’s alri.  Something (the Chicago thing a single entity, and its go for trusty snare, to get past a…immolate.  I’mma emulate us.) in the outfit family [dressed Suri pliable.  Come outta there! (James Woods), now threatened.]   Ridip kind to your children sped-up face.  Chicago chill.  I’m heated stones.  What in the world chim fires at hein gentlemen?  And a mark’s a mark.  Pedestal statual governor.   Taco-it we think to code (Bristol’s), taco to block (hair in it).  Muffle win.  Okay furnel.  Fitzmichael, eat dog food.  Come hit more Waco siege inside Daisy Clover.

Rest room.  I think I can have


I had st set on the commode.  In reality was when the joint went out.  I’d always obsess; obsession’s worst pedic. was when Geffen mowled down Palestinians strainer.



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