Aye, Men Strained Bellicose

What shall we use
To fill the empty spaces
Where we used to talk?

Pink Floyd lyrics, “Empty Spaces”.  What do you do’s answered “What do you use”, i.e.  over us.  Expression’s noted.

Champ are-to’s easy, white it, statement, they’d all get it all.

Don’t think I need anything at all.

Presumably, the E. of E.S.P.  The E’s I’m talkin’ ’bout havin’ Capt’n Crunch.  Ho me vo amac.  Congratulations, hunters.

It was only Fanta’s E-coke, and it was only


Image is loading Wrigleys-Extra-Green-Sour-Apple-Flavor-Sugarfree-Chewing-

Image is loading Wrigleys-Extra-Green-Sour-Apple-Flavor-Sugarfree-Chewing-

Lately, I have been looking old (Looking at me like I’m havin’ ’em get backin’ up); increasingly, the friends who instantly are some of the best damn talkin’ Ziggys, that are older.  Bruce Willis isn’t, than your “some (rather than a Mexican standoff with Frank Sinatra–didn-oh.  Sinatra fought Butterbean) Kennedy” candidate.  Run for upstairs.  A-stop its candidly, admittedly; not only frankly, words, while what phrases pruned, unqualified to even flog?

“You are a miner”, because, “Here, we are trapped”, whose craft?  Barking, backing up.

I’m here; I’m a man.  I’m old, with low income.  Help me by the air, jumping cars.  I want free wi-fi.  Remember how phony and greedy.  EITHER you can read it (I don’t have a T.V.  You want to be yelled at like my T.V.  Be my guests.) OR  You’re Homer.

The energy one has is one’s tubular best not to waste it.  But, we are still here talking about our things.  Where is he at with ‘you can’t heat up a building’, where, all the air is breaths other people I mean, can walk over and consume.  Arrest me.  I’m not going to recycle.

What is that?  well, the silent attacks are getting fixed into a constant nag on the usual suspects.  The cri inals get away.  You must learn numbers.  I am not illiberal, I’m not the one, but, to there (to Dubai), you will be stepped-on, ignorant.  Reggae, how?  I have this memory exercise phase of internetting, this agoraphobia.  But, it’s not much fun.  I can see it is not healthy for you, your life beating life able to walk around, to speak with.

Does my prodigious memory threaten you?  Climate scientists are freaking out with rage.  Their children–well, I don’t know that for a fact.  Tip us up at bomb.  The whole spiel under the Republicans, our destruction would be God’s will.  Messing up globally warming something would be wrong.  Temperature fie!

NOAA study confirms global warming imminent.

You want to get two clothes to bet.  Cook cow food.  I think it’s imminent because a second month confirmed, and be-gee.  It’s just out of reach, the apple?  Put a lighted screen behind it.  We’re rude?

You gauze two 100-million feud (bowhead) hen millers 7 billion; om chapman to their Lennon.  It’s not contempt when it’s legal.  Press your age.

What proof do you have that you care if your writer gets on the internet?  A computer itself stinks.  These programs are halting, threatening.  The computer itself does the considering, probably making to decisions to halt.  On Rubic’s cube; now it’s functional.


mayve don’t want every ****ucker’s picture in at the top.  Think 1-2-3 as a porter do.

This chart shows global warming is speeding up

The years 2015 and 2016 are set to be the hottest on record, according to a new report by the UK Met Office. Scientists believe that the reversal of natural climate cycles will join forces with man-made carbon emissions to drive air temperatures higher than previous records. The forthcoming two years are expected to be a turning point for global warming.

article World Economic Forum.  Theirs only that we knew.

falling glad evil

The Arctic Just Set an Ominous New Record.

article Washington Post muffs up, then it’s home to do mass.

I’m folding clothes.  Mr. Trump’s shirts are lightly armored.  If our form of technology, that, and they are all, “Holding pussy”, my Clare, pussies.

check mark, big, includes non-orient, excludes they’re for rests in the woods.

Black background.  see the fowest, sue the trees.  Estimate the main ten years those’ll (cliner) count the seconds.  I can’t cuh-hurve to this toward specificities easily.  But pray, what exactly is not identically?  Play.

“My vagina’s all up in your face.”  That it is not like this or anything.  Put it Brown (from Texas).  A Sarah node, found by the butt of the joke, as this particular inclusive vagina spodes.

Roderick Spode, 7th Earl of Sidcup, often known as Spode or Lord Sidcup, is a recurring fictional character from the Jeeves novels of British comic writer P. G. Wodehouse, being an “amateur dictator” and the leader of a fictional fascist group in London called The Black Shorts. In the 1990s television series, Jeeves and Wooster, he is portrayed by John Turner and depicted as having a rather Hitleresque appearance.

-Wikiup genigraphy.  Deny horse this.  I vow it, not Tom, not Derick.  Leaf us exposed.




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