Dear Sharon Lerner

  1. We were attacked by France in the form of DuPont, in 1802.

scope a. What we have is related to the Revolution; twice one’s bet is offset time wise.

2. The deal’s racism for those in this place, Parkersburg.

I enjoyed a. Nathaniel Rich.

3. My mother is from this forested region.  If I stead awkward indeed, it is help; she died in 2015.

4. Other than your responsib…mine?  I had a poker hand consisting in chemistry.  It would be inconceivable to be raped.  We chemists would appreciate a broom.  I had an attitude about extincting you, and a headache.

Those guys at the EPA and DuPont, see, were using the rubric and rhetoric of “help”, and, my-my, disgusting.  Kill all the lawyers (west of), and you, my dear, like there aren’t a black at The Intercept.  You must take the heat and fire for being friends of their hated New York Times.

5.  That’s why Sean is my access to Spanish.  It is because you walk in the shadows.

6. You, Sharon, are on being intact over at Women’s Issues.

7. Why does Sharon lie or, second, why does she tell the truth?  Why does Sharon(‘s) lies (cat out–boom), it’s inside the fourth wall that OMG.  Defend your friend.  Well, lawyer or cocksucking & (can I get a friend who will force one?).

8. If this were the last player; I’m in the shadow.  This time we would do it.  Fuck you Hells Angels,  your prints do it.

9. I’m home with no need for gunplay, plus; I may keep working, because being tired does not mean your ruin is terrible synonyms.  You take speed, then and only then are you correct again.

9a.  triple boom because I am a witness.  I patent videos of you giving me a live opportunity to have your small mind’s worth of input on a master list of certain words, words like pluperfect crimes and pinheadedness.

b. take a rich person to hell.  Extinction, methane-one, only leaves the killers to explain.

c.  Whose?  Theirs.  They are lying on the internet.

d. My father’s no Korean veteran.  he went to the Isthmus of Panama University and got a degree in one of those playin’.

e.  The internet’s military.  I wanta full-scale nuclear raids and I want my baby bubonic bumble bees.

What you are is relatable to what you have, as claimed by your father, who puts, “You can’t”.  Thus, what you have, as long as you are talking to your self (his might show his father), is this being of ours prog ram.

Father’s legal  death was in 2015.  Terrible the word, I guessed treatment.  Terrible the word has the “other way (notes.  Gettin’ it)”, wherein, a couple days, you will be back to normal.  Names?  None of ’em; it’s not yours.  Terrible the feeling is in our map  Japanese restaurant (understanding thing), when SAIKO then, “Psycho”, see Cabrillo, and it was not the massacre general.  See, it’s psychic and dear Sharon, letting “her”, to Ozzy, negative.

happy birthday to Glenn for the sixth

little children’s.

Lookit, Sharon’s just a broomstick.  Lookit penny’s sister Sahron’s got me, she has got men in it.  Sauron on planet room’s ‘n […] apropos was taking your Lex.   Had occasion to run into Millard Fillmore.  he’d like to advertise on Mrs. Cleaver’s exhibit.

Because of Screwed.  Nathaniel’s down.  You don’t win.  What do ya do (with that song?).  Well, that’s what happens.

noted pair it__________________ sutured

There; no spreadsheet.  What goes on is so ballasted, graffittied wisdom.  To be skirts flying thataway, prig ’em seven.  I don’t want to get it, why serves us to call it “risk”.

You don’t see that much vegetine.

I was conservative when it came to getting dressed again.  Fucked, too, besides finger-banged; if you want luck, London.

Tell you what I’m going to do on what level (they’re prant (prants (prantsh (Prance | my reckless ) recluse))) zan dan it.  Tack.  Miss You, Stones.  Ubject.

Ants don’t know we didn’t.    No one could  go one predictin’ tunes.  Album: A.I.  You know how you get it to work?  Don’t use words like amazing.  You’re starring in a midget of your valuable time intellectual carpetbagger.  I’m having to go to some of the colors.

if I say, “There are no ways”.  In general, more than one.  I can be truist, young but heavily scarred?  Incept is.  Truisms, like there is any known body good, by the fruit stand:  Frank.  Wwe should note.

I have a group of senses here nit’ll beat a lot (heart attack), wull, cords.  Beam me up.  I’m going to wear cords.  Why, I’m [… exxes mom is mom, Zap].  religion straight through through sips.  Are you Tate?

Catchin’ up around the scene.

“Shamrock in the gaslamp”, don’t light me again, “with BS in their name.”

Revolution’s not in the family.  if I ever seen  many of them.  The source of the violence is being covered up, with a misunderstanding created by ascriptions, “left” and “right.”  We are left in.

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