You Can Kill Christian Slater

Give it to me, Shaun.

Sit down and write it all.

YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN BUSTED.  But waits to the morning with wheats in the whicker, though leaguers be wiki(er).  Where’s the Wrigley’s, Fred?  He was cut down in the prime of, for the liver.  Trankin’.  Trowel the liver.  Turbo napkin.  Try and get Eddie to get out of the house.  It’s self-abuse.  I put in, “principles of scandals”.

Biggest box office hit of his illustrious career ... The Wolf of Wall Street

Biggest box office hit of his illustrious career … The Wolf of Wall Street

You get me home.

Huh?  Paladin!  Panama!  In front it was, ‘Hold That Tiger’.  That snake.  There never was.  Holder: penis, tyker, amine it, blett, bleep you for the crack, (how padgedis) you livery.  Un pinned? escz.  M’we’re in a row.  How triple-deep.  Thank you really for the soda this time, though (said it), the sew-it-up, like to dies.  Let’s limp | incredible  that (pain in the foot, macheting).  Rim roll, “Where’s the warrant?”, had 3 chits. No, not sober, and a goof.  Bad.  Darnit, these chips were –they didn (half) write him in, they do not (have) to (tally) write American.  You said, you did not ask.  You selouis used it, his outfunk.  You didn’t have to hid it.  Her as cur-group hug.  Are you 99?

“Are you serious (political)____________fidantials

in who runs JFK?”, said the mafia to the CIA.  Trips, the nectar MAFIA  wants to be mistaken for the rain or something.  Tumwater.  “Is there no point?”  Is there no truth to the rumor?  Kyle Reese, I hate you.

cut me

Cut me.


4 1
2 3 4
5 6 7
8 9 0
1 2 3

made it died?   Ao(x), I is x.  Wuss, Ike, no white horse.  Dennis Hastert, you poisoner.  You poisons relate N, use -tals, ice is irresistible grasp.  Tension, the turn to stone, soap scum, pee, and thereon TYVM.  That’s blood hussin’; guess we’ll go back.  Barely stretched.  Choice black inks, no turning back.  Point up here so ought to be a heart attack/so pink, 50’s, naked in a swam pond.

This is just a post; however, they’re all cream puffs.  It’s hard for chocolate Cruz.  It’s hard to exert the “blue moon” effect of being arrested and becoming a “criminal: wife”, to go to jail.  My meaning

felon.  For the rest of your life.  At a resort, at home.  Beat them uuuuuup.

We’ll still go to school.

is a club, and is a response to they who took the place of a word, blackened a “landlord”, becoming the host to a new word, “roommate”.  Add leader to the zoo, punk.  His steadiness of rank go skitter off his hulk with a knice tripod.  You have port, air port in.  Iran left a mark.  A badge, a ring.  So!

Forget me, bag–glue–glovebox.  On it, are we all to pay nothing?  [house, home]  Person, Lightning Dude are ya some article.  he had cans [ob-ject (prayer, (Shit!)) is all].  He had germs.  {Talking to ISIS.  Is that gonna fly?  ISIS (straighter)}  In my bag | is that an orange? | a little honey | straight. | Aw, you hurt me.  What is he gettin’ (serious c)?  (room & d’oh! | were contacts).  Did I lose respect?  What’s (cth) deal?

You’re ghost, exposed, just flew there.  My mistake.  How to, he flicked on some noise for fun & profit.  Get it?  Your scandalous crew–da croup–that infernal nook–nullification needs to owl disprove.  Lender if its statute is subbed, “lender man”, out posit lee, “interference”.  Not singin’ our own script.  You had, yeah, blood.  You call that (Can I go pee?) | HEADER

it–what?  Yip!  Can’t go back, he’s coming.  Dude, if I was on a bike […] Can’t go about it?  Abbott, you cowl it.  These days, tubesteaks.

The LIST to bait.  ‘abbit.  Hurt?  Down on it.  And Louvres tickle?  Careful.  Been  a rancher too long.

Summer06Calves kitsch British White Cattle - British White Calves are a Joy to Watch and Fool Around With

Summer06Calves kitsch British White Cattle – British White Calves are a Joy to Watch and Fool Around With.

All the broad.

I was watching a movie. “Why don’t you put it on the internet? It’s free, and the whole world will see it.” That is wrong. I think it was a flyer for a lost dog. Companion. That error was begged, by the way. Thanks to Beyoncé; a fuck-you goes to Charlie Beck, that no-one huff (because if you are mad). If I could just (met ’em) women to the right of.
I cannot type; it’s just a glitch. keep his beat. I meant to be writing the word, “neat”, I looked at his face. “Goodbye, ‘souls’. You’re a trick”* | lesson (Joker infuriated the plural).

You can’t make a case if you are just a shitty person’s young buck while young. We can’t kill you<em>.________Y’are young.
“let-me’s…cub reporter. Riemanned stay. ‘Let me’. “Let-me”‘s tiger. Balmed. You should shift
line T.Y. What in a hurry? In-a’s next-line for except minder functions, gauge.

See about me, cover-girl grills.  Think about (stand above me) this.

Abstract left surf a millen. Scare up the isms. Breaker, L.S.D. fixed it. LSD where we’re at, in bulk, weighs it.  “Down, down, down, down.”  Simple Minds.  “Don’t you (forget about me)”; TY-I truck wherever the flag touché, defend that.  It’s only a credit.  Wondaful credit to Him.  Why doesn’t compare anymore lookin’ out from home,  truckin’ our literally space tools to the auto-when.
On hum, “Write the post over?” I am older than Einstein, yet only Einstein performs God-isms (to the bread {d,e,f,g}).
Write average amalgamate at all times?
Wee Man may man this. putting here (due computer blocks script). Put me away. You put your instep [,,,] I’ll tell you when. I want a race. Repeat a coke-machine’s (assumed).

I’m livin’ on the house.  Yeah, I’m livin’ on the mouse.

(11 words).

Are you Steve B (4 words, knob)?

before me (song), silver tree (‘s), carry the snow, how far?  gives a meaning.

tv drinking arrested development unimpressed lucille bluth

tv drinking arrested development unimpressed lucille bluth


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