Antenneography And the Oxygen Balance

I been seeming again.

Put your mind at rest
I’m going to be-the sledgehammer
This can be my testimony
I’m your sledgehammer
Let there be no doubt about it

Sledge sledge sledgehammer

Blood on my amp.

I kicked the habit (I kicked the habit)_____Didn’t know how I want to feel.
Shed my skin (Shed my skin)
This is the new stuff (This is the new stuff)
I go dancing in, (We could go dancing in)
Oh won’t you show for me (Show for me)  That’s beat like Diesel.
I will show for you (Show for you)
Show for me (Show for me), I will show for you


Psychographics is the study of personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles. Because this area of research focuses on interests, attitudes, and opinions, psychographic factors are also called IAO variables.

I’m in the middle, I’m back in the fight.  Go the distance.

John Goodman as Walter in the Coen Brothers' 'The Big Lebowski,' one of the actor's iconic roles. Goodman reunites with the brothers this winter for 'Inside ...

I show my love, blame it on my A.D.D. bay-bee.  SEB!  Seb!  SEB!  SEB!  Maybe I should foegive myself.

La-la la-la-la.

[secret channels to eg. Iran.  Weddo they’re talking to ISIS.  Hear it?  We are talking to ISIS | about 3-level trailers.]

The ISIS to Asshurt McFags: The limp still hurt?  {now limp} | How ya got polio.

McGinty, McFlinty.  My, “can’t help you”, mixed sauvereign.  My light still off? | Cane preacher’s in.  I can equal all.  You can’t put yours in.  A GENERATOR

No, it’s on; that’s proof.  (I have to inform exactament), anonymous personality.  I gave set-to’s tell.  A rain.

Prof says proof’s’ (ownership (a mouse sick)_detail).  Details ccf. literary handbook shelfs bad philosopher’s product.  Mush.  I’m on it.

Make my tennis-court if I follow haunt-it advice.  A period nair, so notebook.  I want to die.  Note-pow!  Mary’s.

Be a little old bin.  Curve it in; rock it in.  Times we were married; shot-peening.  Noah, hey it’s breakers on you.

Why do I have to quit__person.  Stomach.  Fix it on ix.


He passes away from them delaying transport.   Who he?  Ichabod.


Tuolomne Meadows, you’re a blonde (edifice). Had to behave, Tip (a blue pit bull). I’m hoping identities will serve to hug the part of the steak. With the Spanich. Paint, you’re directed. those ethers are the smell of blood EXICTING in the vicinity of SIXTIES’ their own year-old head.
I’m sick. In sum, barrowin’ old heads. I want you eun- […] practor sees us.  You practically human.

Sit down.  I better git. You had it yourself.  Have unt seen, eg. Congratulations, referring to the fleet foot.  Come here with your lead | pretty dusty.  Your Prussians.  Get out with it.

Them who party

Yeah, it’s the threat | pitifold

(Noah’s) _________touch yours, the my V.D.  Ten touch a mere monster.

ie. Stand up.

Hey, Nash’s | Hey, the cameras zite.

Crew, f. what does “X” (mean) a part-o-graph meet.  uno, paOcheez.  I cheats ’em.

What’d ya do when ya saw her?   The mood, oh, can.   Had to be ask her?  Or want one?


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