Honor Above Bugs

Oh, it’s really afternoon.  Momma, funny, subtle.

Curb seat.  watch your feet.  Oh, am I […] surface streets?

Let’s make a deal, sugar, ’cause I’ve got a Bible; the first time you saw through me.  I just want to fuck your world._________ Stand with me, Dukes.

alone at happy hour

?for three weeks?    A mole she had to use.

At least she has her bist

her beak

her bib vest, children.  I’m throwin’ a jaw open ta

the voters?

Offensive E.S.P. on your ‘mersh.  Stand down.

I don’t want to miss out, a week ago, who said, I ain’t never seen no global warming like 2015’s.  I started out on a forest fire.  I want to the right stuff, *poot*.  I don’t want to miss out on the type of  acceleration methane leaks Brockovich’s on; it’ll voulez-vous Francais. Only she can set me free.  Have you seen her?   Dont’cha?  Why?   We verb, you see, Ste_______phen.  That,ducky, is why the bed phone’s used.

Clearly political; see what she’s beyune.  I had to use a clarifier.

Stephen’s what’s dongs, what you see, melcum.  What does what she owns that she likes  to keep, oh, is the like mmakin’ make me think about her tits?  Come up once, obeying.  I’m aying breakfast.Hope led to her____________ standard release

Girl__    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Your champing, crustine.

no hole in the bottom _______________parts a double mystery presents

Mum, suck like a dick.

Tell me what?  The first part forever there. Tune four letters?   3 reets used in a  sample.

It’s a shame, the way you mess around with your man.

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