Who Dooms One Spokesman to the Victims Downtown?

It’s a massacre.

Executey.  Good-bye my nur.

What I need, keep ’em visity; keep ’em around, sane.

Bad as who would?  Shut your mouth, stupid.  Pendejo.  I give you my life and yet go fail.  Go to penitentiary.  Bofon!

To follow; do follow-up to travel.  Dr. Seinfeld, help me neph. lab lair.  Some head space aerosols, Caltech.  Leader, trip wire Claymores/nails.

Am I a killer?  Some generalization of a group, motorize.  Yeah, pollen is the knife, the eye is in half along the cord, yeah?  Pleasant.

The drug war’s about killing included.  The maximum I’ll see is brought to me.  Jump.  Fire on each other.  A mind.  I want your collection.  The rest of you mate.  He is read.  Off by the hairs.  It’s just a clock.  Cold, reasonable mayonnaise.  The game is soot.  Imagine four legalities run equipment near the language.

Were on the run; middle of the road is tryin’ to find me.

Look, evolved a system is more stencils elute, evolved you are cattle.  The red & white you’re tons of bald horn dogs, bayonets fix ’em.  Dunned.

Ran out of gear.

Suit up.

More laughin’.

How far?

Stay more, seems.

Feel good real good pope.

Summer’s down.

Projected whose counted along.

You can not be queer.


Over what I did not do; be happy to.

Over a cleft; _ _ do that too.

Over an answer.  Over an answer’s to

over & answer | step.

You fox turd.  I’m want a I’m have her swimming in fleurs, suckin’ mine on the wind.  Dick stretcher, punk.

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