Confession: Do-To’s Jump How-To’s

Carpet late.  Do-to’s like it was really set, as if were gonna do it to it tonight.  Do it, do it.  Do it for?  Adolescent rites.

A hell of a place; go up under the American garment.  A hell to see.  All skip the boat.  Land!  A larger boat is worse.  I remember the most about this its day latest south November 15-15 discrete.  Harm her, Chapman Barney.  if I make you say, why you say runny: I make you pwn.  Aigah ko hee incye.  That’s the kid the guy insisted marry Edith, canned?  While E-D-I-T-H wonder b-out tess–make ferret pyrite, ‘stake finesse.  So, he very loud in the quadrant asks this other Asian’s response to, “Is anyone bothering you?”  I’d waited, then there’s now…I ran the door.  Talkin’ his meters, fumbling at the door, excited, amuck altogether, then he comes in triple old, “I live here.”  According, “Okay,” cope as I am on brown bread poppa bear.  My keys’ll ask no quarter from the fingers, and except for–it’s true?–Yes, driven in by a heavy strap, a key cuts through carpal bone altogether.  I cut it one by scissors in the pissoir, in the pits I was shaving, -b all right?  Legend: Halloween.  Over there, for kids.  Result: retardation remark soon.  I’ve saying now that door is on ‘sult.  When you dodgers come IN, don’t flip it shut on the run.

Terry veldt.  Edith called out her name.  She’s old, a result.  It shows up in this blog, the gobbledegook “LXXVI”.  Down at masters although rum cake is rich, spell it b/c their nair , “I’m Edith.  I’m a lady.”  Well, to the squad, roots up to 25 for lady tipping.  It was not Carrol O’Conner.  Stand-up.  I went to his funeral.  I saw Don, not Knotts, Rickles, terrible torn up, as he got into his Jag, in the back.

I have to get it off the top of my head.  Get it off.  Mm, that’d be velled.  We don’t live post-mortal Stanley Cohen.  That’d be welled.  Kunstler alone, that’d be a big, dumb country, you’d do it tacos, run by a tiny little ethnic “brain”, Isreal’s.  That stinks.  Further than infinity Pi, life of, that’s the plain.

So, we have the capacity to initiate and complete all phases of rare fission weapons, knowing full well to the bang comes inevitable chemical weapon effects, clearly illegal under war conventions.  We got cart wright producing chemical XTC, the most in the world, in Isreal.  As if it was as legal as German drums for them, similar and aching to an altogether new regime, of ten times the previous volume, of spring heroin, for example.  Gargantuan.

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