Custom Doesn’t Need What You’re Doin’

With a purple umbrella and a fifty cent hat,
Livin’, lovin’, she’s just a woman.
Missus cool rides out in her aged Cadillac.
Livin’, lovin’, she’s just a woman.

Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II (1969).  Keep ’em loaded, Bart.

That’s great.  Now-pad-talkin’ to you.  Just R-

just has to make a study.  Do that homework.  Towards  the job the sentence.  Take it there, finess.  Omneida vehicle.  Suck like flint

on bone- my on choir?   your  ribisome

tiki talk

sounds bone. Just go back to what is crucial in England, mercantile subbing big stamps in Coventry insteadies  of Canterbury.

breath comin’ up.  Dirty thine on cement you’re not

aware, connected.  Then bring up the Hussong’s Cantina

come back.  A nice zoo

so that they may

suffiany tattoos.

Yes I was a bandit.  I just got a once-over; I been evicted.  Laundry room.

Did you hear me talkin’ then?  I look over once.

We noller mollen little or big it is often a job for savvy russet potatoe, blond, just steve.  Back up.

August Mustane, who’s samper of see this? CEMOS  is COMES Tuesday workin’, 3d, October.  Did you get a herd of mccandles curried TRX The message of any truth is I own a big out stayful nine, cocktail are you staying for March modified’ll stetch, anagram build water sheeting off as dope semorkee dove in

Stanwell’s, “Twenty-five, it’s”, stirgorgeous .  Turk (step) kin hide it.  Even thoughs I know you have the money, chembro.  Didja chica deny it?  I gave them nothing in Abby give big affairs.

CADEMIC AFFAIRS Down, chemcrazy.  Assault!  Shit, but her husband (proved).  They just default.  We’re addicts here; there’s going to be punishment.  Tug.  Now did I say that?  They said that.  They’re those that were ordinarily concerned to hijack it.  Slammy-to.  My dean sink was Stanford rhumba.

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