538, Harvard, Is Not A Website; Since 1952 Especially Don’t Chew Bumps

It’s my initials, especially now, Roxanne.  “My heart belongs to no-one; that’s why I sometimes pray.”  “Murder By Numbers” The Police.

You invented stay course mauves I invented.  That is, in a quirk, timewise arguments retain inflexibly these truths: Of late, and right now.  How could the premier institutions of the U.S.A. be not blamed for thermal coal expansion, etc?  I haven’t lived long and will do the right thing and, it appears, die.  Yours will have died.  Would not listen, cunt.  Something is farther.

A cunt three days of rough.

Imagined you. Especially now, with 30 feet of new surveillance technologies.  Why stop my madness?  Way.  Solving global warming?  No way, it’s a jest.  Castrophe lettin’ in extinctions and life, I cannot ask you to forsake takin’ a nigger, defined as pure.  But, sylvan diminishes.


Moving on (I’m reading so is to stare) Gail Zappa’s dead, tolling an elitism b/c I am the son  summer dick.  Straights are headed to elitist.  What if somebody is really better?  Talkie guest, homes, these teeth were that style’s last hurrah.  It is devastating.


The heart-stopping falling, thump!!!


We’d known disturbed from above.  The vastness always separate can look or play with doll, since we can cast no shadow on this water, and that’s land’s end.  That about Navy, row your boat.  That’s sneaky.  Row yours.  The son of two navy pilots, one row is for Letey Gulf.  Get up to a map of devastated Luzon.  An attack would have to be north toward Japan, unless tracking their inroads in the South.  Sam-pan, Saipan, the two guns you get, one per wing.  A warp-o-leter nuclear physicist & gum.

Act a lidoicy.  Don’t regurgitate him.  A nide or as it liked to pass, a nitrile.  Who ordered the lad’s last burps?  He who damning got a rung.  Arounga Ringo’s birthday, Kyoko’w’s birthdays, those and I give add dive to the image seizes me pissing.  They used to shiver.  Dicks used to jerk up and down.  A nitrite for the marry year.

Love generation

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is making a case for “peak coal” in a research note Sept. 22, offering that global thermal coal production and demand reached a high water mark in 2013 and will only decline in the future.

Boop______________________the joy you could not meshers with you

Manila (AFP) – A teenager was crushed to death as powerful Typhoon Koppu tore down trees and houses and unleashed landslides and floods across a wide area of the Philippines on Sunday, forcing thousands to flee.

One o’clock.  Country.  People move about in pairs, some kind of ting-tong, some nil.

Nicholas doesn’t complain. I try to get him to complain; he won’t.  I assume he is putting a good face on it, but you can’t dictate how someone feels.  The chance that it’s all true, however, would be in suspensions of my own decades of study of the human pathology of lying.  Can’t you just tell by the swelling population in East Timor that it’s all going to crash?


A Windsor skull.  Oh, I’m not saying (Huffpo’s stable of men) I’m online for a long time.  The Intercept is one with the front off; maybe with text, no pictures, thus it will not free you from your cot (not connected to a network) computer, to drive and unstick it.  Huffpo’s a ballcrusher.  The Atlantic has giant photo files that won’t transport.  That’s understandable.  Bullet.  The lucrative and exclusive interweb I’ll bash, to pieces.  I’m from 1952.  My eyes won’t see you human shit obeying capitalist masters.  I’m stuck on your sequestration.  You’re undead!

It takes six clicks to see dagby.

Some people are not born except by the efforts of boring Republicans.  They don’t need to see or have nondown syndrome to vote.  They’ll be bored reaching maturity, and motor skills, don’tcha think?

Different grandmother jolting.  It came up.  That proof you let slide anectdotal.  Chop it down, I sometimes pray together.  The first thing you wake up in Kevin is a cream puff.

The sober program  us.

My body shows the THC but your officer should have been killed.  In San Diego, it was the officer committing the crime.  I’ll come in to your station.  It’s not the same as when they are on fire.  The lack of force when angry or nice; just show us what’s real, just so it’s in flames.  On the head, especially.

categorical hardness. Stack powder high and tight.  It’s a humiliating equipment and materials unloaded from the free men.  Another working day has ended and someone stays next to land more of

The everything many miles away sumbitch is went to your brother’s.  His, on the other hand seldom.  The site of the cache, you seasick belongs to me.  Puff like a beesting, so this was like shaving’s pull tight, muggers.  We can dyna, brothers.

The idea is that psychiatric technology in the wrong hands could be readily used to commit rape.  This must be a perfect crime.  Sorry I thought of it, with the song “Circles” running around in my brain.  Shock treatment, you know, would be, “Comfy?”  You could talk unknowing youngsters into it.  They’d have the fruits of amnesia, usually not prized.  Hypnotized.  Where are the Bill Cosbys of Temple’s psych programs?

“They were desperate, this little girl did not respond to medication and she was probably going to die so they took matters into their own hands and tried one nonpsychoactive cannabanoid and got quite good results.”

Same (Huffpo’s), must be jealous.  Wung fisherman, reeling in the german beard that looks like a cunt, missing in our tale.  Shoe do it.  Le book reads a little bitphone.  Comes an allegory, and a dress.

Whennnnnnn8 it does not meet with your approved imperial shedding your class, you stayed over after then.  Times a long killoever ving.

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