Un May Barely Nuke San Diego – Pentagon

That’s more like you.

Poppa the Pope intends to kill non-Americans; he is strict  based on the lie of being born in sin.  Thank the above there’s no evil men.  Good job, eh?

Glenn Greenwald@ggreenwald 5h5 hours ago

Remember when the authentic Donald Trump went to Alabama and said he loves Billy Graham and the Bible? He’s so real.

Well, I have two cars.  Is it just perfect if I have one?  How sure that I did not force a bad car on you is how sure the other though is.  They (cars conditions) would be more equal (Nash setaway).  Logically

Anything your will be free?  Checking… yes.  Life.  Grease.  And for a change, and sackles when you break down, you throw this —  throw yourself away from the nest.  Great.

Now they’re runnin’ poppas.  Poppa has to run coal.  Ya’ll reach between yer laigs and ease the seat back.

San Diego victory country comin’ in; no future terms.

Nothing to tell you about 111 if I tell youse nothin’.  Attacks on the description will be thanks to a Jell-O double negative beta response negative.



Don’t make my private life under simulacrum.  How dare you.  Wekj, it was perfect in between two of the bad.  We’ll be getting attacking this whole hour.  Abjure you’ll made French in their cup help how they hold beds of salt to charnel chenno frabosc

…translated to ‘I am going to hurt inside.’

U’m going to hurt & sag.

| consult the ten of rigor |

free on it oracle #LEHR

“The Paranoid”

Debt wheel 31.5 years spot continues


1. mind of 1 | stickle.ous | havin’ about | Later

“About” is an in effect malignant uses.  The government is not replaced from bottom-to-top with every bang of justice, you puerile mistakes.

oh.  Pirate (crazy)

Halt for 74-nothin’.  Free at holler, it doesn’t have the number of anything fix.  Bear any, then do not say about, or pig-monster that’s true.  Bitch-slapped A cop IS TRUE, much?  I get it; 74 is to one 76 as 177 arrested at WACO was to 12 once to 187 getn married.

da neh.____________________________________________ small brass safeties

You know what?

as coat Taz own Beatles


Burt razor damp.  Put a butt rails sequence.  Is P.C.P. falling?

I am grand-daddying in in a fog.  What I’m going to — I’m going to granddad debts.  get to know what I owe upended on — sure it’s a mistake.  I don’t want to see bikers cleared to deal molly.  I don’t want to take molly.  If you don’t have any teeth, take it, or take ’em out.

In bad luxury LaHoma.  Some L back of speed in a square mile of brush might.  A guy who’s just about dead signs a document.  The handwriting is still all shakey.

I was going to read upwards.  Could youse bag it?  Parkinson’s.  So, I had ash, then ash’s dash, then palindromic dissonance, then it’s your _____, but my decision.

His name was Bah, he was shot by the cops; by equals to the cord pulled, when tine iter properly detached; assessed for arrest purposes as “ripped out”  ?

Kill Korean cops if you’d want to save us.  They’re trying to vote again.

“ripped open”

terminal second Iseis & underfoot I had oba.  You / your “grandfather” is of posit maladies’ stamps.

“In accordance to” is a compound preposition’s prepositional phrase.  We are comin’ to “about over”, when it is used worth a  number.  This is the thirty-seventh time they were going to wipe us out, by God n’ ‘nen up.

Police are not educated and are quickly replaced if all the city crews are killed. Putin liked it. I like it too.  My terrorist is a nigger judge in Texas Sams named who is as we speak get off consuming years off project PM.  To get equal to Statfor starting down $800,000 is the bomb.

People must rationalize being outed, and the fatter they get eat over the sink.  Anne Neltha problem.

Joseph Mayer compromised the entirety of UCSD physics by being a raging alcoholic.  This eventual abuse, suppression of history to the greater glory of Troy, is alluded to in an article on why women should get Nobels.  Stamping out a zell’s about over a hundred have ‘zines.

The other comer you see is that families dump unwanted members in San Diego, and San Diego nears a wet sponge in its regularity at sopping up booze, and protecting drunks, child molesters, and rapists.  I am low society.  I don’t wear my with-ass when you get it.  That is, limp.

A cadre of policemen not doing anything wrong on they’re queer.  Hold on.  Their.  They have war because they are perrrrrverrrrrrts.  I promise he’ll live.

Whaddaya tryna kill?  The lunch bus.  No, up to a point.  I don’t have any warning that I left my prepared remarks.  Silver me timbers!  I detect Karled Kraska.  In fact, what was that last bombing in San Diego about, in the late ‘Seventies?  How mud vandalism?  How hot is arson?

You a fat pig, talking and surrounded by fat pigs.  Guys are fuckin’ fat.  You guys are fuckin’ fat HOMICIDE DETECTIVES, and you were occupying the airwaves using breaking news, breaking hill  after just rousting the strippers in an ugly and obscene manner.  You are perpetrators.  Jail, or get healthy.  Come back on the news when you lose the weight.


The L.A.T. claimed in a story Mexicans were grayed by cyanide when1 in fact it was the silver.  Lying director of news over there.  Peace pipe.  You should had no lower jaw, but WACO opviated that.

Kink.  Disarmed it’s a compound of mace and a taser.  Get clear and throw in a cigarette.

What’d I leave in passive, nerdy?  Over there, they count litigating in the free-fall to “poverty”, since this adverbly predicated ‘undeservedly’.  It is only crushing human faces that’s proof.  Shit, start with dogs and the other one.  I will beat you down at the beating range on Home.

I don’t think it’s right, how not being an individual is proving.

I want Jay to say something.

Jay Leiderman@JayLeidermanLaw 8m8 minutes ago

I think the Sacramento weather followed me home. It’s going to be 93 today in Ventura.

maybe your gerbil on it runs 1half-n-half.  Sturdy.

Who am I to climb?

“It shows us that this is really a pretty general trend,” said Kristina Anderson-Teixeira, a staff scientist with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and senior author of the paper. “It tells us that biophysical principles make drought tougher on large trees.”

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