Village Idiot With Your Limited Power

T h e
B a s e
W e r e
S h o w n .
H e r m e t i c
C o n t e n t s
could he

could he

powers of observation ________ Buy my kid candy.

observation deck lemonade.  That’s my guess.

Smartass.  chirdrune’s ________ Help my mom.

Listening to the Way the Adult Whites Lie, That’s What Blows.

Help, my mom’s Navy.

Here at the laundry.  Parking issues could be…a stump of a woman’s not moving.  Thanks did yer wall.  Been, “I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac,” I got an American flag.  Comes in a lot cleaner.  Heyo make sound on exit.  Later, Orange.  Pay again?

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