The 10 Has Come At Last

Ricky don’t lose that number.  I was used, I don’t want no illusions.

That’s exactly what we saw, slight anchor the minor fact, the pic in this Wikipedia article was taken the day before I saw the forest.  Fantastic article; it’s a historic night, and it had its own Wiki entry. Milky Way.  Meet me on the other side.

Drought nightmare — the fire that wouldn’t die

The importance of threats in the theater–this is a hump–

in the theaters.  No, why–if you’re Soviet–if Mary just saw a Soviet m.i.g. jimming the airwaise…close to that.  You, too, then Ronald would pick it up some souvenirs.  And, he took a picture of the fire.  I was gendering around the rangers.  As my wife–er, put me in position, she’d say my lay, you’re all bented.  But, rockets above, technologically around, clockwise (dx)(df)/(dx) radar.

  Alcie if I’m on my stomach.  My lobdick wontcha gather the narrow arse?

You see, Donald Trump made me think if I even thought of clobbering him, in the wust ways.  Of course bumptitty not a first.

In early examples, note sixteen points of similarity between CAL FIRE’s name and every fireman.  Fuck you rangers!  Committing suicide.  I have hated people 35 years, and if you are 35, stop talkin’ to me.  That hate’s not going to go away just because you lucky dogs.   Get you dogs a life.  If I was associated with underground drawers, and I wore drawers, I might pull open a drawer, and pull out a co-stance.  But you-all’s attempt to make peace is a goal I do not share.  This reflects on you:

“Civil cost recovery is all about one thing – it’s about getting more money for government. That’s what the goal of the fire tax has been from the beginning,” Nielsen said. “It’s got nothing to do with prevention.”

A, any q-aise you don’t get the Nobel Prize, nobly accept the sudden nuking of Swedish motherfuckers, as lovely anthills I made out of molehills, comes and gets ’em.  Synch a W-88 nuclear warhaid as a) Killin’ one: Sweden.  It came back.   Dude made us all queers, over?  Now or when is his shit coming back on him?  Those were explosives, and far worth a try, which is to keep the indignity of being blown, away.
Divide, y-rate, keep it movin’.  Ardmore leaks fister “Little Debbie.”  Rocky, I know.  Categorical arity of preventables see talkie yA (my counter parts guy).  You getty-clop the wrong side of the potter puff.  And sank is the answer.  The answer’s fucking news at the date of birth.  One is pumpin’ in a pulse and seeks, a-guess, free tire essentials.
The governor and he, Johnny Wadd.  Relax.  Aired their investigation.  And put is they (cue Wikipedia), to battle fires first and THEN worry about lovely new accelerants for arson, please.
Do enemy grids distinguish your nemesis?  Your name: Yakuza.
If there good, offer help.
Mmm, I could, that’s a…
turgid :*DIGBY*::
she issues a disregards.  Dr. Szasz regards medics involved in death as flawed flowing from the ideas in a word: malpractice.  As if you failed to kill me, and he’s psychiatry, stepping over into a modified, police-state.  That’s what they are doing, because they’d have the money.  It’s in the bylaws that you are willing to pay for that which benefits you, your bank.  It’s calle dFatal Freedom.  Not abortion, suicide.  Now dinges how is all the zero-ring going to ground this ten-ring psychiatric effect?  Being put to death: It’s different.  I can make.  Better me.  Hell, I don’t even see myself killin’ blacks with any more hostility.  Then go to work at a hospital.  I probably over-used what I was allotted.
That’s what I been sayin’.  Interest at they never was the beautiful people, neither, they are white and dragglin’; bedraggled, crappasaurus.  Butt-buddies.  Someone gets to lead.  Looks like I’m bigger.  Fuck, could just seize mary.  I had steve another way.
Move.  They are?  Whose they, M.J.B?
There white, but starin’ away, there’s be’s a disappoint.  So have a so.

But even if there were, only the most savage barbarians would decide that it’s justified to raze a hospital filled with doctors, nurses and patients to the ground. Yet mounting evidence suggests that this is exactly what the U.S. military did – either because it chose to do so or because its Afghan allies fed them the coordinates of this hospital which they have long disliked. As a result, we now have U.S. and Afghan officials expressly justifying the consummate war crime: deliberately attacking a hospital filled with doctors, nurses and wounded patients. And whatever else is true, the story of what happened here has been changing rapidly as facts emerge proving the initial claims to be false.

* * * * *


-Glenn Greenwald.  Atom owes an animal (me) synchup, limit; freedom.  Will that told that?  your mother may.  she seeks your mother wears Army boots another way.  Your mother weighs girls up to a heart attack.

There is evidence that “suicide prevention,” a widespread medical-psychiatric practice, may increase the incidence of suicide rather than decrease it. The book offers abundant authoritative bibliography in support of such observation. Dr. Szasz’s contention is that the coercive posture of “prevention” often contributes to a person’s ultimate act of (fatal) freedom. Doctors must not ignore the fact that “civil commitment” is the law of the land. All it takes for a judge to order the involuntary hospitalization and treatment of a citizen is the word of a physician to the effect that the person is a danger to himself and/or others. Faced with such “preventive” alternative the citizen is compelled to exercise his existential need of (fatal) freedom. Ernest Hemingway, Sylvia Plath and Virginia Wolf, among others, are people whose suicide may, in part at least, have been provoked by fears of psychiatric incarceration and involuntary psychiatric treatment, Dr. Szasz says. Quoting another famous polemist who said give me freedom or give me death, Szasz adds that the psychiatrist’s posture inverts Patrick Henry’s cry thus:”Give him (the patient) commitment, give him drugs, give him electric shock, give him lobotomy, but not let him choose death!” Dr. Szasz further states that “by so radically illegitimizing another person’s wish to die, the suicide-preventer redefines the aspiration of the other as not an aspiration at all. The result is the utter infantilization and dehumanization of the suicidal person.”

30’s been Doradus, 30 Doradus, when the age of the people was about half what you are if–gimme the next line–medulla oblongata.  En garde.


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