One Rhyme And It’s Off

I blank, dude.  Re: Digby Hullabaloo.  Where break the honest Finnish art.

You even think like the tube. This is mass madness, you maniacs. In God’s name, you people are the real thing. We are the illusion.”

Why do you blog anonymously?
I’m extremely private. And I feel my ideas should stand on their own without the authority (or lack thereof) of my own story.

Your October Fifth, Two Thousand Eight. Mingo, that’s segurdy bingo.

Crown off, bath room, express yourself, don’t drop yourself.  Those wobbles on New York / Sanitation Department longer.

The authors of the paper conclude: “The divergence in fire and climate since the mid 1800s CE has created a fire deficit in the West that is jointly attributable to human activities and climate change and unsustainable given the current trajectory of climate change.” – See more at:

-wessed dern niss draconi

through Amazon.  Through with it, twos for it.  Royce sabot

peaked. The declining number of new mines reflects reduced investment in the coal industry, strong competition from natural gas, stagnant electricity demand, a weak coal export market, and regulatory and permitting challenges, the EIA says. Although preliminary 2014 data indicate slight increases in both coal production and in new and reactivated mines, these levels will still be significantly below pre-2013 measures. The number of mines fluctuates with the demand for coal, almost all of which is used to produce electricity. Evidence of this fluctuation can be seen in 2008, when higher coal demand increased the number of new mines, the EIA analysis notes, and in 2010, when lower coal demand led to fewer new mines and more idled mines.

soovet.  Are you east?  Because, because the fumble-bum.  Rhein eats older, be fouring deux.

That looks nice.  let’s see if it woody as the seraphim flies.

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