After Neutralizing Exploded Anyway


odd cockroach in the chokey lift him separate him from the group

LXXIV.   bones

74.  Boo Bear bones.


How wonderful is that?  They can take the Ds, post office Bs, and the ranch–I almost forgot–I’m not here to prove I can remember.  As with all posts, I’m in niggin’; I’m next.  Under there, I’m next if I’m faster.  Going to the crosses where the upcoming thought is going on unqualified (s) them.  The fruitful I’m trying to woo is the “delivery” knowns.  In exegis it’s, “That was deliberate”, in rank it’s my percent.

However, I suspect that is bagging `”present”, honor.  “Present arms“, is the grieving mine?  They got on these poems.  The model cadence for youth they say is robbed, Dagulemus, if the model say, speak it.  Oh-on WHAZZAT CLEAR?  Their nine is don’t.  Genai aht they say, the moat tavern.  Their nine is their wieners.  I took a vote.  Indifferent to being the only occupier of the ballot, I invite you.

He invited me.

These are really timed by a mental metronome.  Which of these begin it?  Ten,  It’s a circle, so, its ‘F’.  7, J, L.

Poppa didn’t leave me anything.  Inheritance tossed.  By my brother, and every other member of the family.  He compromised them.  Not too fine a point, but Duvall croaks, “Four equal shares”, of 10,000 acres apiece, in Texas.  The walrus I’m getting was Paul, so, in a world with all the walrus on a shingle, and, every Texan’s heart shining with lack at all, will do.

01 backing the feed WHAT In loving memory You mean TheAtom DIES. Hamas server slows

01 backing the feed WHAT In loving memory You mean TheAtom DIES. Hamas server slows

01 qsd take the space null brisket will at all

01 qsd take the space null brisket will at all

You seein’ Pembroke? It’s hard sufferin’ me, or what? Gipp…

Larry The Cable Guy ‏@GitRDoneLarry · 11h11 hours ago
My apologies to all my badger friends about the last tweet especially all my cousins!

Larry The Cable Guy ‏@GitRDoneLarry · 12h12 hours ago
After 2 cigars, a Packer win I’m already over the Husker loss! Ready to kick some Badger tail on Saturday! GBR!!! Back on the winning wagon.

I’d lied. I don’t need a faggot for them buns. I apologize. Went too when I went to them. That harry larry
had rent on a e police were involved. It’s raining on me, or a little bit of a truck bearing down on me. Naw, rain’s roarin’. Speezues out a pipe, mayor river.

Larry The Cable Guy ‏@GitRDoneLarry · 20h20 hours ago
And in closing, it could be worse. Could be Texas! Ugh!!


And, as we “go to press”, NYT has an article  ,

Coal, Which Built a Chinese City, Now Threatens to Bury It.

Ah, they made me do crystal meth.  Be sure to get under the fingernails, Steve.  You want to be squeaky clean.  And then after that you can Hercules out a couple more topics at your workstation.

Your precious secret

chinese_coalminer China's national safety administration reported that 5,986 workers died in the nation's coal mines ...

chinese_coalminer China’s national safety  is administration reported that 5,986 workers died in the nation’s coal mines …

Interfacing with your boss.

Okay, recognalize the amount of water in the rain in South Carolina.   It was one-two-three, remember?  That here, or don’t?  Okay, ta-da, I used E.S.P. to initiate something, a “beta uprising”.  And, at the center of every dynasty is the crown jewel.  The all-too-necessary Pentagon.  Spy-and-tingling the secret of cypher / cyber warfare is that it’s psychological.  The Army bombed the MSF hospital the next day.  The next day is a follow-on, S.Q. to never whore a rock.

Boys are supposed to be home???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Put your hands together, or, Pedro nows where the ghetto meets the sea.  In gal ’em or zell.

cooking a berry-assed run over papa Jeez.  Whew.    The text is moving around.  However this

Rofl cool story


gal got erased.  Lucky you’re here, going to tell Barrett one size for eagles.  The necks is moving around. fUCK IT’S SO FUCKIN’ HOT QUEER FREE OF THE RUMP . THE CHALLENGE b

   T I A N T
 S T  I S  O  R  G  E  T  T  E  R
 C  K  O  E  T  H  H  E  K  G  A  L
 U  T  L  U  M  B  I  T  T  L  O  N
 I  K E  C  H  A  Y  L  I  O  F  I

.mil/spray_______________——-JJJJheoxyfen ooh 1bit of the method
The metadata to here:
-one side of mil-ler I stick out like a sore thumb change the kitty litter gallon of it

Ephedrine, at least that one was difficult to get. It was the metal iodine crystals in the agricultural sector that were verbose.  aUTHOR OF tHE pILE zONE.

And then some people went and did it rough. I’m honest. I need a letter of credit pronto vio tico, and then some.
BB wrote around Columbus Day. Divorced by marriage to my “no torture” vow, I metadated. Whisk it away. Use just whiskered. “I’m working once,” J-until, BB’s left jail. Clear of it. So, BB is the unknown; C-Day is the most important day of the year, sorry. Do you think it is another one? The ‘once’ designation is serious, and has to do with metadata, the ability I am sown to write a message. Thank yous.

Dump in here that one of these facts goes mini-me on little cat feet.

The message was if how learned in meth I was, and the metadata was him. The story supposed the new T.P.P. Of course, I tried to use the old one, and failed. Either it now works, or clock. The meta of work is how lent. I don’t have a lab, or a warder. Imagine looking at porn, and then setting up.

The die is cast on one more Wooten. The educ was on the part of those whose venture following my 2005 declaration on my Colombian relatives, “Oh, you will be helping me import chemicals (quimicos).”  people read it, for I’m flipped. Yours by oxy’s x, the sore me. I am for verbal.

In L and gress, for fallon fear
In L and gress, for fallon fears vo matey vakey

fakey fray


Los Angeless, California.  Barrett Brown I gotta get loose.  Fold there.  He’d seen fit to “crazy person” and “senile”.  They’re queer.  Hell, like I told you before, senile’s  foun dover schizophrenic grampa.  Maan, screw.  You forgot dementia.  Do me retarded.

Part and parcel of, I think nap on wood.  What sinkin’ says.  Hubbles Goebbles.

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