War on Coal EXTRA! Coal Tar Makes It Guilty



updated a una, dos

use your well-learned politesse, they fought for ten decades


of the


I’m back on this.  Billinghurst, do you think you can straighten it out?  Sopwith this junk.  Think you can fix it up?  Bane with sinters.  We could fade.  Boyce cut with out hammer glued of D.D.T. which is bootsoft rage.  Rage’ll Carson, blowing biologist with sound, supreme sol.

I put on the logging jommer pithy both in its personal family details (how to ignore the directionson Top Raman* and make little babies liver out of a, “I wish you’d”, machine and heart attack at 50-55 Turrette’s home medic.  Rinse when it comes out of you mostly all dead and one target zippy every litter bee.  You and me need a microscope at 400, for  a sperm count of one.

What about the teller tailor made reference?  Which song is the bruiser found in, tell ’em speed freak.  In on-again.

Wasn’t Ralph Bitsu?  RB sollenly interfaces on meth.

I know what I’m buyin’ it for.  Out of four, we met over this once.  *C.V. Raman.


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