Genera Calypse

It’s right while you’re thinking; it’s right by this instant what you’ll get.  It’s right by this trail.  Analogous to a mood like a storm, with a psychosis all that’s known.

Hey, if an amount of drugs exists that every time make you medium insane, it’s paramount P equals in.  You cannot use “equivalent” for vagueness alone, when an adequate substitute exists, you shit judges.

Don’t do a gainer, fool.  how’s lift smackin’?  Fifth, G.D.  I’ll have two of those, tops.  My collator will have the same.  She’ll have the same groups, your older crippled.

I’m mounting dean world war-sore. Montain dean.  It’s kamma, fare.  You knoweth it not usu ATE CORN.  I’m getting a harried look we wore in prison.  Mistake across the road, so we’ll cross.  Youth nation, every milk machine is not called a cow, but it’s you who make it a cow; it better know something from a cow’s.

All Ray do I have anyone flyin’ green dragons?  Mother?

You lot.  Suitor wished ticketing plague more if I am in the crosswalk.  Who is survey hammer nasties?

Summer name Ruth slammed back into a pillar by slugs.  Might be.

You sweet massacre.  Nairobi’s Lettercourt mall.

Can I please have Christians on the bit?  Verify it’s enough Oreos.

Cinnamon rice with your mothers sharing.   Walt can be 9-27, however 10:13.

Life is a slow thing.  This thing here, the computer?  Some hyper with a chip?  It takes upon itself the speed.  I am talking about web sites putting slow things in the middle.  Maybe if you have an Apple, you just love going, “What?”  I feel like slinging my bruhed on final, laundro-window.  I’m warn it, the sleep on the Intercept.  Heard that some animals have clocks.  Together, and on it the prisoners’ assing  false lose on pseudo people’s last nerve, and not get fucking found when  Rotary’s dead of the last century.  Cocktail?  The Last Century’s what?  What par do you lose? Suppose the pocka lypse slut’s arrangin’ herself, re-buttoning her knickers, “her” used very loosely, why?  Pals, goochies cow’s scum got crude all over her dress when they (phone) came home, like you.  So how’s knowing?

That’s the size of a paragraph?  What if there’s no paragraph?  Too bad.  Yeah, Ensign.  Like you phet.  You don’t “find” something you’re on.  Your most key journal-y…GENERAL TIRES.
The abating INTERCEPT’s Lee Fang on the requirements. EPHEDRINE not mentioned. Cut the oys. Nice job on the chemistry.

September 10, 2015

Firefighters prepare to defend historic Boole Tree, other giant sequoias from Rough fire

Read more here:

The voracious Rough fire has turned back toward occupied areas and national monuments, prompting new evacuations Thursday and a mad dash to protect the world-famous giant sequoia trees in Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Forest.

The blaze, now more than 110,000 acres, is bearing down on the tallest trees on the planet. Although the historic trees, many of which are thousands of years old, are naturally resistant to wildfires, firefighters aren’t taking any chances.

the wet’ll…
I hate Bees.  The critter FRESNO BEE, soap it.  They named ’em after the STAR (Yorba Linda), the only newspaper I ran, which was printer’s.  I remark on the lead metal filling the red like a marble cake on a floor.  How dangerous?  I mean slipped heaven’s bolts.
A portion of the temperate rain forest region of North America, the largest area of temperate zone rain forests on the planet, is the Pacific temperate rain forests ecoregion which occur on west-facing coastal mountains along the Pacific coast of North America, from Kodiak Island in Alaska to northern California, and are part of the Nearctic ecozone. In the different system established by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, this same general region is classed as the Pacific Maritime Ecozone by Environment Canada and as the Marine West Coast Forest and Northwestern Forested Mountains Level II ecoregions by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. In terms of the floristic province system used by botany, the bulk of the region is the Rocky Mountain Floristic Region but a small southern portion is part of the California Floristic Province.
straights.  if they sit tight ______Wikipedia
the structure _________on demand.  All the frightened.  Those, and some across the bridge to the pasture.  Missent a submission offering Billy-Bob Thornton, note one of he’s Bear pictures left you can smell that shit in Fresno, which is situated north.  Everything wouldn’t be worse, save it’s — none of it’s doctored between Burbank and the Wilshire area.  All except Billy-Bob, isn’t that up, down, and there’s nothin’ in between?

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