The Nature of Being Murdered Is It Happens As A Result of Evolution



A big thank – you to Jay of Leiderman-Devine.  One tightener as appy dite.

H messed up in Chicago, have I nerved eow dope.  The mistake is thee.  Yet, if you purchase on the roof chair unfunny goin’ off tau doin’ from a letter / comment I had written, showing the new menopause, how you circle different kinds of time and rates almost miss cherub there is whom never  on pause.

Frank, in case you’re around the gate, ie, “not stoned”.  Spire.  Nick was right.  That’s exactly what it’s called, no more than gleaming cliffs are limestone.  A beauty of the woody (how to end?) timber up the area & see (your art).  Ah, Frank was — belongs to the wrong suit — in creep analogy.  He answers yep  too fast nerve, he answers to a fan.  Later set him up.  Campin’ see.  I has just Phuckitt.  I’ll get…

that’s good.  Because, I’m done.  I’m right.  Don’t fall on his knees too hard.  Don’t fight.  Settle up.  You know how hire do; you know yourself.  Don’t try.

James Wolcott.____Vanity Fair

I shake my head at the new Constitution.___  The Chargers  _________The Atlantic

I write that down, shrink.  Tick-tock.  I tip my hat, that’s good cellophane judger, and green.  The MOMs of F.E.M.A.  How they do.

You lead in. A month’s august hurt, definitely a headache how monitored the soft’s there, 8. Who let a period slip to a month, another three days, sly you outcome, player a month and play you’re set to another five seconds. Ciao. Last December spent it. It’s been a raise Bend, Ore. How it’s been? Party rays, and the green, flyin’ dragons, but these are my extrasensory perceptions of articles and movies.

I have jectal comin’ round the corners (4-ranges) in  my light.pedal.  So msome rangers in dirt. [leavin’ to sunset back in time]  Stolies next to me ] Silverado.  Well, had you said […] If you remember me – welt – a corner for mind control October  knocked over the foot ket another belush, his efforts spanned.  His “outlier” carry anon.

Mind of one?  Then yock ammo deal me yuh, HUC exists; quit bein’ E.S.P. Is the prosperous of ax use dentally? accidentally waving 2 weeks honor there spredmout ahead, a week, out of seven years intelligence, no, 8 settle informationb  uck up; bucket?  no,  I know what you say, again, hungry.  Out of mock food against gangsters.  And, you’d not say that aise, bees, cee my I.S.P. is science fiction.

Scared up best environment.  Is it because you you (whores, legs, Food Stamps, to the bathroom go).  (Berdoo “suspect”) Hole card, nickel, buzzard.  I could cheer the race with my fears.  Chassis.  Damnieda Throwdown, cursin’ — I dunno, Early — how they lecture been one.  Courtesy, could I kyle over.  Rest of the day.  Take that sonna bitch […] I’m allowed.

standard tamers

u ordered nudist sunsets with organs on the prarie.  Mustard O.C. district attorneys has been corrupt since the time I was wrongfully conmicted nooning cluney of 11357.6 in the past, 1996.  Because, the D.A. issues subpoenas and leaves them active for parts of town where people move frequently.  I moved into a window-peeper’s old apartment, and here comes a subpoena, giving the Anaheim P.D. probable cause to enter.  This Mexican pig set up on my door and busted right in.  Our blog , and our wait for moon, is a naked response.  In kind, if I can swing it, should be sevenfold  revenge for poor Viet Nam.

Absolutely.  Poeice will be killed, as will you, as it’s a crime.  His is protect it all.  Think of this joint I am smoking as as “disability”, and me, as who is going to ikill you kiki that is legal, a response to wanting and warranting officers who need me connected to life support.  “The Job”, is not a job I recognize as such, but an obvious ploy to caramelize general freedom unconnected to anything like you.  We were not born stupid, like you.  They do not build anything to take us down except military cock-suckers, and I might add vicious Catholics.  And that’s country with known artifacts of some age.

Ya murderers!  There is no choice when I am on Disability.  Taking more from me is a basic, scorched-earth, no-stone-on-top-of-another-stone crime.   An absolute crime to steers.   Here I come.

The U.S.’s cop-killers.  And how it’s a shame.

“Don’t Take Your Guns To Town.”  Just sit there.  Down ’em.

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