Go Full Decks. Rip Blasts. Dip

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But now Hillyer was in handcuffs and police were saying that both he and Anderson would be charged with felony child endangerment. The officers had found prescription marijuana packets, pipes and burnt joints on tables in the living room and the couple’s bedroom. Anderson and Hillyer explained that they were licensed users under California’s 19-year-old medical marijuana law, but the cops said the couple had put their son, Sage, at risk by careless use of the substance at home. “Your baby doesn’t need to be subjected to marijuana,” one of the officers can be seen saying in a video of the incident.

a pout as a perfect complaint.  More tremolo.

The U.S. does not occasionally violate one of those provisions. It continually violates all of them, systematically and as a matter of policy doing exactly that which the treaty expressly bans. For the NYT to tell its readers that the U.S. – one of the leading cluster bomb states on the planet – is actually one of the countries that “have not yet joined the treaty but have abided by its provisions is nationalistic propaganda of the most extreme kind.

— Glenn Greenwald.

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But safety board member Sean Sullivan, a retired Navy officer who spent 26 years commanding submarines, questioned what the department claims are signs of improvement. He pointed to a January 2013 Energy Department review at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, a federal nuclear waste repository in New Mexico known as WIPP, which missed some key safety problems.

When a truck fire and a radiation leak inside WIPP halted operations there a year later, independent experts identified even more gaping holes in the plant’s safety precautions than the department’s previous examinations had found, Sullivan said. “The safety culture at WIPP was not fine,” Sullivan said. “In fact, it was not good at all.”

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