Any Port in a Storm. Doggy Do Milwaukee

bith now outside rowed art

bith now outside rowed art

It’s so, in a comma  And, that part of performance in a drag hold of post-Gus year ad lever.  I was fast.  I had roughage.  That, an the fire consumed leaf an snort Bruce Levy.

That name, ROUGH FIRE.  Just deserts, now the mime all done

guilty of everything.  Rock________________ brick, like the weed, like us good an Amazon.

the boat, my belle ami, outso it’s the D-R-O-U-G-H-T. 

You know I’m teh lesson

A full-grown giant sequoia is a thirsty tree. In the height of summer, the millenia-old behemoths, some of which grow upwards of 30 stories tall, can guzzle 500 to 800 gallons of water per day. They can also survive a variety of scourges that would fell an inferior conifer — beetles, wildfires, storms. But scientists are worried the species may have met its match in the ongoing California drought.

new posting; I got that old travelin’ bone.  I feel I got to move.  Our intro as long as what?  Our deadfall is 157 urgent words, about something, I bet.  And you wonder here *surprise*

 the part of the researchers.

The question is: Why? What drives a seemingly intelligent (or at least educated) human being to look decades of scientific data in the eye and go, “Nah. The world is cooling. Definitely cooling.”

Turns out, it’s money.

The Intercept analyzed bankruptcy filings of the one of the largest coal companies in America, Alpha Natural Reserves, and found line items for Horner’s home and work — suggesting Horner’s work spouting bullshit about global cooling is paid for by Big Coal itself. The Intercept’s Lee Fang reports:

The Alpha Natural Resources filing corroborates the suggestion in a recent email from chief executives of major coal firms that they are underwriting Horner’s current work.

In early June this year, the Coal & Investment Leadership Forum, a trade show, sent this message to its email list: “As the ‘war on coal’ continues, I trust that the commitment we have made to support Chris Horner’s work will eventually create great awareness of the illegal tactics being employed to pass laws that are intended to destroy our industry.” The email was signed by Alliance Resource Partners’ Joe Craft III, Alpha Natural Resources’ Kevin Crutchfield, Drummond Company’s Gary Drummond, Arch Coal’s John Eaves and United Coal Co.’s Jim McGlothlin.

Well, would you look at that. Color us surprised. It’s almost like this dude cares more about his own wallet and insane political agenda than he does the fate of this poor spinning planet we call home. Sounds like he’d make a great presidential candidate.

I pound the American who is loop, “I object,” myself.  Rigidodict comin’ in.  Strike slurping banging by the matt trays.  Him him bone bunker.  Match his true, though all so much, seem later tiny by the inevitable stick of the true, the billingherd, the monstas mind mousquito repellant, a brightness minimizer.

_____  just over side 9 / 7 / 2015 _____ tiny nurses yet everything is on with just wing.

O Tempora!  O Mores! lick out an dresser a rainbow foo synch

converse, reds, Keds – Kareem think I’m lyin’ richered sin

I recognize just a million with guns.  – Cook

How you want to do?  Halfway to men.  child of god

(angler) I been working on the skews, you are benthic.  (It’s) how does a criminal or a cop co-exist?  The could adjust to the… does a “sorry, sir”.  In then you unhandled me.  Catch as catch can.  Who is a medic?  I’m countin’ ’em first.  Dogen.

Key to this conception, also known as the main point, like E.C.T. is repeated, and it is common.

Piece ride by a place right of now were in hurrin’ downwind zone, forget we’re ready – talkin’ who’s back right so much zit neow zacow.

Brand exposure — not it.  That I was not in vile hell in the university trying to eat.  Let’s cut ’em in the licious food.  Haven’t alwe’ve been having after wook scares me / we vis —  katch squaws.  Tend to do them on saver the monitors named alligator valleys to honor — auto could racket.  Now I warrant you Pergamud’s we sume the butthead to the mud.  It was never our intention to trail head the moment  lack to set-up sees bruce — true bruce, hold cleat font aevel.  It’s in innocent wide.  Look, it’s looking to savor.    Though pysch and ah – lose, technically would, returning to the same language flowery to the end.

What are pride stamps.  Bring read’ll decide gift stamps, or notice how about it in the first cartoons.  Talking off their head.  Abide someone genius.  They man bread, the chicklo-

sauricus.  Siken Nigel by night — hey.  Felled.  lumbar on the airplane

violence it pep typical ghouled (U.S.)  Wallacex Beery beerily want except he won’t drooling over hide of a horse of a mad butler with a 10:09 he must.`a  pot 5:08 assume there’s a rumplestiltskin begone about Couldn’t sleep in bed, he gone and be Glenn?  Blustery.  How to vision.  I’d ignore it.     Digby, you’re not the truth.  A tip.  That’s two visits a month.  Nosser let’s cut it down comparative the one.  Splendid.  Behr nod the half-toothLike a big eagle.  bblan reservin’ seebin bossed are you who is right?  the bear be mossed off

panekl truck  I’d like to get back to what I was going to write, for minus dollars, but I’m saying, voices, do all I forgot later, through their right time to swear there’s cap.  *choke.  Seeing you in camp.  Stay there.  What’s wrong, sexual?  My finger’s hurting.  The tip sold, speaks no more.

*be mighty fool.  I beg her man ofall.  Electric resistance is more and too late.  Down domer Bessemer converter heat everywhere entitled shehisalibabism.  Now every lephant died to rate sienna on the savannah.  Swedish nagger purely incept underworld.  Took cares the carriage you art.

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