That Would Be Than Pieces of Americana Shit Happen

In an invasive, war-like operation known as the Neighborhood Blitz, police officers in Stockton, California illegally searched the apartments of poor minorities and physically disabled people, according to a class action lawsuit filed Wednesday. Under the guise of standard housing inspections, armed officers routinely burst into homes with little to no warning, ransacked the premises without warrants, demanded personal information from tenants that had nothing to do with their homes, and threatened renters with arrests and homelessness.

Dean Kane zeroes.  I’m incredulous.  Stop playing.

Lana want large spaces, once you know.  Synch in care.  Bank.  $241 Nicole.  It’s just raining in your car, punkin’..  She’s leading safe to rob.  It’s right there, get it.  Her eyes, the cash, too-solid whumps.  Act nice, too.  Phase goes in, a heat goes out  They’re only starting to step.  He’s flirty, he’s dirty.  I’m Billinghurst & Son M. Ployed.  Who’d hire you; of what was everything?  Uhh, hmm, help me.  Both of them deeper.  This is butt plugga  sheba speakin’.  When I move, out fall is clear.  Fallout is clear.  Ah, ‘when you (could) move’ the concept which we know as a cellular engine, cane in deep.  She’s in, but we can’t be loaded when the particle bill says we’re very comfortable?  I got news distinct from proper, nice, sunglass machine gun, Cory Doctorow or Conor Friedricksdorf.  Somebody was Glenn alone who was tappin’ root and could hit a quick reverse to abstract the value system.  I believe it is a pernicious right.  Close enough.  Right in country fazoo, with blog interviews knight.

The baby boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964, make up 29 percent of the U.S. population today. By 2030 this “pig in the python” of the nation’s age-distribution profile will swell the number of people aged 65 and older to 71 million. The baby boomers, of course, I became well known in the 1960s for their significantly higher use of illicit drugs than that of preceding generations. At one time, investigators were convinced that as people aged, they would “grow out of” the use of recreational drugs. There is little evidence that any such thing has taken place today.

How about walking, eating or driving?

Put a police shop.

Dixo waste.

SciAm article, I’ll probably are never switching to another earth.  At the time, Janis went back to her career, kiss toes, which was taking off at the time.

Joplin began using heroin again when she returned to the United States. Her relationship with Niehaus soon ended because of him witnessing her shooting drugs at her new home in Larkspur, California , her romantic relationship with Peggy Caserta, who also was an intravenous addict, and her refusal to take some time off work and travel the world with him.[5] 

On one terrible morning

It was around this time that Joplin began wearing multi-coloured feather boas in her hair.

Which was kind of dorky. Also, the dance laws, and the paper-thin walls prevented her rehearsing properly.  What happened, Janis wasn’t ready to move on with aging.  Some dumb turkey


According to biographers, Peggy Caserta was one of many friends of Joplin who did not become clean and sober until a very long time after the singer’s death, while others died from overdoses.[2] [7]  Big Brother guitarist James Gurley “finally got clean and sober in 1984,” wrote Ellis Amburn.[5]  Caserta survived “a near-fatal OD in December 1995”, wrote Alice Echols .[2]  In 2000, Caserta appeared on-camera for a segment about Joplin on 20/20 .[50] 

Joplin, along with Grace Slick  of the Jefferson Airplane , opened opportunities in the rock music business for future female singers

It is godlike to die an open up opportunities for  walkaway feeling slipping throats under your ligature towel.  Maybe it explains how the carbon monoxide got there, or someone put it there..

In the song, “Try (just  a little bit harder),”, Janis here speaks directly to Bear

Janis Joplin – The Pearl Sessions, a two-disc set premiering newly discovered studio recordings produced by Paul Rothchild (available Tuesday, April 17) and Big Brother and the Holding Company Featuring Janis Joplin – Live at the Carousel Ballroom 1968, an electrifying full-length concert recorded and produced for release by the legendary soundman Owsley (“Bear”) Stanley.______________________Wikipedia

And the time you go into writing Owsley, he writes you back, sketchers from memory, well.  As you can see, he dies, too. You leave everything behind, it’s a little scary.

Ah, rolling stone on the king of LSD.

But more important is to seal any holes in the fencing suit after passing in the potato chips.

You say Norman, I say Stanley.

Vietnamese personal names generally consist of three parts: a family name , a middle name , and a given name , used in that order. The “family name first” order follows the system of Chinese names  and is common throughout the Chinese cultural sphere , but is different from Chinese, Korean , and Japanese names  in having a middle name. Persons can be referred to by either the whole name, the given name, or a hierarchic pronoun  in normal usage._____________________________________________Wikipedia

S.F. Chronicle, come one less than what the other person bet. Left that out of it.

The state needs to take actions now to address failing wells, depleted groundwater, struggling fish species and unhealthy forests.

Janis Joplin bandmate talks heroin, pool hangs, foties, genuine jim.

we are here further.

It’s not next week or the one after, but the one after that, Andrew. are you those hippies?

68 put when

68 put when

You’re not company men. I’ll show you where you went wrong. And, that’s a favor, rats. Subjects of two both meriting kind treat equipment blame stack records.
I’d be dead without a seahorse ricky lace silver.



I just got back from the dentist and holy shit am I high.

I just got back from the dentist and holy shit am I high.

when I’ve been up to Paris and start to snapped ’em apart, but cracker…

Chatter Omp Epp's my name.

Chatter Omp Epp’s my name.

God, you’re standing directly under that aerial bridge with its thin white line running from rock to rock and witless cars juice raging c

Pasmola Uad-Dib

We’re gonnna burn up; yer gonna die. We’re gonna scratch it. T – square. Boke. You’re gonna miss it. How fake it is. N pig a lot. works with […] scared his […] in front of me, what? All they druther| Let alone Fisher| posuite |end it carm |
I am ready to join a class action in San Diego. They’d move it further from a fire.

 Pasmola Uad-Dib, what’s her name?


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