Let’s Round It.

Trust we are.
joan didion, sisters with Dominick dunne, who had natalie wood to chew dinners.

neonicotinoids, literally goose for maniac “new kinds of nicotine”.  What’s happening to the bees?

I’m in fan lique to LERNER of the type of rest after investigations of DuPont, wealthy mirror of a US you can dead zone, chemical’s the bane of endocrine systems.  Bees were not safe from insect neurotoxin.  Bees are the only insect we know of.  Of INTERCEPT to go whole.

This Boing-Boing here was kind of loosely written by Cory Doctorow, the unique identifier is the use of a police-grade fuzzbuster that are listening to cell phone calls. A knowledge the stinger.  She was married.  I’m the loser.

The fascinating drill of the Fogle case.  The more I might drill into San Diego’s case.

remora ka-bit

fire progression

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