Onazawid, I got to clean up my desktop. Now this is going, authors so they sign us for a face-off. Que belo?

Onazawid, I got to clean up my desktop. Now this is going, authors so they sign us for a face-off. Que belo?

as goes it night

as goes it night

Auf have had it.

Blink and scarred univers-, steady loanin' woman go ytimamey ro

Blink and scarred univers-, steady loanin’ woman go ytimamey ro

rattus salvo

rattus salvo

Brief. Write it, you.

Brief. Write it, you.


rather have a nickel

rather have a nickel





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A BUNCH AT NO. Know where'd it go candy

A BUNCH AT NO. Know where’d it go candy

International policy makers should set their sights on the protection of boreal forests, international forestry experts argued this week in an article published Thursday in the journal Science. The article was part of a special issue on forests released before the World Forestry Congress is held in September.

“Boreal forests have the potential to hit a tipping point this century,” said Anatoly Shvidenko, a researcher scholar with the Ecosystems Services and Management Program at Austria’s International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). “It is urgent that we place more focus on climate mitigation and adaptation with respect to these forests, and also take a more integrated and balanced view of forests around the world.”

Global Summary Information – July 2015

Note: With this report and data release, the National Centers for Environmental Information is transitioning to improved versions of its global land (GHCN-M version 3.3.0) and ocean (ERSST version 4.0.0) datasets. Please note that anomalies and ranks reflect the historical record according to these updated versions. Historical months and years may differ from what was reported in previous reports. For more, please visit the associated FAQ and supplemental information.

July 2015 was warmest month ever recorded for the globe.

Global oceans record warm for July; January-July 2015 also record warm

August 22, 2015.

The Rough Fire is currently 47,079 acres with 3 percent containment and 1,484 personnel.

With slight changes in weather patterns, we will see heavy concentrations of smoke in the western foothills and areas within the Kings River Canyon until midafternoon. Owens Valley, particularly Bishop and Mammoth Lakes area, will see air quality degrading as smoke is lifted and transported to the northeast into the Owens Valley. This evening smoke will once again settle into the Kings River Valley, bringing smoke into the western foothills and the San Joaquin Valley overnight. For today’s air quality.

As the fire spread on Wednesday, the existing closure orders were expanded to include almost the entire Hume Lake Ranger District. The current closure is defined in Forest Order 15-19, which closes these areas for public safety:

– Most of the Hume Lake Ranger District from Delilah Rd. on the west to Jennie Lakes and Monarch Wildernesses to the east; and from Hwy 180 in the south to the Forest boundary to the north. Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks issued a closure of the Cedar Grove area and the Grant Grove area.
– Sierra National Forest issued a closure order for the Rough Fire Area.

Coulomb graduated in November 1761. He was now a trained engineer with the rank of lieutenant in the Corps du Génie. Over the next twenty years he was posted to a variety of different places where he was involved in engineering, in structural design, fortifications, soil mechanics, and many other areas. His first posting was to Brest but in February 1764 he was set to Martinique in the West Indies. Martinique fell under the sovereignty of France under Louis XIV in 1658. However Martinique was attacked by a number of foreign fleets over the following years. The Dutch attacked it in 1674 but were driven off, as were the English in 1693 and the English again in 1759. Martinique was finally captured by the English in 1762 but were returned to France under the terms of the Treaty of Paris in 1763. The French then made attempts to make the island more secure by building a new fort.

Make it more resisting to heavy walls, make it into heavy-walled English proving how to wall’t.

On his return to France, Coulomb was sent to Bouchain. However, he now began to write important works on applied mechanics and he presented his first work to the Académie des Sciences in Paris in 1773. This work, Sur une application des règles, de maximis et minimis à quelque problèmes de statique, relatifs à l’architecture was written (in Coulomb’s words, see for example [1]):-

… to determine, as far as a combination of mathematics and physics will permit, the influence of friction and cohesion in some problems of statics.Can’t stop it.  La Homa on frying was written (in Coulomb’s words, see for example)  🙂

Ah, I’m in love with you.

Pray de bepp.

 He wrote seven important treatises on electricity and magnetism which he submitted to the Académie des Sciences between 1785 and 1791. These seven papers are discussed in [6] where the author shows that Coulomb:-

… had obtained some remarkable results by using the torsion balance method: law of attraction and repulsion, the electric point charges, magnetic poles, distribution of electricity on the surface of charged bodies and others. The importance of Coulomb’s law for the development of electromagnetism is examined and discussed.


way they were.

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