The Grand Total

Atomics I See the Glass As Fortunate Liar’s Mothers Passed that Gene Through the Other Whispers I Didn’t Hear. If a scientist should say it, besides myself saying it, forensic locks I want include ad hoc arguments, just from the devils.  “Atomic” radiused out from the center.  Nothin’ cut to war goes at zero (8,000 miles).  On the back of an envelope, we can do gallons of ocean per atom added in a stack.  Lock the door.  Oh, boy.  Statistical mechanics agitiate prop.  it’s quote’s “four Hiroshima bombs heat added to Earth per second; look at all the healthy creatures dancin’ on the lawn.

If the past decade of scientific inquiry is any indication, I’d say we are in for more surprises. That notion is further supported by the fact that climate models used to project future temperatures lack key processes that likely reinforce warming or the effects of warming, not regulate it.

geography of a two-move, dirty got to so move to put some.  Other than that, long as we say down by the grapevine…everybody heard.  I said it in a six-men, who you got as liar  is add a liar. crooks of Santa Ana clickbait liar.  For me, go aware I knot up over being a Cassandra right here when scandalous Virgo is at present bay.  And, then I shout as chipmunks that these whole casitas jump.  A Calliope does some jim carrey of some object, numb nine of feel. I’m Escoban.  I step on the Jalisco vinegaroon.  Your request?  Now read it, tetchy, bate.  8 X 9 = 72.  Yoga.  Now, catch it & bend. The internet is 10%.  Throw up 4 bombs; they’re 20KT, 80 kilotons, 10% is 8 kilotons.  A kiloton is a thousand tons of anything equivalent to T.N.T.  The race for the coke-machine’s…won.  Working.  8,ooo tons tabling per second.  Now there’s work of water’s heat capacity of calories per degree temperature rise. No, I’m not going to.  Cassandra and I are self-selected.  You in your jean.

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