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sabo-cat, sabbo tabby, the black cat, sum auf dunskryl you are touch bad.

What is that?  Bang!!  Yay!.  Put it all in, darlin’.  Feet!

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<ossifus Otis, LA Times.

<1912.00 Beginning

California Free Speech League, this time allied with the American Federation of Labor, responded with yet another massive, two-mile protest parade.

Arrests continued throughout, and over 200 men had been jailed by the first week of March, thereby necessitating transfers north to Orange County facilities. On the tenth of that month, responding to rising arrest rates and reports of brutality, a crowd of nearly 5,000 people amassed around the city jail while IWW members orated regarding the conditions inside its brick walls. The police promptly dispersed everyone present with fire hoses, the use of which was a relatively new practice, but one that has continued through the civil rights struggle of later decades to the present day. “For a full hour hundreds packed themselves in a solid mass” reported an eyewitness in the Oakland Globe that month. “Bending themselves to the terrific torrent that poured upon them they held their ground until swept from their feet by the irresistible flood. . .an old gray haired woman was knocked down by the direct force of the stream from the hose. . .a mother was deluged with a babe in her arms.”

The situation was clearly reaching a critical mass for both sides, and editorials in the corporate press all along the California coast became increasingly hostile towards the IWW, suggesting drastic solutions. The voice of capital was calling on San Diego’s citizenry to take matters into their own hands, for it was clear that with their jail-filling and court-crowding tactics, the IWW had the San Diego police force in shambles. On March fourth the San Diego Evening Tribune lambasted the protesters; “Hanging is none too good for them and they would be much better dead; for they are absolutely useless in the human economy; they are the waster material of creation and should be drained off in the sewer of oblivion there to rot in cold obstruction like any other excrement.” The following day the paper clearly demanded that someone take action. “Why are the taxpayers of San Diego compelled to endure this imposition?” the editorial of March fifth asked. “Simply because the law which these lawbreakers flout prevents the citizens of San Diego from taking these impudent outlaws away from the police and hanging them or shooting them. This would end the trouble in an hour.” The San Diego Union concurred without surprise, and directly challenged its readers to violence, stating; “if this action be lawlessness, make the most of it.”

The citizens of San Diego overwhelmingly and graciously accepted, as the real violence of the situation came to fruition after the battle cry in the press had sounded. The Free Speech Fight saw its first fatality mere days after the harsh editorials demanding action began running, on March 28, 1912. The IWW reported that Michael Hoy, a man in his sixties, was beaten severely with kicks to the groin and stomach in Jail where he was held for forty days, and denied medical treatment. Conversely, the corner’s office reported that the cause of his death was tuberculosis of the lungs and valvular heart disease. It was now clear that no matter what the costs, San Diego would not, in the words of the Tribune, “be invaded by armies of Wobblies, nor bankrupted by scores of prisoners who resided in jail as beneficiaries of the public purse and who demanded costly individual trials.”


miniature-pinscher-look care from Miniature Pinschers are curious and alert.

miniature-pinscher-look care from Miniature Pinschers are curious and alert.

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Note evidence of ESP Metro@MetroUK   1h1 hour ago  nigger, bushy, I mean there:


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