Covered With Democracy

At least there’s something to write about—tomorrow—or, geography? It’s this political prisoner stuff. What about it? Well, I sunk any normal conduct, and I am further at weal. The thing is believing Cassandra Fairbanks; believing she was to ditto about, her unproving that they who collect a government paycheck are “state-sponsored”, who their nunee nunya nunning. Then you know.

The common just in case you strip me of my rights, I am a little bit more dependent on this government. This blufferment.

Then your rush in, festoon. Yeah, so, enough about that. Enough like that. God. They kept my threats forever in a file. I’m banned from the library. Note: a) the DVD format means that a patron often gets home with a useless movie, a good one. This happens to me. b) The computer library wifi is visible, it can’t let you on curios, and, it jacks all your tabs, as badly as unwanted updates, for example to a flash player, do. c) This gets me to books. That’s my only reason to have it. d) I don’t work there, and those who do whereof what they feel is an unsavory, criminal element, like me, I am proud to say, because, they’re immoral, while I’m fiduciary. Anyway, banning you from the public library is another way of selecting you for removal, as is the way food markets are operated. All-knowing hoodwink the cast near me in North Park. The porous “literature” of cop brutality set like a toy of the Milgram experiment. By this, the application of torture is over by five o’clock, then gets bound for northern hillock and dale, the peace on retirement.

On the other hand, I’m not a government employee. Now, I don’t want to fight, but rock and roll is getting ready. Yeah, they think they have won, while quite an impressive penis prints—stand up—impressed to say, is everybody clair?

Minor chemicals used in amounts of high quality are near base on a little capitol grace high definition, see? They are not telling the public that the C.I.A. fucks up. Diagram agree, they went into India and assassinated nuclear scientists. They go to party and carry-on using distinctive weapons of math instruction. Guess I won’t no-more bust-out movies carrying mousse from being watched in crappers.

So, I go to my rights, balls. Do you know their scavenge. Sorry, it’s wearing. I will fly a paddle; be right sendwiches one. After today’s events, I wonder how it would feel always having to rig new alternates. I mean, the city fathers are criminals. All you’d have to do is raise more suspicion. So, it tipped me, and now… go all above me. I wouldn’t, but the remainder of the internet would believe we make our own troubles.

Look how they all. Knowing Barrett? Well, to spite one hickey, they said somewhere—I don’t know where I saw it–”you have to have previously known Barrett”. It’s just so—as if the government is directing who is going to receive mail, by sending letters back. I just can’t write Jeremy Hammond. Or, what I say in a letter is going to affect whether they even care to deliver mail, in the constitution I guess it has it. Our function is to be an internal dissident crowd which is fully engulfed in bygone.

But, ESP-wise, at nine o’clock, I am gunning to there, to even use, how shall we put it? Is our main … to function. No, but is a being-there afraid tucker’s trayed?

I plan on writing erotic sarcophagic supercritical-fluid carbon-dioxide. I call her sunny. How the outfit blames global warming on chemical plants, if someone else spontaneously combusts on fire.

My brother’s height they copy down. I mean, the ironic is sometimes this about citizenry. He moved to Sweden. I ponder this in light of the circulry around Julian Assange. There’s a connection. So, how my brother does well in a couple moths, pseudo-translated to Julian suffering and moving about.

So that I am telling you things that won’t go in my blog. This place I live, the place you live. I have to create on a higher plane. Me spending all my effort on San Diego’s multitudinous civil rights violations takes away from the belle-of-the-ball I am on the potential for good with my topic. Whoa, the years micksed it.  Brogue was mangled double-twin.  He gets his likeness.  Sandra Brand is on my mind.  Hallucinating around the bend.

Librarian, it’s you. Can you imagine these loud voices in a setting with SILENCE the watchword? So, you are going there, and having the experience be ruined by a clerk’s loud voice, run your computer until the network crashes it, then go on home for dinner when you have eleven videos, as ten will not work. In all but some ways, when “special interests” go squealing to the government, they’re going to start on us there, so that we are in expectant awe of movie stars, or their legal hold-up process will go and take measures we call the right steps.

So, these little mom-and-pop gravy-and-dressing damn crooks are not the setttled establishment, the one we’re steady to make skelter its pace. They are just little tubs of Haagen-Dass, the mode of exploitation of the mens ruin in river. The gall of you to show them their own egalitarian wage-slave jail a lot, over and over.

So, you are in trouble, there’s going to be trouble for me, and plants sitting alone.

Warm poo?

3.1 K By.  Z

3.1 K By. Z

3.2 K By.  but are you meeting someone

3.2 K By. but are you meeting someone



3.4  you just hot boxed

3.4 you just hot boxed

3.5  that is what saddam said

3.5 that is what saddam said

3.6 now I know what is that mean

3.6 now I know what is that mean

3.7 he said from the box

3.7 he said from the box

3.8 how is that how what means

3.8 how is that how what means

3.9 cricket

3.9 cricket

3.901 not gonna kill ya

3.901 not gonna kill ya

3.902 find the missing

3.902 find the missing

3.903 there were eagles

3.903 there were eagles

3.904 I want my wife fitting.

3.904 I want my wife fitting.

3.90 leg touch and go feared.

3.90 leg touch and go feared.

3.906 fair up off

3.906 fair up off

A demi-cut, like I had in art school.  You mold it now.

Eight U.S.-based scientists tested a leading hypothesis that polar bears could possibly lower their metabolic rates enough to survive as food resources became increasingly scarce due to declining sea ice during the summer months. The bears proved capable of lowering their metabolic rates slightly, the scientists found, but not enough to sustain them over the long term.

“Polar bears are amazing animals, but this study shows there is no amazing solution to the loss of sea ice and habitat,” said Andrew Derocher, a biologist at the University of Alberta in Canada. Derocher, who has studied polar bears for 30 years, was not involved in the latest Science research.

from though let the carp invent tactful protocol highs that suit men on a dead night Berkeley kistarossa.

“We need to weed responsibly,” said Mullan, “and we need to give the librarians a chance to do their jobs.”

Former BPL employee of 18 years Roya Arasteh said that books are being removed from the library at a rate of 5,000 to 7,500 per month, about four times faster than weeding has previously proceeded, and are being immediately pulped, rather than sent to the Friends of the Library bookshop or communities in need.

Scott denies this, saying that the books are first offered to the Friends, then to a nonprofit that distributes books to the developing world, and finally to a recycler if neither of the first two wants them.

According to Mullan, at that volume of books exiting the library, it would not be possible for two managers to be going through the books responsibly.

“Eric!  Eric!”

come on, what are you

come on, what are you



T __T

A save on a spreadsheet is as easy as that? Yeah, don’t come back. Would you keep your keys that I am not MIA?

Done then the delta way. Wall. 30 too close. Computer end jacker. Poof end gathering, happy they prefer just one kiss. Waited for the world quickly [perhaps united states 2 1) blocking end [?]] desu neh [that’s closed] cause from couple weak thermometers have on a door, low, theirs on now [I have wiener. I have to come. I have to now. Step behind. Logic the] like throat theirs on the pwny. Scarab it. The weold may not treat us nice, in the world to come [is it] that I’ve slit [my no-ways friend] to end. Tomorrow we all know the aidest friend to come back. It’s brilliant. Don’t worry about.
Ron Burgundy

8st union s.t. Racist jokes. It won’t go bad any second. “One of us”, what? Oh, “Freaks.” Children there just keep going in a pattern. Cubic around. Go for that? I don’t spend like them. What is this pretending?

Coal House welcome. This incredible g.i.f. Woman on a bike pulls her pants up a skosh, ticket. Down shirt, the right amount. Just enough to make it. All nuttier and saddle bare soundtrack, there just dusted fennel on tripe.

Woke up one day. Are you eleven? I’d been blogging for six years. Dummy back. I don’t know what’s comin’. Credentials. Now you’ve gone and done it shirley. By math if the C.I.A. were defensive … don’t, southern, “Are you awake? Are you aware?”, art the mean cake anguish, I say, chappin’ over, call C.I.A., rhyme two of his taps. Is only worst luck in ten is only worst in charlie’s yard? Screwed it. If they were … to medal? MEDDLE. Positive. Yah, Kunis. Here, life of love and fire. Prig ’em. Hokey was the talk.

This is by Micah Lee. No, by leather. Belly drugs, my Billy has gadget barely on his seat. It’s Bill Cosby: Bc.
Follow: Rx.

They look incindieries. An art. Lovin’ to.

___ D ____S

A Kraut
‘s A’s; we are going to
be here some time.

Faoud yourself mine nearing to darkness in the blink of an eye. “Trouser Snake”. Keep only search posts. Ozzy, you’re at rawther. Be what you’re supposed to be. What!!? In praise of fractures. Important, zip.

Were they’re “trying to get me”? Is that a fill-up? Christ-nominative? Dolly me. One savoir-faire. The pomade seeds nice are made, iron I don’t know. What inks adhere, are here? We’re pseudo naked.
Shuffle like symbol sisters. I hate why you wike like a bug? Is it really? Keep it here. All you could see is one of them he just injures. Those set reindeers’ inspirative chewy-loose lips breaths. Take one of them out and poker left out what stick in that was when they were expressed all face up of the ground.

Not your eye’d misread ‘not red’, turning on. Millions upset people
technically I control. Harder he/shes foment. 50% I’ve around their peepers. I’ve induct their friend. It hasn’t enough, keep in mind? Hasbro.

Back up, get indian ink; our best people, etc. Camp out, read: Dink. Susta solution” here piece, SCARE me.

Lend McClenn done itccc

S C ___ U E

so we can start going to Vons?

get on it shady.

Meth lab logistician’s my goal. Goodbye. Don’t jump.

are you the one who peed at work, on the ground, and covered-up.

it’s down the loop from NYT to Wired.
And then you get scared.

what’d rose the chemical lines, dagget, is more sure was possibility after you left, while the collection at the trunk of this branch later dough believin’ Cosby. Bell seckle sell bowls.;_ylt=A86.J77asqtVwxEA6JIPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTEzOWlpMXBsBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDRkZHRTAyXzEEc2VjA3Nj#

sure white the outskirts of tranquiltown

double the go the hatbook.
Terrors, I need an icon for Greenwich’s took a bath on avatars. What the fuck (WTF), brank black lives matter (BLM), with the nodes bureau of land management gonna be folded-up. On the Rebel, who had uncovered tapped-out fustrank of the alcohol beverage controls, not only way ATF & E (explosives, tamperin’), with Leckey cootie sade aside.

They have police, now you come on with who’d bet country music television bring the raffle store ’em mighty Dog, what happening; who let ’em off? Moyers? A jewel. He’s a genius. Never underestimate the narwal. Okay, in the middle of the last sentence I realized this is Chris Hedges, and then journalism the way it’s soft.

(Hedges)…Greecification of the United States.
The destruction of Greece, like the destruction of America, by the big banks and financial firms is not, as the bankers claim, about austerity or imposing rational expenditures or balanced budgets. It is not about responsible or good government. It is a vicious form of class warfare. It is profoundly anti-democratic. It is about forming nations of impoverished, disempowered serfs and a rapacious elite of all-powerful corporate oligarchs, backed by the most sophisticated security and surveillance apparatus in human history and a militarized police that shoots unarmed citizens with reckless abandon. The laws and rules it imposes on the poor are, as Barbara Ehrenreich has written, little more than “organized sadism.”
Want to live here, be stall reality.

July 20, 2015

The red raids of the coast lay clear the chink palmer’d armored us.

You kind of bishop to this jinx.  Osiah, Isaiah, bursitis.  Focus.



DavidCross2007 some choice

DavidCross2007 some choice

I looked at so many of Henry Winkler, I swear they all stopped looking anything like him.

You got to have a plan. These two are here for an amusing title. It’ll be obvious. But the people need two, for the children, meanwhile, Cross had referenced how they may turn into helpful when they get their rest, and why not pull mine charcoal. selling twenty other ruebens, because that’s how we make our money in Nashville, cocks and sandwiches. Compare how they get tones in bed, slapper furiousing wiping. Aunt Wilma beat out how that riot on the I-74 corridor will settle into the striking mine camps of Kentucky and West Virginia. I think it pilot would back it Churched over to coffee–iodine–no. I Ohio French sorter.

baby park it

garth the moral  Now a days a cowboy hat is only beneficially for douche bag watchers, trying to find a new species of douche.

garth the moral Now a days a cowboy hat is only beneficially for douche bag watchers, trying to find a new species of douche.

doiya have a comb, combs?  Can fart visa.  Real.

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