Swim Clock 4:30 Let’s Hit Bottom!

who toltcha

the prophets

from my university, with dark hair, though it’s in streaks.   Heroin, that pay above… aver us.  Conference.  Sucking chest wound is in the movie “That Was Burris”.  You better stop.  My customer The Edge, went custom.  Getty won married a proofreader so there.  Gather up the bedroom.  I hope I’m not fooling myself.  These get black, get washed.

…scary one.

Fuck you.

Stake model it.  Unfurl the stake model.  It’s the state motto: Be Locked into Los Angeles (a gelese a dinner plate, and they aid.  Expiry once is so they all dropped down.  Product read just accuse once you get veep).

Got to keep my strength up for the toothie ones.  That’s why for every–I could go on.  We better get these

oh we’re overhead.  June 25, ram time

Jersey.  Must be told, I’m talk.  _________________W ___ F ___M





It is only sounds like us; you're ugly.  Your breath stinkin' might problem me.

It is only sounds like us; you’re ugly. Your breath stinkin’ might problem me.

Judge David O. Carter was appointed to the federal bench by President Clinton in 1998.

Judge David O. Carter was appointed to the federal bench by President Clinton in 1998.

Endicott, not now.  say you’re down.  I’m nawlonga manufacturing molsens in terramen, sir.  How racial, I’m now a professor of organic chemistry.  From sink to think, energy, and then there’s defense.for the repression it is. Well, there’s a log throwing a trunk at Russia’s environmental repression, but the US environmental repression that you’re on is experienced living in fear. And, marijuana isn’t green.

*** and you don’t like it, Reader?  In the back*** in a hurry for kylene.

A composition on the tongue they let slip away. Hey, the comedienne standing flatfoot. Lefties’ foot. I’m pushing the essay button. Out of kindness I support Lefty’s livin’ in the promised land. I was only going to pith the reader for the Sikhs. Everybody else was. I’m sorry I was blind. I just need back, do you understand the commands, I just sid.

Implies finding my courage-up title, so, a melody on your lip.

The right extinct (red whistle), and as a favor, it’s alright. I’m on it, in odyssey steers 50  500-men different fascists, and a scrap of it were too late. But, a man, a mind, a plane sitting nose-down. Come on in fake. Rap.  It’s a test.  It’s not music in many people’s eyes. Gob of cheese  kicker done, mereology’s depending on statement violations difficult to believe before moot—liar’s paradox.  There disappaired.   That’s the one they won’t admit gave Alestein with its Hercules getting closer to the men you with turtle. Sympathy that get us to New York and better, when foods at most capable reversed to haphazardness.  A combwit breaking rolls of quarters, then mole sounds.  Been to the bank?

Those spirits up, and you’ll feel the down. Jettison knowledge of foreign life-and-death. Oh, fly away. And, from nu with me checkin’ their linear-to-diamond well, they’re beautiful. Peace, and grab a seat for orange-and-gold. Or, was that paradox zeno’s? Tear it down. Watch it snub. Jeddy attending, broken like Iraq at its zoo. Andatory.

With me, all thoughts separate, rattlin’ the bush philosophractant. So neat coder court you get E. The other, and E. they told me. A treatise on drying. Is it yours, frag? Never…belladonish; their yezu mirror, not no earth. What, hold. I reckon brattish I like my nuts!   Mike, mike, lay–leave hyaah!   Rainin’ they loan us souls.   Rain’s mighty fine. Drip kept it. Engineering a coal mine disast–scarier’s—hiya Leon. Shore won’t snack.  What soy?–to do it–for punctuality, what I need’s the last season went breakin’ mighty off the pizza bread. Went in the lake. Came later for judgement off the leg.

Pizza’s in the name pixxah. Pizzah hone ameriga SOCK arrest that guy more antic out of savah. Tuvriliner, that I don’t eat, that can be candy. Use it. I don’t prove it can. Usin’ moite puncti, you’re all bottom ugh-god. Hold fiddles your eye. Name Kyoko Ringo.


A M N G O O __________ set your cups

K Y E D L O __________ down

K O O C K U _________ and out


__ G ___ E

Preserved 7/7/15 birthed 2u


What reminder you of them?  Well, let me copycat.  Hee gi ni me.  You got umm, four-three ex.  The yes is the core, the no is outside that, and hello is the whole thing.  You “remember” back 17 all the way forwards and seem from it em or en stealth chucking turkey’s nodes (how they get in there.  Hydration), a neck onto the book of survival during the carrot-and-stick melody of–now, huh?–the “plug is pulled”, and those you were away from decide to get sudden.  Sure would be nice to be irreducible Sasol on an interwar duration for a fright-cow assumed to not take it.  In the chest?  Sure is hard.  Ding if you understand how destiny goes; it goes through you.  It doesn’t present the sides, the Y/N.  Yo, bingo cage.



Christopher Soghoian rates violating the privacy.  Ned's for it.  Benah hide.  Guess somethin' else broke.

Christopher Soghoian rates violating the privacy. Ned’s for it. Benah hide. Guess somethin’ else broke.

s~ When she goes (power), she’s gone. Pinned: cummings and Albee took-a-hit bookend. “We can strap it in.” What hasn “f” for meager points in a descrip. What do we got. Parcel. Tote beggar. Getting more and more living here with us by noontime. Then, the surf is on cost of you. Rescue ain’t of dope. They ain’t. You’re out. With us neighbors, honestly. A KFC and a woof-bump—woof-woof.

The Alexandria library burned us when I owned a taffeta. A tailor’s face and hands, black. To suffer these burned is how I haul when I take a tock and run backin’ in. dedousey canned, hug m’nayeck. Preem chimmel-bottle. You crucified!

Locked door to the arch, greenwiches.

Washington square arch1902 . The only result of the Revolution of Washington Square was that the door at the base of the arch was permanently locked, said Wetzsteon.

Washington square arch1902 . The only result of the Revolution of Washington Square was that the door at the base of the arch was permanently locked, said Wetzsteon.

Ah, bear when it says Nicholas; I just said, “What was the name of that?”, file from all our nate.  Hash you narks 1.

*** how strained it will be.

Been up to—what? Only 4,000 miles. Elevate and occur somewhere. I have had lunch up where I have been, so the springs’re—whadidju do?–for lunch what did you bring? Think I’m going to die, pal?


Once Danforth finalizes a particular technology, private companies may license it, while the center reserves the right to use it for humanitarian purposes. In the case of VIRCA, for instance, the intellectual property, technology, regulatory, biosafety, quality control, distribution, and stewardship components needed for developing and delivering the cassava will be made readily available by Danforth scientists to interested groups in Africa.

Danforth’s use of genetic engineering in some of its research has led the nonprofit Food and Water Watch to deem it a “pro-GMO research center” and note the facility’s close relationship to Monsanto — both in terms of the funding it receives from the biotech giant and the fact that the company is headquartered across the street. Additionally, Monsanto’s president serves on Danforth’s board of directors.

Is due to what program I wrote it on, then, from poda what, you verify lining going down, kips up to rock it seeing that where I nail you at, where I can befriend treacle sort of out, the room is facile, I’d have the courtesy to say something, but use an internal, probative reality to screw with authorship. Whose mount lifted, causing a finger’s cut? A survivor’s tasting like cat tuna. You just passed his house. I got the metal taste—tasp, guy (here decided what month. Juries suck. Em to gay. Mice titled) Refinery technique. What would mummy do?

Changing programs is some hack of excusing not writing this bitchin’ author’s name, sero christian something. The Lotto they let you in it. Reign.

Mate to the do is the rapidly ascending stowage suspension of program melt, offer product, on whose side. The game favors the listener who vexes any reference to “yesterday” as “tomorrow”, or else, to get ‘er done–keep moving—take it or leave it. Metal press guns. Thumb cheater, you are not going to get this. This five is forbidden.

White meat ate bread, then an author’s credibility when year old.

“Needed for developing and delivering the cabesa,” when you’re ornery, half-baked political; you get your ruse. I’d like to bench press all of those you have identified, and the cartels for methamphetamine is my breadth, is my center, is my plan.

Oh. The people, when thy’d flung, they tried to , no. Old men think they can. Well, fuck your mom, which I did. She left her panties in my automobile. I wish you’d take them to her. You’re all of her, distinct. Earth Journal. Earth Air?

They ever could, themselves, mast-it race.

Mom, Dearborn. Memorials to his beat.

I held on for Creed. Love you, Ben. June, July, don’t tip me over petit charles but curses from Dern.

Mosquito coast, “A Mission Gone Wrong (2012)” The New Yorker

Why are we still fighting the drug war?

By Mattathias Schwartz

Pay dirt. Las Pulgas.

Nothing’s hard. Jazz if you want.

Nothing you wanted solved. This (flag) is really about this (leaf). Barry’ll be reviled eight times worse for weed than he would be for making slavery honest, to beg his heart’s not in, Steve. Don’t he nut every month? What about his headaches? I am sure that he will not go “up against” a state governor. Being an African-American, we have to come in before dead last. Take off, weed hired a woman. I’d tried a nigger governor for the all-important and powerful South Carolina first.

I don’t like huge fleets to support. I just don’t.

Humpety-dump competitive to get outta town. Hitch-hike, and bagels, too.

David O. Carter, I was up in Orange County and ye a rubber getting’ arrested. Attitude of anger toward anyone who would intimate that “what you deserve”, regarding some extralegal , rather personals. “Is it abuse?” I’m laughing. Your crime lab of 1981-1998 was the most corrupt and criminally culpable of any in the nation. You led it.

I’m high, always.  Go to

your mouth tour very_____7_____

david o carter

david o carter


relaxed longer

Boston got caught. I say it in church, if I have been arrested and not charged, primae facie you are the criminal one, eh? The state criminally and corruptly, etc. as well, the state flat-out murdered many (ed.).

A judge gives lectures on international narcotics smuggling at UCI. So what? Keep braying how Sheriff Brad Gates jails murdered people, and Cecil Hicks edict as district attorney, “You are young. You will live in junkietown.” This unholy senate instituted SWAT teams to go out on parole checks, rounding up entire blocks in Anaheim to search. I kept brayin’.



Set us up what bug sat on the mirror. I have voices in front of me, not just A#1. On the clock they are categories such as EDITOR out of problem.

David “O”, D.O.C. Que!!? Que!!? as he liked to be called… a calling-gram. I’m not sure who’s inner poppit, it is not good to mention names ahead, as if you must lark in over. Orange County? Touchdown to reality? Oh. Did you and I do PROBITY, what ‘should’ happen? That’s terror. I did it.

Biography #2 is a professor of chemistry from Michigan who vacationed in San Diego. Camping? No, walking downtown. Can I have a miracle show of hands from the paragraph before this, who think I should be left after the police decline to arrest anybody, to clean up? With salt. I would’ve “deserved” a two-fer of getting detained, and my car getting impounded, which are the freight for poor drug addicts on their way in this, where the symbol “graduates” from the hemmoroid of Bak Tobe, Viet-Nam. Stay double-due roots. Hey, a sixteenth of chirp is, DYLANN ROOF is out like a dog’s bark, on Dennis the Menace. His name was a giggler, Ruff, cream puff. Puffery is yours.

He din’t look up.  I said hey chemistry, and it was tits chrome lathrs.  I said you have the last hit

test peeve.  Short dog.  Sit back, when there’s room.  Yuri got.

It’s propaganda, but I sat in Carter’s bench, and, I met him at the County Fair. That must be why he reacted as if I were pulling a gun: he’s been to Vietnam, not landed here making rulings like he had cooly hair.

He’s really DOC, for the simple reason that his ego is ours. It is completely undone and exposed, his present. CASTER is only one word from CARTER,   who they may off.  Zee nuclear gamesmanship ultimately depended upon the recognition of ESP, so, you did not get clobbered. I see your signs. Carter’s 71. Hail! Tommy is a 77. Chomsky is 82. Yoko Ono is 82.  Vinsnt____________________

The world was sad to hear that Tommy Chong was yet again announcing a cancer diagnosis. This is his second cancer diagnosis in the past three years, don't be morn off.  Unnh, need the joint to rolld aeeeeeeee not th ing glass.

The world was sad to hear that Tommy Chong was yet again announcing a cancer diagnosis. This is his second cancer diagnosis in the past three years, don’t be morn off. Unnh, need the joint to rolld aeeeeeeee not th ing glass.

lso used to transition a wood floor.  They don't care much.

lso used to transition a wood floor. They don’t care much.


lso used to transition a wood floor.  They wooden.

lso used to transition a wood floor. They wooden.

not the glass.

Puffing man. Yeah, I’m not used to this coffeepot weighing a ton. Warm that up for ya, blaze? It is Dustin Hoffman who, twice now, appears and saved us with riposte. Grandpa is 77, too. My own was 82, and these are a promise. A woman has a might of power when she gambles big.

Now this book would go along with a notation on top of the last one which is forgotten at least by four interim books, kibbitzed in perhaps three. This in tecum frays 360 degrees. A book with a thirty-second note every ten minutes is like one in slow motion’s 1:20 bees.

If Friday aredy wrote on ’em penduless armay. Dearent things…if sliding the propaganda of “someone you’ve met before”, you don’t want to meet. Is this not obvious? Dick Feynman was who you wanted. Of us, who you didn’t “want”, I hit no nerds, just ignorant gooks who pass medical school in a pack, like the way they win over gutless masses and remain racially pure: they’re never alone. You all had to buy into ’em in a groove.



You will get crunched on in court, and I am not an appreciater of having to arm for combat to safely drive on the roads of this, 4-year drought, four years out.

Catholic, anti-abortion women in the right dresses, you can run, but it’s a mistake.

People I pig at know, as pefect village, to type competently. It makes one think of the price, all those A & P signs along the top. Oh, I have focus, but I know Gregg scattered cod, yes, a variety of phos & fear. Put in Ben Cartwright terms, my lovely pasture, Filo.

Those two guys are foes, and prohibitive to corral. Weapon guide psychological reins a Lytle. That’s a Lytle Creek. Thinkin’ ain’t lahk flyin’. Hintstrumentation hits. Hilt. He’ll turn before he sees disaster. Hey, scream all you want to. It is metal, they heard it.

And, you were palavering, not amongst yourselves, so watch those meanings. The rump said, “I will call the cops.” I will call the doctors. It is DIALED 9-1-1, rather than ‘called the cops’. Hashing out what you are, is the apparition of carrying out your lawful source of emergency orders or commands, and referring to this as CONTROL, when upset people’s control of THEMSELVES is at issue. We don’t need people to lose it like little babies, any more than we need 500 cops to seek out Julian Assange.

I turn over the highest threat to him. There’s blood.

The whole reason I am writing this is we need to let me speak, and otherwise carter is holding the world’s head under water while he drowns us ahead of global warming. And we don’t need him. He needs me. I’m sexy. I don’t ever do it here.

W 7/8 bitchen YL. Hello, court. Nothing’s been un-found on anti to this TSA-approved hawk-braider.

I was up in the O.C. because of my gang. My brother, of Sweden has taken control of all family matters. He is cribbing when it comes to a trail. I know my father yet I do not know what he had in mind for me. He’s not competent. We should have the discovery of his evidence, rather than to pounce on me, lock me up, and cover up the crime. You’re all wowed up, so it made me think, when I sat in your courtroom I saw you vacant when it came to a woman’s freedom. People who get involved with their family’s money are begging to be locked up in Orange County, in the hoosegow or other paddocks. They have the valley elite. The woman had a nut jacket. I doubt carter did anything but torture her. He speaks melodramatically, like any marine in camp.

My general run of the war on cops is fraught. I am always in between the two opposing turrets with their guns. I must move or be obliterated, insane’s. A new Trukee.

Told you I met him at the fair, in 1998, when I was on parole. I met another guy, who ran for governor, as all these fantastic luminaries were under one tent. That guy had a disease, qualifying him for medical marijuana, but the news spread the information that he was in possession of two syringes, worth thirty-five cents. His low, in esteem , came from disability. I am even not on disability for mental illness. I do not make him lied. Cancer struck me, you fags. I don’t care for folks with all kinds of reasons to be scared of dying. In point of fact I do not kill them, nor equate preservation with the extraction of the different govrnmnts.

When we yay the old way at night, we Gifford.

What name do I not want to speak, Elanor? There came a lesson. They speak in a stilted, Ron Jeremy brough. No, I got it. Jake Davis is wish your’d were here.

An H. “Rap” Brown story; http://www.thebaffler.com/salvos/now-streaming-plague-years.

The little I’d wish for combined with what are tickled and where black cop-killers are, and LSD manufacturers are; who was the trigger finger? Is your own might kept guy from the fucken guns, not after there’s major soft-j.   Fat one with the brain.  Is all this routing free me from the schedule? Stick around, I owe Rules to build outrage in Fullerton.

Swedish prosecutor/murderers are after Julian; Swedes are here, too, in the patch quilt of Sanchez’ district in Carter’s pacification program on the countryside, where it didn’t work in Vietnam, either. Not because of mistakes.

Swedes and Canadians have always gotten us, from all the latitudes. All Wyoming up there. 1111s. I had it all, entrusted.

I don’t like the driving with sleep forcing me to wait to hungrily kiss off the guard rail with soon, the card rate. “Deal me vision.” it’s cruise control. It’s good. They’re good. Does it stay on? What does it say on it? Wraparound, bend.

____ T ___ T





you Marine follow FOOT steps.




N N I ___ S


Yeah! A masthead grew might, point there. I ate the U-T, I’m starin’ on the same prospectus with respect to the smaller papers, and The Register’s 50% dead.

Our best people didn’t go to Vietnam.

And, Our best people didn’t go to Vietnam’s best colleges.

The raft of queer and contemptible parties of the last murdering, slant-eyed Western-corrupted regime. The little traitors are all the men in Little Saigon. They were traitors to Vietnam for a living. They’re all living. They are not humans, just below it, at the service level for idiots who have vowed to kill for the USA, which I haven’t done. I haven’t exploited it, either. I may recant, depending on who wins.

Well, guys of 71 and 63 feel a lot of fear. Just because CARTER is doing the AB, his old bowels ought to not be giving way, and he does not need to be committing suicide, as it has been under my eye Robin Williams had his own.

There was a 61 and a 73, but in 2011, and it wasn’t us two. Major is surveillance. The spies can always seem smart. They must ask themselves what you’re dreamin’.

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