Escape Just In Case Your Campaign Heard, “It’s One of Those Two.”

Let a guy let a boy see. At 8:43 the meth once.

There’s a badger.
Leadership cancer buy the brain.

Screen-shot-2012-09-29-at-2.46.55-PM_______Arking, I’ll be.


hqdefault___________Fit your face.  Allent towelin’ desert.  I felt a certain way.  That’s the problem.  You are trying to tell a joke in front of nine people.  Every blurty hid.  Mental talk.  Try some evil torque, saying, proof you are winding Google, this is what I get when I am a mind of “peenchee”.  I hurt them in spite of bet.


Oh, here we go, Grand Canyon. That would go to Mexico. Pretty powerful when it’s your own. More die.

cut in stammering, cough, sneezes… slobbering through in animal sounds, and play it back in the street.


this is good, gripping film plate, a blessing, orderly technology.  Intestinal parasite.  It’s pretty unusual to cut up your text, and make a new sentence out of it … it’s very chaotic.  Imagine taking that, it’s more disorderly, like a vortex a tornado. [ mixture of speakers ] a surprising number of things that can happen, that can be predicted.  That’s very different from a Crowley experiment.  Use the power of chaos, and, my cat is about to knock over your drink.

51+BJw4T8GL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_________Here’s the Boston-area “unemployed chemist” blog, talkin’ ’bout the virgin mary (meth), and it is 2013, part one, net.  Part two.

Homeward.  Back!_____n……not going to be fair.____evergreen-review-2

Probably the most important issue of this long-running literary journal, the “San Francisco Scene” with contributions by Kenneth Rexroth, Robert Duncan, Henry Miller, Gary Snyder, Philip Whalen, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg.

I have been going around the internet.  Dodging finks and littles.


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