Trampoline Off

(blades, Bermuda, terrapins)

What are you thinkin’?  Okay strict I got a dialog, degratory, enamored of Chuck of bumpkey terrior just a litlth odd.  I got us both and righteous if you take off the best, but that’s your connection.  Now would be pleasant.  Was, sure, for the buzz-ray logger through tearin’ up the wood.  Can libraries be the scenes yeah of stable stabbings: en garge, not 3 bolts of lightning, definitely.

“Very crudely, we are now committed to global sea level rise equivalent to a permanent Hurricane Sandy storm surge,” says glaciologist Richard Alley of Pennsylvania State University, University Park, referring to the storm that ravaged the Caribbean and the U.S. East Coast in 2012. Alley was not involved in either study.


Heat PIG, the first tidal.  A is G then the mella dump.  Send, I’ll be lookin’.

Hegna ice said us upped.  Thank you, Batman, ice sud you to quirk your ward.  I’d like to thank you, Buckmer.  On toward Wilde, who fought to be yourself.  Everyone else is taken, chump.  An iron honor and precedence, which is cong uncommon, transcendence like gold, translations of translation bung holes.  I got a lawwwwwwwwt.  Chicago police aren’t casually, pickin’ and a-grinnin’. They home beacon to “charged”, passed on to accused, too soon, you upstairways honkey, desu.

Puff, scribble-answer your own question in the game-over quist and lookin’ the gastrated demitewed the Caster.  Errod the weeblo tossed.  The bene and acknowledge the host of bennie in fear.  Move your whole entitlement jones.  In osopher nidey turnout to core sanctity, our scales, basement.  Healt-connect arvu to explode.

Don’t be on, gay newts.  Don’t be terroman greedy, nigger.  Behind your phonon, stomp us.   You don’t have boy yeggy.  Howard Shtern on the tenderness bowla.  Because Gahy mochasters; because very Morgan stern in characters.  The same button is the right mochasters.  A rip off in it–I know this shit–is barbell I had it rough because, hear it cause it again, they turn into the Lakers.

These thin-walled blues keep rollin’ from my mind.

Zealand, clear of Antarctica. Boys and girls,

fence I can’t climb—come with the what camera—owned.

Just don’t wait up. San Fucken Diego.

______O U M O W W U T til there’s to be

to be __T A N E R W R E __ oh there’s to be what | no higher

project_N S I G A E S T all those the same |you carry 50 | high

_______ F I O D I D R S heuristic

__________ T ___ N rubber suit, bikini

cruisin’ there and a bra

and a mate she/you folks stand me at pooshin’, cavin’ in. Electrical. That solves me, a prayin’, a alto. No alto allowed.

There we belong. Fell down. Michigan. 2 trucks, bindle. Some august night, hit the station like good-ole partners. “In case Marge and Homer aren’t on” you’re home in bed. Vimeo. Rents favored the choice you’d probably make. Was there a leap year the race year my daughter was born? Of course, 88, a milky defense.

Whose to say what became lovers? A pal, sure as I’m made to stand clear. Subjugated, what were you thinking? Stand up, tied it into dessert ‘n you busted by the cozy back you been ice-freeze bitin’. Be prepared to azule—you mean how much surprise—do you think of pants? Dear your mother, or they insisted, Homer attracted 100%, and “fell on fertile ground”, animals in a country, how some of this get.

___ W ___ A ___E ___ I ___ L _____ O



L E A G H T 8 8 T D A N T I L C O U


I’m not about takin’ your anstronomer head rainuses defense they’ll act all fusily. “Look out any window” -Hollies. In Texas, yeah, yeah. Might I explain? Our rofie pizzaz stir all the right brophy moloch tuners who aren’t short of about—Kotexes–you got the number—big Kotex. I’m serious, devil, and it was fun back sent in a sense. ‘Cause as you



L E A G H U 8 8 N D A ____ free rent | lemuella sit down

P Y A E R T H E T D F ___ fook senate

___E ___Y ____Y

Budgies drinkin’ ftn. Nice to conserve.

63—Hernandez, solitary

___ C ______ A P __ O

O U P ________ O U P

L E D ________L E D

A Y S ________ A Y S

G A P ________ U P G

the edge of darkness


___ N __ E __ D ___ T __ H __ E __ E ___ I haven’t felt that good

I C H N S P F U N B A C I N K W R I Z I S __we’re in it to win. Grand for

O L A A C E C T I K W H I N T N K L W E J __in a steel wheelchair, in a wreck. Get ready

S S T T I M O N S A T A H A T E N A U S T ___since for when, a while this afternoon.

E P H E D A H O O M I T S T H T C H C O M.

Aha wheedle. Oh, file-phone nervoo snoney. Honey. Bread.

Stripped naked running men. Swimming, dropped to see the coral.

Just weigh it instead of being a rat fuck, proved.


Just chuck to the male moonbeams. And that’s crap on my pants. Did you set up south of it? Drive the treadle to syssaster afternoo-deep in. We order, oh, when they kiss, when they cut, when they got woken in. When they glare. When they vault. It’s not real straight, so flog mellow when they near. Mind your purchase. My skull’ll then be foregone.


alm crazy. 5/28/—–|no they’ll won’t|—–/6/3. Harmie, hey Bobby.

_ N ___ K ___ I ___ N

__ I ___ A ___ U __ M ___ O ___ C _______ T ket

G R A N T O A L L E O F N A L E D L _____ yoA blood, 100 %.

D U A I N T Y R E T H E L Y I I N E ____ queried hobard

L L Y E L L J E C D E L N F L S O F ___ regards ‘there’s too many’ friezes

B E G E C T T S O U S I U E N T H I ___ this university

S alphanet, holding it, sequel-ass georie. Remember desert answer*

No, he’s with a mistake. He’s wurshin’ on andy & seeks who to cuss after him *gut travel, most

feeling every boy gets to be first camel lead, yep.

____E ___ T ___ B ____did what I would’ve excited.

T B E H E M O Y G ____ we’re all thinkin’

L L M A T _I E T S

E N O C S T S I D ____ that’s crap

F M A H A T Y W _____ let’s go, southwick. Bear.

“psychiatrist” right-to-die, I’m movin’. We’re not irreversible climate change in a drug-war experiment? Your average children, Cass, were not that cute. We don’t have that. Wasn’t Elvira Flava Flave an experiment due? Bunnied a grit-opp’ty.

*opportunity steam you

I was countin’ on my aim more than you. I got a little trapoline; a little put a little. (JHK)

As equal servin’ as george, up to as equal as george knows emmers goin’ leave open, please. You’re dark.

When I could barter poeges a recipe. Your, “Is queer whennicnoiter?” You don’t have a choice to be a bunch of guys leave yes he does experiment in your cradle, when undone sees undies. Minus 4 = envy.

One or two col-ly. I’d put it in white could it to, contrast. In fike mate your birthday figr mode attack, square, with mote arming arduous. We own the packed house perspired to sublime stink. Bring up the gun. The only medals are grain sack, accept that, gentlemen, and your orchestral seat—don’t forget the medals—chalice, you just passed up.

|__| 4 |__|. That’s accordin’ to white one. Didn’t I tell you?

  1. give us hope.
  2. On Mexico.
  3. Heard about that?
  4. I got cocaine.
  5. Don’t go sneaking, ‘Larr. Pabst. Watch out!
  6. Hollow block of wood. Cut a tree down.
  7. Now it’s a block.
  8. Parallel a lie.You don’t have a choice. Have you had a drink? The quicker they come, you—hoey—notice! Of guys typically in government, with ticker on their snare bow heightus of guys—yes, he does. Owl what’s fired? A ren you name Lincoln. A pound off, circlin’ the neighborhood nude. Come back. He goes wes bac. My nigger!! In Africa, for ren. Took advantage of Pimple.Armaster you boy. 5 tedium fix door 01 inch * 1st allergic messages by cheeses fried.I can’t sit on the quad; there’s jerks that ways sit all dare me. If father’s worse than cow, I’m sunny shine. Whileby.Bucket you haul. Stroke. You’re “infamy” among the vestibule people, with the grand sport report. Touched your bo brokelify. Don’t want to staff him, don’t one of ’em is art shoes. ______ u ____ Dont’s hair.______ v ____ I’ll get it.______ w ____ sugar you got nope.______x ____ Noping. I gets * mafia buzzards circle.1 a tail._ y ____ gotta puttem vente for wha izzat a form of cidal. Munsters children.

    ______ z ____ is gonna be forever cuzz adapt to ’em in Perris.

Whor dare even though I had a key, the bus, it wouldn’t work, Commodore. Oaxaci. I dunno some of them lady stoze. Puka pipe, go get me a donut, addin’ der private. Put on the vest, diagress. “May I been cravin”, sock. Luitenant, mud some of these

A __ N E ___ R

___ T ____ B ___ A _____ hey you feel me pretty good




Hid him out? Barked him out, went Ponc Island. You bastards. Where is guy? Seymour Colorado. Sho-Gun. Your amblitter tell your pride. Is ductini moe lining most panches here, “fair”, strictly?

Swarm dare. Diano, senor oxcart. Next cart wagon deloose. Colombiana. I buyed pair after pair, in heat aftert heat. That’s what you get, that or chung overwhelemed. Bide bye-bye bow down, under pressure. “Dancin’ like Uma Thurmon,” on the petals. New song, Re:(A little blue, out in the corner. A little hoody. A little nightstick. If I leave it how daddy. Just you talk Steve, for England. Just out of the corner, how red, not bad, simosy dickensian. Mereology rough side how the individuals tool about.

Good-bye, of m holes it to n pleas. Awr, nawr! Our technicians just beastly. Jim apologies. Seck up GEM, move over welcome. On the mike-ozy. Tour around. While you’re buttress over limiting the ontology to physical—where’d you go? Compared. Go bared. Objects laboratory sank bruised my head. Make me jealous. Crockette, “you used to take me for real”, now you’re curt, why I’m amazed the cock feather. Fucken Langmiller, Earth is a seddup. Long as we to earth, to earth, what? X is what at that thousand of miles? People immuni-tech got a choice. Slide!

it looks like

select to bomb___THE “HE” OF HIM AND HIS WORLD  

Jargon.  Highlight officer.  INTERCHANGE; HE’S NOT WHERE,

Legend, warn ya, sourdog.  IN ALL DIRECTIONS HE’S COMING AROUND

N G T_ A H_ R O _U__ N D_C

H E H_ I S W _H A N_ E R E_ T I O

E O F_ O R L_ G E H_ I N A _N S H

H I M_D I N _E S N_ L L D__ E S C

A N D_ T E R_ O T W _I R E _O M I

All of the religion, all of the biography, all the yoga and T.V.  Thank you, we’re going to scan your face.  The T.V. island’s…

But it’s not broke.


2012-10-18-russell_crowe_noah Watch 'NOAH' Trailer Starring Russel Crowe, Emma Watson.  An' for adults, there's a rat, never mind.

2012-10-18-russell_crowe_noah Watch ‘NOAH’ Trailer Starring Russel Crowe, Emma Watson. An’ for adults, there’s a rat, never mind.

Broderick, mothers,
What axis is pers hour? Y? Is z at queet @quiddick? Snarz again. Gweedeep bent mooney-mush (in money it’s $12) per match evry day, dumpby. See, crushed was in anything, just the file, and who’s wildlife? Oh, it’s fourth. To maintain strongly the high “enemy” death toll is assigned to the “largest” of enterprises later borne out to be dead. Nothing is larger than drugs. Mental health is really drugs. You can’t live with drug users. China kills ’em, but, it’s not worth living with ’em Part A. Part B means burns, as poets grok cherries with the scope of the death of two prick scribes, by its curious ladle.

Wasn’t anything, just the file on our group. Comin’ up—clay/boid.

Thanks for the “thought”, umm, Nick. Things’ve been crazy lately. It’ll be over soon, I promise. Says tigre, “Is anything wrong?” The best my hutu say is RHEOLOGY Place amethyst. So, gooks we’re all subjumagate. No talkin’ fantastic. It means were auld.  Take the space between us.  Fill it up with her thoughtcrime:

schwit  writes with this snippet from Ars Technica: In the wake of the Thursday arrests  of two women accused of attempting to build a bomb, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) wrote on her website  that the 1971 book on bomb making, which may have aided the terror suspects in some small way, should be “banned from the Internet.”

The senator seems to fail to realize that not only has The Anarchist Cookbook been in print for decades (it’s sold on Amazon !), but also has openly circulated  online for nearly the same period of time. In short, removing it from the Internet would be impossible.


Someone’s screaming.  Is that my mother on the phone?

What smells like shit in the hunkersey? In—find its place—aw. Nothin’ does. Ah, so you benah happen. A sleeper word (GEM, the categoric) was tough. Then PIGS, leapin’, should instead be P.I.G. Greece hitzl since I wrote this, Betty. Pine Island Glacier. It’s island bob and jay theater. Chicture.

I do believe in my outside breathing, even though I swam. Noyer pladge datamin. Screw-up. Where? Date me in kanka guess my nollisue. Fair Colorado for a quota 013. An open 7/42/2011. You know and I know, bob.

Crew-served mistae gravity-feed liquid. It’s flailing impotently. There’s restaurant backfeed here, you. He’s run function, would just heat something soft. Zero spurn death. A homeless bum doesn’t have a stake, much of a bite, and after he goes to college, hardy including after being raised, he’s retired by whites.

A huge new stain. Trip. Is it headid…

By james Green, THE DEVIL IS HERE IN THESE HILLS as they say in

By james Green, THE DEVIL IS HERE IN THESE HILLS as they say in

By James Green.  They made that first atomic bomb in Tennessee.

By James Green. They made that first atomic bomb in Tennessee.

By James Green.  They w as they study that wanting you and I an

By James Green. They w as they study that wanting you and I an

By James Green.  They went a

By James Green. They went a

By James Green.  They went to they nine below zero.  The little

By James Green.  They went to they nine below zero.  The other

By James Green. They went to they nine below zero. The other

By James Green.  Turkey.  Got rocks in my head.  Christmas in jail.

By James Green. Turkey. Got rocks in my head. Christmas in jail.

By James Green.  Y as some men came around.

By James Green. Y as some men came around.

By James Green.  You Peggy Sue.

By James Green. You Peggy Sue.

By James Green.  You sweet Jenny Lou.  Put your arms around my

By James Green. You sweet Jenny Lou. Put your arms around my

By James Green.  You pig got no hair, author.  Fal-ling Chartreuse.

By James Green. You pig got no hair, author. Fal-ling Chartreuse.

By James Green.  Youse guard my moonshine with a big shotgun.

By James Green. Youse guard my moonshine with a big shotgun.

By James Green.  Z

By James Green. Z

By J-Z.  Melt a platinum fob until there was you on planet earth.

By J-Z. Melt a platinum fob until there was you on planet earth.

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