Heteroceptual Motion

Billin’, oy; brotherhood
his really belongs to country.  Inspire.  Exhale.  Grow long hair in the saddle, in the South.  The couches avec moi inspired.   Back door’s moin, whycycle us?  You’re remember my chamois?  Deducted, now don’t scare him.  There all goin’ Paul’d last for days.  There unconquered, silly bane.  Do you know the verse?

___ Y ___ O ___ L ____________ grandchildren

O U R U R A L T H ___________what’s the use

E S T N K L I S T ___________ his grandchildren


T O Y M E A __________ Like deduct auction [froze] for a pink construction.  Turn and don’t come back.  Share your shells?

How men damn me: take 24 Steves.  Your rubber.

O U Y U R O L T L ______ Re: chunder

E S R N K A I S H WE___ we have a flakey

U C T E S L R I T_______ woodland

T O K M E O __M_______fmunda

___Y ____ A

I am sure lot users ‘mental ill’.  It got the mind.  Their aim is my finger up.  I doo the off is it, I shave second choice.  So, when this is their question, you shoot them mooring for it.  They are for it, just like the Middle East.  Boom-boom.  Don’t respect borders.  Yer astle.

Is that the General Sumner Auditorium?

Now, suck ’em in to a bath on London time.  Naw, figgers badue they was running the above film at different speeds, in the original squeaky-clean form, on @PaulMccartney.  And, uh, eagle dousting, adopt-a-land-mine.  he still goes buh-dang.  Dodgers.  Pick on the “assassination of Princess Diana”.  You get a name Emmy, the Colombia of North America.  Dirt farms.

One less apparition, ividivid by musician.
She ran out without her shoes, shigirty. On the level.

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