Anoxia Kiss

Getting in touch with the president causes schizophrenia, no two ways about it. (We standing out here in Yorba Linda) had trouble at 18. (Fit fight Peter Pan, where, too choked, rider (Rover. Splashed.) (Never ye fight, your robber said) why is the best thing, (ie (to arrest me) tough plant. Ought to kill for those who braid) at 65. (What do you have in there?) Come far to hold on to it, (the pairs) to the in-crowd.

(Come haul James Mason for that book) To go overhead (honest) had it for two months (smelt), trouble (with the ladies. I heard somethin’) the turn (summon) I got hold on the book on the funnel con the tar ball one (fair planned her dint. Just here ebberkate).

Your opinion breathing out, Bogie? (her and suit) It is only shark tazer (beer and a reeb). The Blue brothers, resembling biting rodents, such as after shrews, and strawberries of the C.I.A. water produced myself, and I am sad. Water drain from my eye. Blue wants to test and presumably jail and rape children, for marijuana, which makes a man murder while honk at everything. A fair shot, a fair head start, etc. A little menace died because he was a rich La Jolla shit, named “Moores”, like the campus broke, after all doing something highly illegal on the highway where known information will score one dead by injected opposition to your hurrying OCD, butch assholes. C.I.A. cock-suckers. Useless. Need field sec.

Who root, and nobody in San Diego says shit about ludicrous spy violations. They’ll be walked.

Solute brain. Is it in my pants? Telligent, don’t fit hair comb was right here. Or, did I give to Nicholas (counterbearing), and he stuck it in the chair? (Now, loke). RDAUTZ in the hint formation (skips tare fidgeting to beat the band). Password #2 could’ve been a recovery (or it could have been …a? Ride home). Recovery, to get it reasoning, has 8 or 9 fingers of cereal (of cold). I just winged ’em. Tougher’s a …(Sammies Oomer symmate).

US drone complex bureaucratizes murder

Until they’re shot F.A.L. amente.  Can we go?  too late.  It’s them.

auto pilot

auto pilot

Billions of Dirty Ore Dollars

put on by Matt Potter. Hey, thank

YOOUND on Linden and James Neal Blue. Mortal then. O- O- _____________ _ kay._____    _____

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