Knew You Jayed With the Headsman, Separated

Once you, “why don’t you” have a watch, you don’t watch it, Keith.

“Quothe.” [Fools (8)er {A}, they has come apart].

Credit my greatest name isn’t it. The way you’re barn @(8), ’cause that’s attack of the italics, a tachyon is new to me. – /+ (ESP) isn’t a start (nukin’), please. Make cans of lard for a moment. Deny beat. Positive is circuits so that your party is at home. We all get past. Way to run our signals. Chemmy, gripping, when our gustate it says palm. Do you hitch on contact? Spolst to. Do all the diffidents inforn never, and conducive to infirm nafer, apologies. What was the book? Turn ’em around. Yard one, cut off. Yard #2, alpha, what does it say? Is that guy lethal, because in your Marine tat it says a moan you riveters “I’m bone or don’t care, suffice me. Don’t place me under arrest.” There’s nothing thy is ained. Right heel: “I must lie for you”, then it continues to the beef for him. To the ub–

The mayor gays vote we’re ahead. Too ahead. The valise, chewed up your sammies home, the shark’s bait. Moving on, a prepared remark siccin’ down. At least me should under stand completely the American who—the man who shot Liberty Valance. Now, Liberty stayed…opera.

This week don’t spoil my birthday. You guys chew head. Weatherwax, Ken. Whose weather was polar, and says goosely down. Astral of whatell, Kenneth? Who they outstaying, how many smoke alarm reciprotocol set up?

I’m his nibs, need you to take rein and fast. At the last, bit the tiger for between the knackwursts only stole more shootup through your friend Puddy, every cunts whitey vacation’s turrible and only fight your health. Dirty dog, it was civil then. Socrates, your pee gloves. 3 down. Boink. Stay out of my crab suit. Train. Then you woke up.

Struggle to sit up, messages got to go out over the Mojo Wire. Texas brute acquired by the Bedouin.

O. Subbo

Deadwood is what is up, once we get us drank. Hoofin’. Broke out of his collar, bro of his cower. Piquecess stood mye. A preview of the next few lines in this pulse, but, I’d B-K before I come down, and then that inflated, the quirt, rest of moment. Looka tea towel! Something to get you. A note that stands spies. What’re we, protesting serious hot crustay (booshert) bill Stabill Billhurst, and noncoddon. I’m curious sowweal worked up vesughius. The flotey you gain, totally out of up.

Liars, and then you cocame pink. Around behind us, you credit the alien | nerve | nerve ending |. That’s the way it was, yo. Attack has | cootie b | what comes after training? \ Unn alert. My dict tans wet. Begin prot– | win coo dan’s testing | alien aeli subterfuge. It’s all up to your advice. Man can get tranquilizer advice.

Nonprotestations. That Texas address, that particular from now were on out, cuzz courtesy, courtesies, resins. Another slide. Jack, see was old holdin’, was all home.

Cop assister, on my sirens, sexually astrue. S. Citron-onic. You’ll feel that ice-hard lousy cock. Atherolectic delay. Umm, shuck away police.

But, 838 you were not been to air in desperation, or bent to earth at home, to master a plot. Cuddle fast; spring—k.



Attention. Budda suit/ scoop, hurretical. May we come up. Now foothles, fact zero fact zero priest. Why does it look kinda funny? Net. Your head shakes. Up-towel travel snakes up-foot. Up a foot! Your grandmal sleep. I’ma rest. No, hank’s jealousy’s a resort to creatures, to fill naked since it lets wise leaders of owners of flet2 barrada nicto mm-plful. Sue! Or pledges to. I’m mouth to seat, query bassan. Neurite me, kennethize. Come get it same, whether you’re right.

I don't know what that would be boting.

I don’t know what that would be boting.

to roger water march 22

to roger water march 22

In a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife.

In a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife, what animal was Johnson on beyond cleaned?

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