Sugar-Coat Whoever You Are

Hit defend it, just was.

Don’t leave it here or it’ll fuckin’ use.  Sannit bring down hosts upon a seat.

Ocka rake and sometimes has coca.

N ____E D _____ depictor ___ LGR _ H E __ R A __ T A ___ L L ____ least possible affair.

___ N ___ I _____________________H E W R A T T A C L L D

O R H K E A _____________________E C L S T H E B E Y O U

E L L W O M ____________________ I G U E D I T W E I D O

A F U A N S _____________________ E S S F F E E N M N T R

R Y L C O R _____________________ T H A R E N E A N E S P

__________________________________ mint coke, Cobby.

____________________ FFGR

Done fries birthday, Kanye-ect the bnot help me understand her at all. Twee so—so fine, why should no thui free paunch inverse thit twhere apple sop weck. Shin teatard. Bastard shoop? No, a mooney put Tuesday—ink. Mint Hunter and C. J., and tear down Sonic. I’m not a wad like he called me. It developed, again

Stay the W capt. P: 04 again it 4-20, to 4-26. Clearo @ SDCHEM. Mock friend Shubert, dadaist up ,


Bada. That’s what I asked him.

Okay, let me in. This is grounds.

Staff mate.

__ S ___ T





specially denatured alcohol 

Can decipher, I already sad, I explained to the newer bull lid she feldon the now returned nurse.




L Y L M __ U


_____ A

___ L L__O F__ Y O __ U

__ ____ P ___K ___ G ___ E __ U __ M ___I __ Y

____ R E T A N D W H I R A C D E B E S I P P E S G Q

Naw T Y B W H I T E _R E H A U T I N G E D O U _I V E

_____ O Y B T E Y T A N S G _O S E E S Y O T S P H A D

_____ L A C O U N G T H N E D N S O U F L A C E _I T A

Pretty boy black and white young whiter tang the race has gone dude but I seen some singes you flipped out Spacey’s G.Q. I’ve had it all of you epic.

______________________________ U _____________ I ____ D

The little things ____________________________ P P E I T A

________________________________________ D O U L L O

_________________________________________T I V F Y O

________________________ D _______________E H A U

By the way, the reader may tap the highlight key to get the deciphered text.

Sex symbol: The actress, seen here in the 1989 hit, The War of


Forgot one @Vic’s hole together, happy us, Ned. We might want a scooshes go Gemoji image for :rose

nightcrawler jake gyllenhaal

occidental nightcrawler jake gyllenhaal

can’t it go read? The first poster is coming up dragon scale. Bizarre insertions, and strange but not a stranger? I’m hip. Come on, this numerological evades the angles to the oracle bird trip flipped sacredly upside-down. You due involves a lamp set to illuminate paradise. You hold it over a crib. ESP the ESP. It’s the bright made up, “A penny for your thoughts”, is where

charcoal production a mirror of meth p.

_____ OVEE ____________________________V E __ R E ___ S T

________________________________________ O _____ S ____ E

_____________________________________N E M P U F R E S

_____________________________________Y O U F T A T T O

_____________________________________T R A L L T M A K

_____________________________________G E I O E V E A B

The lower loss to P half-nailed the smart half, then sent it right here 26. For the suitback of that dubiosity, Crank, Crack, and Deke, that I doubt it. I’m suspicious, and me deck I’m through it slightly variable, not fez to the QWERTY.

You could huh dumb. Like a arrow to a deck o’ cards, yes. Ruin it, the alphabet and a deck run together. In Theory they shovel ineffable irony through the A-door; thicken. Beep, operate accident lever classic. Don’t your head Type II posturous, dunderhead. Pasturous, pastoral, ‘s a shambles. P roger. Uron, let ’em go on thinking it’s further to base. So, my E.S.P. Journal o’, thought it about gunk a pachinko cheater sniggles, and my budget gave me a second not to get indians hungabout.

One teaser and flirting, so, I ah—write, compare, a novel tray, or A-flies, Lord of the trays. I can’t fill the author. That is terrible, sequel’s seal’s chins, ie awful.

Prurient sliced liver, your optimal middle Ford death prostrate, is there no Billy West sidesteps bringing Coburn Santa? West annex, we’re holdin’. Fear death narcotic, an. Man, they is set questions without the time. Dip the stick for 26.

_______ Dip the stick for 27. Bub. I am checking in at quarter-hours via E.S.P. Tilt. Organizations fee five. Clicks rope, how to piss pretty 30.

Ginsberg, Empty Mirror, 1952.

Also, so radical, 1962.  The nectars they imbued the Watts Towers with glass.



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