Your Curses Make Your Late Merry Lit


Resurrecting Newburgh, the once-grand American city that had its heart torn out

Michael Deibert, author

talking about it, being poor people.  Thought about it.  Okay.  The mullet adds why it had to be poor, or so used to it, head being off, that it’s perfect.  If I’m running around, I hope that helps.  In favor of, here not going to help, ‘throat-slitting helps’, banner.  Do we go with that one?  I’ll banish (spicsick) the other one.  Muster freighting mice count. Carbinol.  Small enough to machinery.  Satute the oriver heolever is that drugs or chemicals always do what they are going to do.  It is not the case as alleged, for people.  We are falling numbers.  No bed room.  Ah, the cardinal is that yes, I mail it, is cardin’ the center part, but the rudeness is a myth?  There’s no carrying frustrated news.  If you are in Bolivia call me, company stuck on the phone.  Thirty cents.  Pleasantville.  Got here ninety fast.

You can’t stand this guy.  Don’t spicill.

chelsea manning Chelsea Manning. What did she write? I don’t think–Okay.  Tomorrow, okay club?


“Drugstore Cowboy”, a brain-dead opera.

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I’ll try to do better.

Noble as City Slickers Clay Stone.  Such a man I went ahead and chalked it out, black man. Hector Xavier Monsegur is yet free in New York, yeah. Riding on it is Jeremy Hammond. You can’t miss the signs; they include bone structures. He looks like Tim Robbins. Okay, Tom Hanks’ quid pro quo unless it’s more of a sucky job. In ludicrous critical, we may suppose, just rappin’, Jeremy Clarkson laid down for Noble Willingham. I’m pooting to remember haven’t put the reason it’s all Brooklyn, because, it’s all about humiliating people already in a spotlight, and cut ours to ribbons. The little bomb is in a special photograph that goes off when you scroll.  The very end. Jeremyhammond sabu-hector-monsegur-dan-stuckey umar he went off caromed off baggin CA66IeLWQAAkUrN CA66E5pWkAE0I0x contrast-order-and-chaos Flight-2012-vs-Castaway-2000 Stars Transform themselves for roles tim-robbins-young-pictures Summer-2012-Castaway-beard-version___THROWBACK-GV-GVlifestyle-GVrules-robinsoncrusoe-castaway-tomhan

Wearing my Baba Yaga outfit because I have to brave the city today. For Asher Wolf

Wearing my Baba Yaga outfit because I have to brave the city today.
For Asher Wolf

untitled Castle_Romeo_001 flight-denzel-washington clarkson-main proxy

2 Responses to “Your Curses Make Your Late Merry Lit”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    russell crowe gallipoli, and I naturally encoursge facing having said ‘niggers’ and ‘wogs’, in my opinion, blunt, and I embrace you.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    Thing of DEA dingleberries say it up they’re off hot cherrying sex parties, fetes literal chaos.

    This yoke around global progress is evidenced by our political systems running on autopilot, perpetuating themselves. We see it in the creation of bureaucracies such as the DEA, and the wheeling out of politician’s speeches to justify their failures through condescending and foolishly optimistic rhetoric. They continue to insist that the chaos isn’t due to mistaken policies or the impossibility of solving certain issues, but because of a lack of resources. Onomotoquay.

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