Here it’s my task to write a tale? Who are you? You were joining hers by the adjoining “might have been”, spot? I mean to be consistent, and chaotic random middle account to the blog’s whole title, apt to the link between my own fault and what happened to me. That miracle gives way to the pressure.

It is up again to mother stew, or any name in games where we are the toy, which obviously gets smashed. I’m not bitter-bitter, I’m entertained that sort, what I had to do, abrupt , made me go to smiling, and cautious? Why, it would not have stayed yellow, giggled some traffic light. This metaphor has wounded their jokes. We’re all subject to the same ire. So, you wake up, you find out, and slowly, Fifi found, the curtain falls. Behind it you’ve that knowledge there is a fifi bag.

What are you doing with a fifi bag (is a butch tank)?

We are the diversion in the river. Now let us dispose of the fleas! I had heard, “Let off…”, and you may ask a person to remove or dispose (kill) a person. A person’s teeth form a record. The docket was, last night you are certainly posting my baby pictures. I’m not a retard. If so they would hop off.

A parking ticket and here is what I got. Upton Sinclair already writing, does me a favors and already world maximum. I sense it does not remove heat-melds I have with Brother. He perhaps would be born first by the sea, and left later to little Stanislos. Allah, fill me with lard.

Remove or dispose, the guessers to all gossip, fire Amen to a minute ago. Ah, Upton had helped. Put that on the air. But now something in the way of this, which is a tall one, is about the transformative powers of punishment. Now is the time to heel as animal slaves, rather than robotic slaves while we work. It’s tall to save the tale of Christ, who is one simultaneously: A DNA specimen and the chemical fractions all the way down to a statement through lead, silly old plumbum. It said something about oxygen. Oh, milliliter in making it.

There exists a branch through Anaheim. My past includes getting busted for manufacturing methamphetamine, though carrying on correspondences, though never driving, no doubt. Once you are on probation, Lucy calls her drunks to assortedly manufacture alcohols. I was not driving a car, period, for over a year. Did your Walt guy in BREAKING BAD do this? I was already a chemical Timothy by then. Using a rope to get a guy down there while actually having BRIAN KAZARIAN give direct, informant-killing data from the ORANGE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY, office of this, to the HELLS ANGELS president in the area, who was only popped doing his job. He was to have taken a loss in Vegas. They’d accept #100,000s in cash with a quickness.

So, smokers are together in a large group from which police informants are drawn. There are two dead chiefs in this department since then, 1996. What’s big about it is the psychological effect of the Disney corporation’s elucidations for clinical FBI insanity. Well, they have little things, things in me, moral things. Come out, come out, I am wherever they are. Let’s make a kill. The little thing, you cross your heart, you die.

Our internet saga of rope hanged us all on spite of one Sabu. Sabu’s protected, well, like Mr. Kazarian, then, or, by me, of my brother. We do not allow pitiful subsumptions to lesser ideas. We are foaling greater ideas than our enemies, and do boost them up. It pained Mr. Sinclair to no items of 1906:

  1. “…spite of him; and he all but lost his place even so, for the foreman booted him twice to waken him.” No. This is chumpish. Lucky in 1906 pushed, “seconds (77), and the other of whom knew how to take a full lard can off a certain spot every few seconds and set it on a tray.”

Didn’t your mother, cart before the horse, gather round, lack a spot. The blue they are in, granted ether. Punny whom it will knock catch freezer. They’d beg Luciano. He’d have this off-the shoulder cape, eating a sorbet. All I have is his picture, a thread under it. Let rain fall on it.

Back into legal #1 tale. The appropriation of our dust is on the medicalization of marijuana. It only gets you highs. If the effect is to poop out, it may be the construction of authoritized, red, parking zones. I know a government identification I can get to ride the buses. You just don’t go back to driving, Emily. You are hallucinating. Remember, you can’t cook if you can’t drive. Anaheim is corrupt.

On the same day a nice man shot 7 bitches in a nail salon, I had just defaulted the day before to losing my free speech elegance in spite of Berkeley training, to complain of one Lane Scheer, who found a spot to dump me. “I need an attorney.” “I’m an attorney”, I use crack. “I need a lawyer.” Surface, mottling. I get it again. That is, “SB”, is a little beachside town, literally, “Dinah Shoza Belmont”, how to heal. Now that skies are further by the number of seconds, break it these are a large number of seconds (knock wood). We are irreligious.

I was with the rampant wood Rassmussen. The tattooing ink and the use of unwise terminology at the sabu suit dictate, one, wood, two, getting afield of Anaheim, but did we not ascribe a unit of humanity to they who detect and monitor right and visit suspect and sit down on the corner, because the police argue their gun case. The police argument back is far, far below kudos to high-end criminals of their official malfeasance. They created us in a room easy to skate, with known hoglike parameters to keep us that they stunned us, keep us at bay. The marijuana appears to be itself black-and-white.

If you are afraid of losing your mind, are zitty and have little girls, too, we will smoke it. We will smoke it? I thought it was about them, exzema. We lost. We can partially ingest women for disposal. Wednesday and Trajeday are close companions to walkable cities. Just like you.

Service on the tennis yards of scheduling within other people’s might of fee. Fee’s at home. When a child rescues you, it must be the labor laws, and then the housing laws, and then the take-back on the 1787 Constitution. My address in Anaheim was 1787 West Ball Road.

There is intent by creatures to enforce a saddle point of living on top of everything you are trying to do. At 62, you really score high. All history is about to be ended by Baron (Mistake). Yet, see there I wrote this: Bite me. I put it after. Say goodbye to this world’s way how whom you count, is who’s what? Geography: Raise whose your hand. Who’s? And, what? Tiger, if it were up to me, you are Daniel Craig exposed.

There is only one being in Russians. Poodle step around poor previous administrations or non-US departments. My physics badge has came off. Who’s what policy out the door there’s no stone. Lose steps, normally, just here they’re one. It’s come to me to walking backwards around stumps, capital inclusive.

It took to me in death, first the historic, then the current. Then, all the similarities gave us little to doubt about the magnitude of geopolitik. -kle. My employer gossips instead of streaming video. There is little peasant in modern life to be serflike more than Alex Beck.

You’re dressed if you see them all the time. Not only did I only have a black-and-white going, I only took a black-and-white. And for that, you, Lorettta, mind yours. Because, a bus, how you rake it, how you lube the springs, how you bake it, determines the frightful large fluffy gobs of lube required. They might loose airchange to …am. I front out the woahses. It is what it is, when cattle get stuck, by power of its denominating its great leveller, death of money and its cocommittant labelling structure of cunt who’s mighty. No sense of pride in animal stuck dodgers, no swerving as slip-and-fall outweighs gravity by eons of tons, will serve to resue and resemite whole order after smitten. More than Allen, more than after Allen drone.

Kneel all round your wheels. So, you were leaving and didn’t even say goodbye to four there post. In England dread hallucinating a Roger face. In fact, since neither vision nor hearing is paramount, mental illness is a lack of staying power. That’s weak. Buddy, did ya fall into a chair behind you?

Perhaps lucid coherency is why nobody used those words. Right now, where do you want a light to pass through?

And be dark in the President When he wakes up?

They, him, are strained to produce these four corners of Earth’s, and civilization’s, to carry out nefarious deeds. And then, where it would be, not so veiled as anyone who went from weeding to #35 dollas an hour cast out. Bursar key, if I had that in my bones, how little of a decision? There to correspond with your education and resources while over principles she did slave at the neck. Many thus survived to hit this race I am on, of apparent construction via material, and tapped-out on construction of food, while adhering to the devil in your own language. I do not even think the American writers are American. Tragically, they were part of a conquest lovingly paring away the taproots with respect to the turtle-dove in the best branches.

If you want it, the power of ESP is in offsetting the paranoia, all your eggs in one nuclear aid basket, and choice never in misunderstanding is ever boundary restorative, or, “there”, no problem. The problems of ESP are there in the desire to evade mockings gel. The powers of ESP are the jerking chain, hearing cut powder one way, and hypnotist the other why, eg why serve, Y serve, Ada, Ad, A, You Ead.

Yeah, became like throwing a man who is a man of the balalaika dear in a castle keep within his ticket. He’s the last doorbell you vibrate to be your friend. Walk up and waif him over a bread, a cup of coffee, a hood, a mafia chump-change, etc. Beagle. Keep his sure forge. O heavy parakeet!

Cure school is to mining dicey, with 12 and third is where to go for gas, Chevron, Disney, the FBI.

So, I have been counting up automata, step. The end with the solution in brown diamond acts on the step, deserves ground. D-Y is of an acronym designating holes the universe is telling me to do monsters problem child, nigger smart of a question a butterfly finds mystical, having 30 degrees of play.

We, being pawns acted upon by the government, wish it came up more often that 10 million traitors came underground, listings.

Alaskan skipjack boom. Tires would’ve sold without rims. Hammer.

Dangerous muscles with fragile quicks.

We are sergeants of it in nonacting, attenuated, paired ways the hell down. Even if it doesn’t work, he doesn’t meddle. They have hopes exclusive to a change in things the way those things were handled.

Putin, thy put A RAID ON HEADQUARTERS, and then mouthed.


fighting imposters

war crimes committed since November pals, this is San Diego.  Where should popl har th gov wants thm to vot.  R does not want thm to, but fear isn’t murder.  “Fears”, what you showed.  Fight when you get a chance.  Took heat or those feisties warm up.  So, I was ashes to my name before.  C4 stop it, EYE is in the middle.  Crippled is also responsible for the blackness involved in pure porous walls.

@Biauswa is a mutual friend with Barrett Brown. It all says he is out of the way. Work out. Textbook Oz it’s snag John Tiessen’s tits.

1955 starring jeanine so but television.

1955 starring jeanine so but television.



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