Land fair at gouda come-in prices. Look-where-you-sign insurance. Luck Dreedle.

Stephen J. Cannell

Stephen J. Cannell

Honest injun we’re gonna make a pilot, and hookers stare.

Famed photographer swallowed his packages.

Famed photographer swallowed his packages.

Euro. Do I have a bugged Continental?

Stephen at college at the University of Oregon with guys that do zero.

Stephen at college at the University of Oregon with guys that do zero.

download download (1) download (2) download (3)

p1020602 Stephen J. Cannell, who died Thursday of complications from melanoma at age 69, … Lanky and tan, with an ever-present goatee, he often favored tight …

We write, suckers. Whole line on my bird. Wait’ll I get up. Bare arms. Melana– Going to a concert in Orange County, Julies place. Jesse Dugard had no foals in The Pond of Anaheim, so help yourself to input. maxresdefault download (4) Sep 9, 2009 – It is a column by the OC Register’s Mark Whicker, and it begins thusly: … the single worst piece of sports journalism ever committed to the page:. Shift the foalcut. Down feared. 18j5iv82qpl4kjpg Just one peff in hand iff’n yews. Wrong wallet, just a soft ewe’s.  You ready? Well, how you doin’ fuckin’ mine, the one born 1988, disappeared down the road in Pasadena, 1989?  Deal’s 20 years.  No further Rhett Butler’ll learn mother to sew.  You could not catch

kaczynski2.  When the university forecasted... absolutely.  Has the switchboard changed on the Barney 1?

kaczynski2. When the university forecasted… absolutely. Has the switchboard changed on the Barney 1?

They had to soil themselves.  I got free scootey when the furnace had to be cleaned out.  Raziculous.

They had to soil themselves. I got free scootey when the furnace had to be cleaned out. Raziculous.

Are you jealous? They did the poll yesterday. OC Register’s owner’s. They stepped
That’s in the past. Lunch like they deserve. Walk right in ’cause you’re right on time. la-bio-rene-lynch

Rene Lynch aligns with Mark Whicker. I had written to many people in society had written to many people in society deducted from society. My use cut into my rights. I has a story in the LA TIMES where she works. My name in it meant maybe she wrote it? Maybe she won’t?, as your name could be in mine. I hope all newspapers die. She used to be brandishing a pistol. Some operatives from her enclave on Sunflower approached me to quit harassing her, I guess. They did not specify that rights to speech were under attack. They send the cops to my place and accuse me of making meth, all false, false FALSE !!!

The gospel of the niggers’ hot sauce for running around. The lightest juice.

___ M ___ N
Y E Y E I S ____common rising ___ Y E Y E L A___Want a bowl of cereal?
E D R L A R _______ very astute __ E V R R R Y __guy’s 8 guy
O P P R Y _____________________ O P P I S G
E R O ____________ in the feed ___ E R O A Y ___ would hurt Mercury 2’s death.

Gestalt, cackulus, zero sum… NICK! 3:45. And you were buzzed in.

E D Y L A S ____ year’s?
___ O ___________ He went up and lent it.

To Aus. Where bully done. Decision and one point of departure goes to “THE BEAVER” , one to the can. One to the struedel. Ah, kinetic tonight, not fascitis, now before I’m bent, difrent-cos, old. One king’s bitten in his mouth. Bert, it wasn’t his hand, boldly go.

Teal deer, so. Do they have an orshun. Yeah, they came off Jodie is talking about the bangin’ six best words, and you commit to provin’. You start sayin’ “Yeah”, you vault it all to a |Y| in despair. Funnel now goes.

They’ve got
(2) ½ off, t.g.______SSlim havin’
[1] poli. Prisoners for one. They give.
DELTA potential. Let ’em out. Green
could live.

Your paranoia is real. Maybe not. See how it’s done?

You’re paranoid once. Maybe not. Whose fell down?

God it itches.

Mysterious luck We got heroin support por the corrupt. We got paddle. Let it go one little score ‘n have it done. No need standing there in a suit. Embarrassin’. Do you mind a parade? It’s going to get.

Saffonese, peril. Hub, what are you doing in the afternoon? In the sticks.
Send in the big. Put a poultice. We put it in. Next to her. We (whole) put a poul-
tice on it. The asterisk.
____||||||||| ____ I. * ____
____||||||||| ____ _ * ___
Forever that.
Forever teh lucky cockroach in the test-tube ladder forest forget all out-caves, forget all our cares and
return to our life, our mustasche, verrything’s waitin’ home.
Sorry. Hope it gets the same nurse.
Pi cow wit. Octoculacanoe ya

_____I T_ L I _H N E H__ O __ O M T E___V
S T___U C K I N T C A N U R C U R N E R R
_____Y C O H E T F O R A R E T O O Y T H
_____C K R E S T G E T S A N U R L I N G
_____O A C T U B A L L D R E I F E S W A
It’s dry(mers). Ya shoulda sent us the money (unky), and I never saw to your head (dunkin’). Sorry, father. Let us gulp.
______________________________________ T A ____ I L ___ I N
Verran it. ____ I ___ C ________________________ W ____ B ____ H
F I C O P S ________________________________A S H R U S A N D
A N S F A T _______eating a baloney sandwich ___ Y O U H Y O T U C
E A L E O F _______________________________ R H A U R T K Y O
5 0 0 F A M _______________________________ N D S E E T U R S
I got with the Poles in Haiti after the first one she Blighs. Agent, I admise you. What? Slightly gnaws Pope in Saturn’s dream, Eve5 go back down.
Lodged in destiny, front. Take your drink out.
How could you do us at that time to better me?

All those other things are making me hurry, by the death I’ll have a fortune in hair. Nobody is sook to everything come beany every day is forsaken past the line when you’re nous when you’re curette. Joseph A Camp has a rep unto bing disappeared, and he knows computers! Give me the opposite durette, Mark Whicker’s:

mc mc2

jackie_joyner well known cable goon ironically Florence Griffith Joyner.

jackie_joyner well known cable goon ironically Florence Griffith Joyner.

She comes in at rest.  My favorite Mission Viejo jump off point grand-dad.

She comes in at rest. My favorite Mission Viejo jump off point grand-dad.

The way you got on that coat. I like bacon on my bed. Heart, soul, out like a dog. 24 hours, a rain coat for a doll. We passed a chicken shack 365 fays a year in our car. Oh, the Lord. Shuck’em, fire. Foll on Glenn Greenwald to a turn. Too late, his current rocket fit. You wish.

The pithy version of the vital role played by anthrax was supplied by Atrios here and here; in essence, it was anthrax that convinced large numbers of Americans that Terrorism was something that could show up without warning at their doorstep — though something as innocuous as their mailbox — in the form of James-Bond-like attacks featuring invisible, lethal powder.

We might be wet.

 | 10-28-2003 | Charles Piller Posted on 10/28/2003 A Trying Time for Science Bioterrorism-related charges are sending a noted researcher into court for his handling of plague vials. In U.S. labs, the case elicits an outcry. By Charles Piller, Times Staff Writer LUBBOCK, Texas — Dr. Thomas Butler entered the courthouse in chains. Clad in a blue prison jumpsuit, the 62-year-old physician shuffled into the building led by armed federal agents, his hands and legs bound. The image of the white-haired doctor in court has shaken American science to its roots. [snip] The seriousness of the threat many scientists feel is implicit in the National Academies letter supporting Butler — just the second time the group has intervened in a criminal proceeding involving a U.S. scientist. The first was for Wen Ho Lee — a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory whom the FBI accused of mishandling nuclear-weapons secrets but was later exonerated. (Excerpt) Read more at

Who want his goat?  I’m 62.  It is not us who are suddenly smitten by our elders to judge youse.  We’re thick and though studied, there’s chill nights I’d come to God without Glenn.  What we are told is cuttin’ us, entitled, A TRYING TIME FOR SCIENCE.  We’re cuttin’ into a bruised lily.  It’s not a saf time, it was the words and doctor silence of the time.  If they arrest you for misplacing a merry vial lot, at worst met or heaving my doctor’s abut for the way I should part my hair in this zoo.  I guarantee I qualify.  As you resume your charlie, your bourbon.  Three sank uncomfortably into their chairs for lounging. But, that was not where he had called me the fattest free goldbrick that it is your mightest premier on the frontier of wanty the.  Am I to understand?  I’m the might as be.  That’s 100% crazy.  You warder you m i g h t as well kiss me, right be.

you shwadder cupcake

you shwadder cupcake

15shor600 Oh, yeah.



Mickey Mantle Bronx banter

Mickey Mantle Bronx banter

Over that ramp. Establishing the champ. Oh yeah, split, the croakie, where’s that goin’? Tramward. I got nothin’ to lose. You know I can’t even–I got nothin’. Too murky to, well, Lovette-Ford, well, bum, face. Bum. Well before you’re black.



Robbery Unit – April 1981.  Photo taken along the Pacific Hwy side of 801 W. Market Street.  Front row: Detective Sergeant Bill  Dovey,Detective Lieutenant Ron  Seden, Detective Sergeant Gary  Learn.  Middle row:  Detectives Gary Schneider,Jamie  Bordine, Keith Copher, Ken Creese, Benny Byrd aka “The Del Rio Kid”, Kirby Wood aka “The Kearny Comet”.  Back row: Detectives John  Buono, Paul Olson, Detective Sergeant Dan Luth, Detectives Don Wright, Larry Lindstrom, Grant Raybould, and Gary Reichle.

Go wan.

And trouble this time. A chest save. And bullet.

Moron, SDPD WAMBAUGH Finnegan’s Week.  And be safe.  Need a vehicle?  The trouble “bounds” I am loading are the most responsibility coming with flash on a the holdover.  Evolution (dying)’s been holdin’ on over a year.  There is no more grit being home a Charlie watt any days, any bargain.  Oh, yeah.  I’ma understand this harlogram of Fred Hampton grassin’ and getting silenced by my photostamp, is how I know Chicago PD 1968 for truth.

The ACLU of Southern California issued a statement Friday saying that it was “deeply troubled” by the images.

“While we applaud Sheriff John McMahon’s prompt decision to investigate the disturbing actions of his deputies, we believe more is needed,” the organization said. “Too often the department has failed to address questions, including those raised by the ACLU SoCal, about use of force and Taser policies.”

Okay, so this borer rim task force … wer actually in sex, weh you us a frin 4 gratify.

We were in San Diego last week interviewing a few more people for the documentary.
Colleen O’Halloran (producer) took the reigns this time and did the questioning. It was fascinating to hear the exploits and what these men went through to help others.
We also re-interviewed Manny Lopez. He was the leader of The Border Crime Task Force. Thank you Manny for your time and we also thank Tony Puente and Richard Medina.
– Robert and Colleene
Appaling. Th situation is APPEALING to th brokn mar
Waumbaugh ha it ma.  Th nicr people o tha walk.  TONY PUENTE  wasn’t th fas gunslinger.
Tony.  Hunt 'm own own hit alma aross th bus.  They're Madoff tough.

Tony. Hunt ‘m own own hit alma aross th bus. They’re Madoff tough.

Know what to gt out of there, I don’t want it this soon. If I catch you shaving down there, close, on juice…th othr en I want to feel ya. I ent look at ya. Ya hardly answer me when I ance with you. Stumblin’. Party. Took off.

Cotton you can squeeze her, all her things bnt ovr in th ass ugly queer.

I may not be able to repair all those letters.  I had a preview post that was perfect.  You guys goin’ to slep, ‘auis I’m going to whack off.  an I watch you guys.

It’s so strange when you’re down and lying on the floor
How you rise, shake your head, get up and ask for more
Clear-headed and open-eyed
With nothing left to try
Standing calmly at the crossroads, no desire to run
There’s no hurry any more when all is said and done.

ABBA.  Here it comes, guys.

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