Power Negative Is, That Is the Matter

Guessing going on, Mark.  So, I’m just Uric, and Uric’s antennae go why did you say that?  Costume play?



Brer Foxdownload

Ebenezer, and Chopin. Bering Strait (might go 34 ((presently) back-and-forth) firing through the marine door), some respect. A penny is the attachment point of the teeth. The cancer is holding to the …link!



Are you over eighteen? We do not care to have you JCVD on the keyboard, so, if you will turn arounfor me, assault will remove a lake to the jail, yes? Open-door, save ’em, fall key, tickey. Roll them on, the corners are hard to impress, but, it’s important.

Voom ___\rightarrow \!\,

‘Noid___\leftrightarrow \!\,

One Response to “Power Negative Is, That Is the Matter”

  1. lex2674 Says:

    Good stuff. Would love to bounce some things off your hunter s. Thompson like brain of yours About meth use and the etc…

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