L & A’s Okayed

Coffee at San Regis. CLASS SCHEDULE. If it is plain, ‘what in the world’ 2.20.2015, or, breeze in, ‘a man-name Gogh.’ I’d like to begin. Can you hear it? Don’t ebesebbe. Easin’. Don’t call for hunts.  Diamond dust.

Harmonic interrupts, so discordant.  It’s a toss-up to flavor.  I’d be happy to work for piece of dirt.

  • ketchups_________________________________________________article
    • too, too heavy
    • weevils
      • must like chocolate
      • the arctic
        • mouse of Chicago’s
        • ice pack
          • Were they not cherry
          • shirts off
            • that baby

2/21/15. Spotty new 43rd Street propaganda pool. “I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife,” lyrics, the lawsuit moot. Head coaches basketball, the other Copley team, then, Ben. Coach expects Evan. Gone in a few minutes. Mark’s. I run all my anti-trafficking logs, where, they run through ((headlines on) defenses) B.B.’s site. Evidently, you can find: a) I can thank Hello, Kitty for my 56 ((your) very) cartels need help, in your zone.

L F ___C R ___U______S T ___E R

___ N_____ B ___ N ______ O __I

I C H E I N O T I C__ K E R____ I N

O L A G O O N D A ___ T T E __ O F F

S C O __ D H A __ N G E G O T T H E _

U L D _ N D S _ R C R _ A S P _ S H E did a present–renovated.

Some aggro–”Obscured by Clouds;” play it.

Thank-you, babysit, give Jeff ten, he’ll hit me back with 5s. When, feed you better. Malodorous cast upon cops. _

________ A ____C___W___T______P _

G G____ R _ U R E H EN T ER _ ON _Y frozen dead

_E S _____S_D B YF O EM A K O S S ____Amazing home. 

I O _____N C L OD Y O EC A A R_____I’m a perfectionist. 

O B _____S_ U D S _UBESTU___A_N_______T.V. and microphone. 

discovered. I quit arsons. I’d quit being an harrasonist.  I see the T. V. is brushin’ the useful seat. I eschew arson. Cromote to the light. swd __________________________ are __________________ My legal rights context and the _____ violation of _______________________cutoff ___ ing ______ [Do you know what being that is? Liliana Segura. Trying Lilialalana for a Rock Hudson violation.] of better law (scripted, imaginary) to probe, keep all the bobbin’, I …alerted Maricopa, AZ… wanta? Probate, lis pendens A Bavarian law violating the contract of my legal homes, that there is nose (bruise). Spring past equilibrium barb as I want. KJB in control. Last ‘complete’: Knockers up. I knew it complete. Quote “Any body ‘in control’ of him is to stop. (To go) by the law, not stop. Recommend a good place to (pile a house atop), because authority is the authorities’ decisions.” I’m lovely. Yellowulp. Dura mater.

Young’s tap, glass ball joints and O-rings.
Hmm. @Chemistry World.

Unique up there.

20304_1575feature backs
feature backs home

Adapt-A-Port® Kit, TEFLON® ..

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