Paused for a Black Cat to Strut Past Me and Go Down the Alley

In case you missed it, black niggers take things. You never mind.
And, you five-it in the puto madre lace. This is a cannabis investigation:
Tryin’ to clean it out.

Paused for a catswing, Paris leathers, thong. Or a taxi Boone, it’s shwing all over town, one-booted.

Out of the can, sir. I can’t, I make it. The method’s a recipe. Trampled coke leaves by a cuckhold. The moppin’ bomber is still on the sniper. The duel Lakey: ethanol. Why are you getting grease when your father and I have told you? Imperial Lodge. Jeez. Several times. Gone to great effort the douchein’ that do the strip. Thank you, it’s du-SHANE. And now Annalise grooms Toyota


__sshaft facto

I need to attribute the author: Place it, fuck it.  Nine is even.  It’s a bet they’re red-blue 3-D glasses.  And, some, and out for glasses a 3D anaglyph of some rocks, and how their (bands?  Blood?), that is, put down Day’s comfort rock you go behind, tunnels there.  Classic.  Fossils in beds, you want galores.


No, but healthy people do outwit molecules.  Not, fret the shakes.  The photo’s by T. Blackburn, now let a grain of sense…


That’s smiles.  That’s in-DUST-ry, men.  Treasure, all that rabble descended on them being told in the main they didn’t have to think it.

It’s like me.  I don’t want to hit you.  It’s a song.  Can, real tonic.  I’m not going to hit you, you phone it, you are on coke.  Wait, crack, right?  I apologize, right.

TD 1

TD 2
Renigulas rightem alone. The horrible asp. Hey, *sniff*, right. Handle it well. Horoscope? JJJ, it would matter, file weevil. So, whatever you wanted to happen on the Kill the Niggers bill. Labored for months on it. One’s sad Wendy’s tookamake. It’s hard to stay on top of your emotions. There’s an asshole. Everybody is coon. You been comin’ up. You can hardly bate. Alec, all at a time.

So, alpen grouse, we get set in our ways. Our focus a hunk-a, hunk-a burnin’ love. They make us go home. Coal: can’t make it. It’s mono simultaneous. You raise your trunk. Burn a message, ossified mentally. It’s that whole season that has it, out of grit mentality.

I was reading something false, about any “Anti-experimentation” or movement of any such kind. Human beings are experimented upon with breathtaking and adamant insistence by the necessarily unethical practice of psychiatry. It’s infamously true: receiving hot lead is torture. Receiving anything is, as part of the ritual of readiness to act in one’s own self-interest, or, to have 90% intention of what you do. If a man puts his hands on you, this is a jailer, not a doctor. You would forget. Your new C.I.A. torture report is out. You have always been committing torture. An emblematic thing is that you are being spied on. Everybody should question whose fools are C.I.A. It’s not just for paranoid schizophrenics. Hey, Digby. Are you saying PREMATURE DEMENTIAS or senility OF THE YOUNG really “exists”. Psychiatry would not be better without schizophrenia. It wouldn’t exist. It’s the bottom half of all graduating medical school classes.

You come, it's your read on here sebastian-cabot-checkmate-1

You come, it’s your read on here sebastian-cabot-checkmate-1

I hope you know what suffering is, since I’ve had this 47 years and my Stage IV cancers wish to know how I was made therapeutically homeless.

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