10,000 Faceless For Facefuls of Black Soot

Playground followers, stick it in the grass to play.

It’s Friday.  I handle job.

L-Dopa is a scam L-Dopa is a scam 2 the end thud L-Dopa is a scam 3 L-Dopa is a scam 4 everything changed L-Dopa is a scam 5 in the back of L-Dopa iriddled with slugs a scam 6 should not carry you L-Dopa iriddled with  7 mens  shot in the back if you have no o L-Dopa those are bars in front of monkey

4 Responses to “10,000 Faceless For Facefuls of Black Soot”

  1. dr eskatari blu Says:

    well sais dr billinghurst! ♡

  2. dr eskatari blu Says:

    do you think they are doing this on purpose still?

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      To my curt fall, it was in my big people banked on blog. Eusteffy pseudo seemed on ocean to be purposely kept out there. Business and regulation are sworn enemies.


      My buddy here was a capture/toe. They let him park it, then let him go. His original lobbyist/censor paid nothin’. They’re requirin’ immediate suspension of the foolin’ beginning the mandatory reporting of all sales instead of getting caught. So, it becomes pills. The story is updated to a blonde hair instead.

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