That’s One Fear

Rick Ross, “Paradise Lost”.  They put so they could go on it, they could see.  I’ma be back, see?  A lotta people on it.

Magic City
Where the palm trees and the bright lights look so pretty
Don’t lose your soul chasing that pot of gold

[Verse 1]
I’m trying to go where I can’t go
Trying to be what I can’t be
I wanna teach you what I can’t show
We gotta reach what we can’t reach
Trying to shine when the sun won’t
I gotta grind as I gun toke
She’s rolling weed as I’m doing me
I kept the G’s, she can count on me
Wonderful times, lay a head for a young nigga
Like the day she told her that I was a drug dealer
That explains how the cars came
And all the big money at the car games
I roll dice with the low-lives
Timb boots and the coke nice
New Porsche, smoke lights
Young nicca, get your dough right

greenland ice sheet stratigraphy

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