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It used to be that every restaurant had a bowl of matches on their front counter. Now, paper matchbook marketing has all but disappeared, ...

It used to be that every restaurant had a bowl of matches on their front counter. Now, paper matchbook marketing has all but disappeared, …

Well, don’t do it, but it says strike here.

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I was made homeless intentionally by the San Diego police on 7/7/13, in an illegal eviction, but I didn’t stay in my room.  They had ended up beating the next-door neighbor, Travis Stanton, so badly he committed suicide, on a previous run to Acacia Grove Way.  I have the brains to stay alive, but I’m shaking.  This video, through Matt Taibbi, shows the animals getting a very different consequence.  These two have been charged with murder.  The murder is so plain, and so common.  I sued Ruth Vasquez, but her illegally converted house still has tenants who covet being locked out and robbed, I imagine.   I got no 30-days notice.  That’s for pansies.  I wasn’t threatened with arrest.  They (mis)used their other detention powers.  I ask you, was this legitimate?  I have documents.  I’m not crazy.  They tried to leave my 10-year old without a father.  If it was me, these pigs rate life in prison.  They (Albequerque), destroyed one video, but this one transferred in.

29852Searching party for “DEA Watch List” in suspected chemicals.  That is, the discussion boards are

[updated 2/18] Here is an early internet drug revolution story on DailyDot.
2004 era, that of The Hive, Elusis, Bluelight.  What you could do wasn’t very dairy.  Richard C. Hall, a chemical seller, asked the DEA how he was supposed to know what was illegal to sell.  They provided him with the list, and he used that to ingratiate himself with customers.  He was killed on the streets of Columbus in 1981.  Coach don’t like being made a laughingstock.

Dare they draw? The facts are on the right side. This is Albuquerque again, but San Diego did this. It was on the news, a video of a fast execution-style. They (cops) do not get heavy with the ‘drop the gun (you clown)’ but they have phenomenal support among the bankers. I mean, yeah. They commit murder. I accused the chief of police Landsdowne, and he quit the next day. I mean with police, there’s a pattern. They are not military, but paramilitary. They are turning into death squads.

I don’t know too much about the video just that you can see Albuquerque police shoot another unarmed victim. As you can clearly see in the video the cop immediately jumps out of his vehicle with another cop to the right of him and without hesitation shower him with a hail of gunfire I counted over 20x but I might have miscalculated. However make sure you get this out to the public as to bring justice to these murderers.

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  1. John Crank Says:

    im writing a book how to make anything from anything found this blog searching benzoic acid and p2p

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