I Can’t Brook Attacks In Los Angeles

I’m in part. In gel. The internet is compromised, certainly is, Sandusky. What’re we going to do? LYRICS

nope, Well, they’re Enya, but, I’m afraid there are too many calories. The lack of them adds to the corporate whim, to make me doubt my own heart. Pain is significant, to me and Quinn (Norton, “Martin”), and foed amen, wi’ you, Barry (Eisler), bare, ignork win.

And I still keep on going


I wonder if the stars sign

The life that is to be mine

And would they let their light shine

Enough for me to follow

I look up to the heavens

But night has clouded over

No spark of constellation

No Vela no Orion.

That’s ’cause it et shoes o’ those who “expedite”, in the face of corporate terms, like destroying a post.

Ahh! HP’s Carly Fiorina is some ark scurry.

I logged in to associate quimm with the Quim Martin, ie load a YouTube. I’m not going to. Guy, ya a-sat her in the rain, ah, battery. 4 a.m.

6:00 a.m. clues

Framing Dave Burgess

Donald Charles (Dan)

San Diego prosecution of rapper for lyrics – Tiny Doo

LeShea Agnew, wrongly imprisoned for marijuana crimes.

“Cold fusion” it’s not even for. Mega-ignite. It’s not even yours, about whatever, I mean the (in)sult’ll get here. Here would the news. This hit took place on the porch.  I thought about the day you were me, about Michelle.


I assumed already knowing to gloss over my disposition to be violent went smoking herb. Watt a zee; zit look like I know what I want to type, fond? No, put in a basement relieves A wit. We’re not meant (to introduce a new experiment) refuse a fight in the grand design. Hey, look me over – Medusa ring. Spoliotro Getty. Worrying types like (as if I, Howard’s, getting metal) — Muscles, see Frank. Getty get. Nuffin’ alert me to the past. Seems like electric amnesia, ‘tiquos dope.

F ⇒ discovery; implication operation, trying to get in root as identities up closure.

Engraving showing the death of Padre San Vitores, the first missionary to Guam

Engraving showing the death of Padre San Vitores, the first missionary to Guam

Chinee–…no, Incas. Topnot as high as yourselves. Shady release.

Map of Guam in the South Pacific.

Map of Guam in the South Pacific.

I don’t want to get yelled at, when I get home. Drop ’em off as you go.


______* Albuquerque

One Response to “I Can’t Brook Attacks In Los Angeles”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    shot by the police in Albuquerque
    the siren served its purpose
    on the road again
    the people in the church
    the steeple
    and we do.

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