“Oh, Not For a Little Wrong”, Said the Good Jury

Ooh, it ate my post twice. Cigarette!
owed by a Hammurabi, thought you were supposed to hit a ham sandwich. Larger fries, pass it on. Evisulbe seekum devilment execuiche deep ravine, cut, intervit. Where deekum-deet run off to during the run-up? Robert Switt rain gamm 7:11 12/2/14 Fri. AM Nick. Lived in a residence, dead of night, unilaterally–how it was done, Scooty–disposing of some rights. Dammit, different one. I do be have to explain twits. His mind, passion, all fixed el teal coat, his destiny – have a good day. Poverty.
His Chevy, his land, Alaskan, you’ll be gettin’ and fittin’ out five in-and-out, each, where they leather. Tall whore boom gave me a fright, one o’ them, foreign edition? Errata for tolpit. I swear it up to God, if your dope zip NP NPP. Oh. Continuity issues, getting booted off the Wi-Fi issues, a hidden tab somewhere injecting sleighbells into by audio. I don’t think I want a Darrin McGavin Christmas hand.
Ooh, you design to do that second time throughs my favorite song. I want to just show ya what my politics are. Go back to the 1950s. They didn’t cut up our songs into ribbons. Johnny Mathis as all full of rain. Whew! Filling up his mouth. Tonkin.

Darren McGavin was one of cult television's greatest “monster hunters.” He not only hunted monsters, on at least a few occasions he played monsters himself.

Darren McGavin was one of cult television’s greatest “monster hunters.” He not only hunted monsters, on at least a few occasions he played monsters himself.

He is in what part of the play [Kunstler’s] cold-bearing. Hobart in can a form b.
A Star 11/19/2014
Non sequitur after non sequitur, from grammar and punctuation to boy smart it may be for you to write. Here, the main characters from Ed, the government, so, not cumulative Edward Snowden. “Main”, it should be noted, refers to truth, not survival. The story isn’t dead. To mock you, Truth, everone else is druse, a crust of small “nuggets” claim all clear of the past. Yet, can I forget that, it asks? Not without a windowpane of dope can I fail us against us. It is here we think. The main ideas, neat and although bad, unique for strings Ed, Nick, et al in my zeal quota as well.
See, what I look like and you Corel Wordperfect your logic to mate, and the dangers of foolin’ along the edge of a putz, the millimeter of brain damage and the landscape of the place in time, is bat with fog ears. The literature already had places for old English, we’re dessert. The hammer we cold elects to quote ourselves as we just did, as we bale and twine the quoted idea in its native plum, eg we prove it pruned. We are only ordinary men, ie we prove because you can’t, you know what I mean, instead go to another. There are subsets of angry preverbs of livid oracles stopping. Rough, I don’t have dyads. “A crack appears, (if something has to be) a star.” Too late, with ‘let them do it’, just stop the recording of bandstand by the plastic flag. On the converse, the weenies don’t get it right. Hey, cannibal snob, your right by default to stack up the last two generations (if you got that right), and why? Per muse to keep it moving, fold. It’s not that simple, to be a brain, and to desert the bod, thinks hate best. Anti-freedom is a limiter, but two at reverse psychology is qualitative, not mind to have you in.

Physically; I can’t take them out, would refer to items of the environment. “Specifically”, I’d rather referred to things other than what one may do. In one exult. Because, of the words and ideas to take out, they are, “What else could (you) have done?”, “What else could one do?” Then, we changed “do” to “think”, and remove to there, the subject, what it must take to answer the person in the spirit of his words, precise.

Does it make us feel better to put our thoughts down in words, words like “wax”, and “ticket”, and “presents”, and star that. Well, people that are becoming hatcheck whittle trig money some twelve essays per year from a barebones carcass of the bird I’m sighting you. I’ve only been unemployed gamblin’ five years, I mean five years. It’s rooty-poot to put it down. It’s psychic dust. I’m beat, gotta stick to my guns. Do tigers weep as long as it all came out the same? Fifty is dead, firm. The not-so-good can judge the story of the good about how it comes out in the end, the object, the sense, the pap. A good thing is summers for someone else, a Diane meeting Stead down by the seashore, pickin’ up.

A Step. Cannel’s walkin’. I thought up a curb and tried to step down. Jump in when it is coming apart. Tried to when it slowed down, and it kept going flat. See, if Clare, there’s no bread, and the mice is to select a sandwich, the idea subordinated would be a lack of resolve to create indemnity. This idea is aboard the bus. We ideate Stephen to superiority given the banker he is, and the vintage of his paper discarded. About else you could have thought, a streamer?

A declawed cat is aboard six wits from tomorrow, not today. Then livin’ on things I poet [with love searchin’ what it could or might pave], in the self-quoted opportune literate void, as might be left agenda-burning. It costs a lot of product to red oil the surgical suite with esteem. The gift that we will soon booster in the back of a bobtail and ship to Gaza and repair old infected wounds. The stages of failing under a withering assault, the newsmen trek. It’s accompanied by a victory for every failure. Correct to myself the triumph over you, not adversity. “Our best murder”, put in key is that he is a friend. The goal of System E Prime eddied the sentence path to clever gold craft.

Emptied the sugar bowl thinking it was an ashtray? No, it is that your mind is dying. You aren’t listening, you’re not where you are assumed to be, and the precise inner world is regret for the obvious. meth110



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One Response to ““Oh, Not For a Little Wrong”, Said the Good Jury”

  1. dr eskatari blu Says:

    ThiS was very illuminating I been reading all your posts lately good sir, but I must ask what is with the writing style, it took me awhile to clue on and understand it 😉

    KiND regards Dr EsKaTaRi bLu♡

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