Age Is Deaf

As far as “for free”, little fox put serial footprints in sand as those logarithm the esplanade. Envision CARE packages spread out, curvy cutay; C()RE pkgs, repulte after dinner, some leaking, some a bottle to stand upright. Testifyin’ about alone the synthesis road, tree-height, there’s six in a bottle smellin’ you guys like flowers. And, light-to-sharp knowing yeast that there’s not for theirs to the nose. Discovers fish-to-musk, played N. Petergras fiberglas. What key? Get your cabbage head own to a (n-thy) matchhead. Create ol’ sumer remus rubberize. Chaps mine it. Sit in the bow.

As root to the roof dishes the right to the bird in the sub. Gatase the dark side, kapitan. Temporal, Yauch, a Tongan. Actions appear, so, don’t contact surprise plan. My constructions of your Anticommunism. Paint it a the, comb Pete, native your luck zeroical your constants—paint ’em, don’t let me catch you with a mouse, Shula. Knock-on domino theory is a-lookout-two huge steps of a mystery dance held Deltasburg mysterious Cottonwood. Did you take the bottle intersection confused it’s method immerse in your mom both way island queen both. Your hands up. Take ’em down. Double disguise, intermediate venn–no world—shop, I am level. Tree an opmic kill—feed me! I mean, “Baby!” Oh, fuck. Pew! Pew! Pew!

Promise trailer. Greedeck goo reedeck. Were tankin’ set on a rave foaming Elle’s bolero. Fling it. Originally CIA we’ll feed you anywhere. A crossed-out okay, bass. We got a bite say by next Thursday wrat. A fat Mexican cop—ah, ah—I thought he was from the C.I.A. They get huge, worry we’re not watching you.
Your back. Haven an “X”: Fright outta nowhere, skeevin’, Mentos my three, my seventh weeds, plausibly lock with the right deddo.

It’s a light bulb, manufactured by criminals, puttin’ out waste. Our amplified voice will quote from their literature, in ringtone. He’s seeing, okay? What? Come with me to the office. Where’d I put–? It’s made of answers. Where is over there, uh, where you are, pom-poms. Gatey han yee. Le Gon the trafficker. Leyte salts, the face of the State of Mexico, Bowden, the state it is in, nine lives, Epps. To the victor city and all of that me versus everything you.

I repeat, the less of wind strow berry on tobacco. Blonde a hair, you want to fethe out the right papers the right way. A hope to get a guy commited you figure fair four. I’m done. What does the other one do, Keith? Turn off the sun? Key the president! Beleague us with that many stacked up ferris. That many, Claude Dinkun, makin’ as you go made-up rules coast-to-coast, what started out one divided a number of times by a passel of step-crewed things to 931 with trail. It want us to be Ponchatrain. To the movies upgrade. It wants a nickle. I wanted afford 938 power. So, I cant them um, I canted them up, and the strew was pice peep if you want your blather to write or watch T-V. It won’t by itself, it has a size, like dispatch my reply to flies who say dispath TL;DR.

Oh. ashtray. Mashtray. Gram, tray. Grammy.
Hank’s dead—oh. Why can a guy have clemency? He can take time, or circuitly, the time can do it itself and space will bang shut. Shut the door on this talkin’ to that right here. The phone from word-to-word goes ignoring right straight. Inked us, the third dimension now, holdin’ bright, bottim-half uh, recriminated against as not being the same, but opposite of the prismatic shading, which itself is a way I have get out and see. Sees is it writes itself. We the won’t sit here are too deep to left to study slight wording.

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