Poof Physique

Updated twice.

Music video by Hole performing Celebrity Skin. (C) 1998 UMG Recordings, Inc.

1978-04-Party Joke Girl1
Surprisingly, out of all of these pictures, there is only one nipple shot. No one wants to skate naked? What up?
Paddy mere quiff, bucc don’t get on my fuckin’ name, ‘course, it better be rooted, ’cause on your breath stunk. For seater we want a shack. For on a feen cinnamon day y feel ben sown nock bill zines otrocolate. Fallin’ up, shackin’ two people.
shackingUp photo by Toni Gauthier
004413, next 104
Something to poke on, sir.
They haven’t broomsticked da guy till he was naked.
I don’t even hear, poor guy. Pynch rubber.
Serva dark-haired tresses. Does anyone speak your name save there noes
assholes beg. Oh thas wot u get loaded threesomes of—of dick!
A twat is a fissure. Free score. Occured to me. Chief torturer
all I want to be. They were where I want the lucent alledictory parodent.
I lied to her. Kidnapping sleigh—you promised! New Mexico rest a rode bank.
There are these ends I’m down in used to be cannisters. I made two pounds. That’s
six pounds got away. That’s meth; on a HQ on beef jerky, those that use dost wound infect her. She will take it back someday trekking her horror, same ullsday dote byte plus date. (taint)
las livertoes moxceit. Diamonned monson thought it was pure. Dang to lose the hang.
I want you to think coming back to life. Is /_/ Dommwinn in the car whose pilot is generally UTIL
use flash cards. Remiss. To native. Heider / around. Bottle around. Bum around.
They’ll read my boc? I’m once double meant fixed her. They’ll read my bloc? To harders: Connect?
There a window opened up I want to jump. I meet gazelles. I don’t want to know when. Trusty fate
purely God-given, after all, in its way fowl ruling; the flock eastward. Pencils useless three clowns on the sidewalk correct Mr. Lidle. Confidence: smokin’ more cherry pie-to the amber you wait au gratin to hammer in. Almincoln redux on a—on nate two syrupy, gliding, pinnacles in opposition as you spin—for me.
Drive your own program eighty. Rubberment, viz; lost-a-doodle.
Would you like some of my huckleberries yesketto I’d sulfur next determination. Dy/dx medical, differentials not due to arrive, plank 8 of the meow eternal life. Even my influence on internet is based on being your audience. Take this dope on this gleaming jet. I didn’t be got up. I never got a good look, I’ve been dahying since 2010. I get more time. I get in more surgeries.

UPDATED 336 am, 12/25

Here we claim our right to free speech, and discourage that of Greenwald.  Now, Digby begged the question what is schizophrenic behavior.  The police had murdered someone, and she says that person had acted as a mentally ill person acts.  Greenwald gleefully adds “Homeless” to “mentally ill”, and they both use them freely.  Until lately, all homosexuals were insane.  They were given their sanity, despite it being obvious from the way they talk that they’d boot similarly; not that’s disgusting, it’s just how fast, comparing faggotry and this, how the experience of being called one, uh, the facts how every one who accepts such a ruling, is a concentration-camp victum, once removed.  If you say the ANYTHING about me, Rocky, about my family, or anything I don’t like, I shall work to tear down you and your awful injustice, whatever it takes.

And, you don’t know anything ABOUT anything.  It’s about experience.  Yeah, here’s your “happy holidays”, aggrieved. Christ, you better not say “Christmas”, if you are handing me my groceries.  Shut the fuck up, like until you bushwhack me, expect your fucking elders!

What’s one little thing?  It’s a limp wrist.  Now you patent one for crazy.  Another, the lisp.  Another, you’d look awful funny in about two seconds.

1297793772_jack-goes-boating-coverHere is what he said, and the high is diminished.  You want a cocksucker’s?

VIDEO: Homeless man has epileptic seizure & his dog madly chases the ambulance until they stop & let him in

Epileptics used to be lunatics, possessed.

Another thing.  Digby masterfully conflated this  to thass electric current passed through the head, a torture.  Tied doen to a bed.  Induces the amnesia, player.

Don’t do them no favors.

You’ probably bliv that if you were not schizophrenic, Thorazine would not do anything to you, baus it only cures that.

Oh, yeah.  And, using abortions for birth control, that’s cruelty.

And, they call that act LABOR since I may contract with a woman to have a baby.  Aborting that is a crime, and women who do not wish to be used and discarded, should actually work.

In fact, Europe, I want to get your input on what should happen here.  I definitely want Weev destroying blogs.

What issues is use, utils, party.
She probably thinks the mentally ill are stupid, or they’re synonymous.ce. Yes; why?
I mean that about testing your motives after you kill a half-dozen fetuses. Yoko Ono did that. Ono was a lot closer to the royalty than they let on. She went to school with the now Empress.



Uh, I’m down, a little. Do you have coke? War is over. Try it, love it, or th-th-that’s alllll, folks!

Yoko Ono pa


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RT @yokoono The room without gravity is the room you take your heavy heart in.See what happens to you < & get hit in the face by your heart?
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Madalena ‏@fiosdavida ·
@yokoono Yes dear Yoko! In zero gravity a candle's flame is round and blue.. pic.twitter.com/FQyC0lc8pI

Matteo Ponti ‏@30sdc ·
@yokoono my heart is full of incomplete desires, if I was alone I'd probably disappear

Brian Morgan ‏@BrianMorganEsq ·
"@yokoono The room without gravity is the room you take your heavy heart in. See what happens to you." Great. It got sucked into the vent.

Peter McMurrie ‏@Peawhack ·
@yokoono I'm in me mams three bedder… Which one is the room without gravity? Is it the downstairs carsy? Is this an indigestion remedy?

Andy Nelson ‏@Abexandy
@yokoono I am looking high and low for said room, is it your own invention? Nothing is happening.

Leo ‏@LeoKhere ·
@thenicklloyd @yokoono Yea where?! We need much more "We wanna Actually Learn From witches instead of idolizingOrBurningThem" organizations!

Eva Macali ‏@evamacali ·
@yokoono yeah, not only dark rooms; zero gravity rooms as well

Albert Murrian ‏@AlbertBMurrian ·
@yokoono I need a room like that.

ThePinkPrint✨ ‏@overdominaj ·
@yokoono follow me?💕💕

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@yokoono What color is the room?

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@yokoono hi🙏😊 hi🙏 😊 How r u? I fine thank you love u. ✨happy holiday 👌

{girl almighty} ‏@gnome_whisperer ·
@yokoono so like, basically, all your cares and heart-arche fly away? nice.

Roberto Prusso ‏@RobertoPrusso ·
@yokoono Life comes only from life
the cosmic design all beautiful
Is a charmed circle.

kangcheng ‏@km_ang ·
@yokoono hello

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@yokoono merry christmas

Alex Nicolas ‏@AlexNicolas1 ·
@yokoono good film, Gravity.

2 Responses to “Poof Physique”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    There’s an article by hers today, Virally Suppressed ‏@SuppressThis · 13h13 hours ago
    @LilianaSegura What We Talk About When We Talk About Mental Health: The

    only thing keeping psychiatry alive is schizophrenia, is what is said, with a wink, substituting a rosy, rich-only Therapeutic State, without reading this plastic:


  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    The grumpy passenger, who appeared to be traveling alone, barked at the woman, “You shouldn’t say that because not everyone celebrates Christmas.”

    The agent replied, “Well, what should I say then?”

    “Don’t say, ‘Merry Christmas!’ ” the man shouted before brushing past her.


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