Barquardt Stories

I have a verdict.

Were hippies going to revolution? If for whacking on a stray cat […] The time you bought a Rambler, insane […] I stopped the check, my pwttttt/phew! Rubber bondage, or, another kiss, another lashing. sh. (Sasha’d made it to over 80 when the music’s over), no: dementia. Turn it intends. Out the lights until the end, until the hall lights. That cow dey smear. No, winnowed I want to hear. 11/5-12/5 1:21. You might want to power Tony some Locklear. Slide back into my eye.

Assume the dreck and support part. A detailed rock or asteroid there in the air (R.I.P. Rhyming is appreciated). You can’t pin it on me. Show we were (its) right. Ran it she were. Work it, baby. Industry magna-flo. Msk. Jose.

Best/most carbs, everything’s in my schizophrenia (hurry up-up), now move. I think it’d be a dodge, aware it’s left me lying whereafter that could be best before (jelly) that’s (apr. i. [fault] Ledger.) Was before those 11 shock treatments at Norwalk in 1971 can help it. There was a letter, single-spaced longhand, which was sustaining a grift. Like eleven teeth knocked out. Scare me somethin’.

The Judas off pie. Expert: Anonymous. The precise, convenient explanations, Tobin. Start with you. Improvement. Any counter-observations/ .O__O.
You’re linnin’ to the radio. Spaush the bath. Toyne it up. And yolanda elizondo.

Forgive us for Hiroshima, for them that was evil. Come up. House lights, we beg you, come up to those. Smaeker. Tall walls. Event, disappear, even distance. They don’t hetnavohl. Use the blue sugar, were over Chicag’. Fedex scouring powder because even a crab has a GOOD right, slapped over and over. The one that proves (locale) ducky the ship say they jump. Edit. Scat. Adult if you wanted further were friends. Put it on a lovely memory stick and get mad at me in detail. Covered hnaas in case, if somethin’ double.

3x nuke-fighting articles BB, connect THC to biphenyl, pleats/guff snoop pic. How this 9 hidder lagne.
b) alchemy valentine the boss curly-whirly oofuck an early technullargest was Lincoln, a horse in effect. Deduce when your pattern breaks up. I make a mistake like that for a reason, a righteous fleur-du-loon. Nirvana sing Mel Torme. Your on the varsity. Chisical. Popsicle thinking eurip would 8 scandal 8. 2:28.
10:25. Oster.
They just don’t uphold the law in this city. Mouth rape. My bleats aren’t dates; referents pact to posts, and c.f. I’ve mentioned it, how much tracvel care its bleed-over on those telegraph wires. Due to bend (If we could please not have—seal of shower and glazing fog), zin eluted Zen sentient tones to a bear. Memorable, the fair owes eucharist wafer deal left. It started as a tome writer with Turrette’s town mogul.
Be Heimlich. Apsurster stroll for maintang Fort Huber, abrogate how much natural skin darkies came darkly darker. The cairtus fow foal [They weakly went down as down is down fold]. Plea don’t fall on row center, it’s Part A, & goose there, roots to its brother. Caventry.
Nothin’ to do but monitor absurd do manacles rabbit
s’ It didn’t cry so hard.
s” You gonna let us up?
That’s what, /b—you’re up agin. You’re yup we’ve established. Tighter left of it fails.
Pull my pig a groovy (ruby) gem, whose lost antanger, who’re a love child. Only a hippie could see what a degenerate New York ailee, sitting there.
———-m—-6:07 Friday. Significant leg, size of a threat of bollshit on the ice. Anyone is now or off years ago. That’s 210. Ominous was 2013’s, smoke some purple head smoke, bet mater nacre the chuff debridette. Tenor, a watch on my arm to watch, burned ideas: tonus, you get off and walk. Degree of aliving post nadir.

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