Chowed Like

Roberrt Goodman

Interesting, but if people without access to NaOH want a quantitative & practical method, that would be to mix sol’ns of Ca(OH)2 & Na2CO3.

That’s something the three of us would need to sit down and discuss, proselytizing half the capitalist resource to do something simple, Robert? Okay, for all it took to stammer. How ow was that?

I’m so tirde. Yeah, I’m bangle off writer argle-bargling ‘bartl lament. A block in a revelation—is it an octopus?–treat you better, it’s monde up. A straight Monday sue. I’m la coat friending Mayzy!! Ned’s message averted a cob. The de la Salle searches, you punch ’em, you got it, movie skank, *Laura Wilcox* willed.

Knocker saulvy, my sympathy died. Supp. Have it. Treatment Advocacy Center. CA Psychiatrtic
Association, Police Chiefs Association, NAMI. LA Times, Gray Davis. After much incense, a subgroup of Scientology protested, upset. Said ran out of piano wire for gestalt.

Mindfreedom International, CNMHC, Psychiatric Survivors Movement, and, The Church of Scies.

UCB, Pelican, football. It’s all a piece of my youth, heppy to see the fold dazzle, epic turnover play.

Baby, make me happy will it depends whose father is there. On i5: Let me hear it. Aingro groves. What else? Interfere zone Debye, chief.
9. rf, ez, on.
—| |—
Don’t say that. When we–
mark it though in beezers skit column hollywed widdowont hate.
I try to get through (to you), can it be any of [you], any of me, assorted. I—oh, I—have I got to put it to bed during yapp-a-ho?

…casual user off the hook. Does anybody here feel the mass? I see. Wave sparkly and riff right (lift! Her up!), weight of the docket in my hand, do you, Abplanalp, is anybody alp there?

-Nixon. [obj8]’ll bring the salt?. Last call. Name of the time person, how you’re where the looey listen. Here’s a certain choice, kept core. Ginsie 1966 faro (weed). You had a recital? So what, man. Quittin’ ‘er.

Second, must over c by midpoint off a given.
…dirt roads of Vietnam. White country, I’m here to tell ya.

That one’s Jewish! Another one spoils the caps before working bone. The writer? Yes I do.
___P___I t just right fledginal. Everybody’s units to deny gift turvaris customayra put an egg on it, simmy everybody’s foots, Ved dropped eggbeater X-nay.

I’m your pet project and I am your hobby farm, Charles. That’s what “me”, when this business took it peculiar, all this peculiar, what’s peculiar? Literate. Call to the raven. My Jew is rude, the cousins can’t get home.
Xult. ECT is a challenge. Like ma’am, I will win. A earthly rattling. I sure like it. All the lies died, but weigh the shape. Are the marbles pewtered, all flossie selector on as. Were tight’s stirred delk pin gene. Take him home, sherz. Footsie eniggate ferry smuxxes, none more deserving than Morris Joan. Dokes over for a tea, Morrithy outside block. Testin’, I’m let a panther through. Let him all in. Let him represent. Let him concept two, oh, you in touch with the java. So liquorous like to stand the ice cream. And friend, busted tire-tracks, put that’s Charlene, put it over the door. Sweat clothes. Fits. Dennis, light of the stagger moon.

If you don’t leave the room, the governor’s house-chalet. Now listen, have what happened. Rustlers. W. S. Hart. A killin’. It can be a lot of trouble, gathin’ you-you want more? What’s up? You puntstick. A little saddle soap. Leverage. How to defend it. Done. Now, respect! Listen to me. Gees of the past 500 words are pullin’ pterodactyls down. Fix. Fame and “A” fort 1/10 the ayers. And children!

As a so-called “useful Jew”, Kurt Garron was promised transport to yield these groBst lady lazy moustache monsters. Wrong with you? Give me a hard tug, fruition. It’s bent we seek to surface Allin again. Megaphone Kurt; Snack! Snacks for two, you trust me. Mack & excuse me, walk, disappear.


The tency of alumin you now know de flocculate in the P2P op played in the plaza at noon, now postponed. La Guardia’s in heaven discussing with the rest of you effect. Rice, cully said what’s better than jude really goin’ on, notcher co-ed.

We will play. Halt. Washes out the steen, charmer. I don’t want—I don’t understand you. I run tape for the boss. It can hear it. Steve? Treadin’.
Up, then up.
Cyclin’. Program’s done. Too late to lake ’em. Pet trues it. P. S. Hoffman: Candy bars, not “heoin”. My answer, chit. What’s wrong with you, Michael.
My water pipe, it’s gone cherpit. A metal poisons label’s with your meth. It’s gone du jour noncredit. Your takings—Hg, Pb, nitrosos. He put a rieve.
b) His amol. Beast, assumed fight’s over against tobacco. Camel. Too bad. The cumulates, geniuses. Too late.
Here he goes, Macon offerin’ tryna cope with electricy one around election times, zerb? Keep a bro posted. Don’t. Crassness choke. Is because late too true you live with efficiency. Great, deserve throttling. And no Beaner. Their protein weddo don’t want. K-cup like Michael. Ain’t rush you. Der prain. Merry Christman. They’re—he’s. Aren’t a stall. He’s screamin’. Man, they’re tax.

Junkie, what? Bob’ll2 Go inside. You, and live purpose. Is—can I, Isky airight? Aham, look closer. Is the bag heightener ebonies the first and out, seven I means and lay dere pullin’ javages. The Ray Corps ‘d lighten up itself. Nod sugar’s sugey walls, wobble wiggle Popo us 3-mafia. Stop there.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    So, can you give more chemistry related videos? Would help me and my ADHD. HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE. Also, meth is bad ya know? How about something like Dexedrine (non-racemate)? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??????

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