The Gift of the Three Biggest Feminists

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The Bevatron, a particle accelerator, was the largest, highest-energy accelerator in the world when it opened in 1954 at the University of California Radiation Laboratory.

The Bevatron, a particle accelerator, was the largest, highest-energy accelerator in the world when it opened in 1954 at the University of California Radiation Laboratory.

The gene for hubris

The gene for hubris

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Denaturant added to alcohol used in bad cleanup will poison marijuana users on contact, a typical use during Prohibition, a) US federal attacks resulting in blindness. The bar is kind of high, Stevie. It’s 10,000 blind.
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More partners. I work in the city, Berkeley, California, In the protests over police killings, is the governor taking the upper hand. ABC News writers do shift the accusation straight toward protestors, as founding a new city of gray areas to protect the functioning of quantum bedroom life, eddying in its novelty. Humans popped up quite recently, like fairy mushrooms.
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ChokeOnYourPill geezee • 7 hours ago
I have to completely disagree with the “more civilized part”. That’s just a ridiculous statement. That is such a colonial way of think of other nations. Also, if you look at why those “undeveloped” countries are the way they are, it is because of colonialism. If colonialism had never happened, those countries would look very different and would have been just fine without western influences, technologies, or Christianity. And as for “unlawful assembly”, you do realize not all laws are moral and just? Furthermore, the fact that the people who are supposed to protect us and show exemplary character are now responsible for many unjustified or suspicious killings and are protected from punishment or even investigation is a very good reason to protest. Albeit, not like this. But you should never follow laws unquestioningly. Also, it is hard to change a system “the right way” where no avenues exist to change it. Police to investigate police? District attorneys that rely on police to do their jobs are then supposed to turn around and prosecute them properly? No, our justice system is screwed, and it’s time for a change. Protest away, everyone. But the looting and vandalism is unacceptable I admit.
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cheapster505 ChokeOnYourPill • 7 hours ago
well Europe , Britain and all suffered greatly from WW 2 yet managed to rebuild in 70 years Africa is still Africa still asking for help still blaming “Colonialist ” yet after independence nothing to show for
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ChokeOnYourPill cheapster505 • 6 hours ago
Ha! That’s hilarious. No European nation had its language and resources destroyed fully and completely. Also, they were already nation states with huge populations and militaries in comparison to the smaller African communities that were taken over by colonialism. Africa was populated by many different African tribes and groups before western influence, and still exhibits some of that diversity. It was extremely diverse in a way that completely separate groups with their own culture and traditions and languages could live a mere 50 miles away from each other, and had no need to create huge alliances and nation states as the populations were pretty sustainable as they were. Colonialism created the political boundaries you now see. Those boundaries are arbitrary in every way, and thus the colonization created the African nation states we know now. There were no nation states before colonialism, so rather than “recovery”, it is a completely new building process all together. These nation states were created specifically to boot the colonial powers out and now have to shape their own future and growth. But because so many different tribes were forced together into nonsensical boundaries where the separate colonial powers divided up the land, you have rival tribes and groups trying to now shape the future of this new nation state. So your comparison of European nation states’ recovery to the African nation states’ “recovery” is completely ludicrous. I don’t know why I even bother explaining this to you because the information is out there. Ignorance is a choice. If you cared to know anything about history or why the world is the way it is, the resources are out there. It’s just easy to hold on to ignorance and blame “Africa”.


According to Psychology Today: “The success of fear-based news relies on presenting dramatic anecdotes in place of scientific evidence, promoting isolated events as trends, depicting categories of people as dangerous and replacing optimism with fatalistic thinking. News conglomerates who want to achieve this use media logic, by tweaking the rhythm, grammar, and presentation format of news stories to elicit the greatest impact. Often, these practices present misleading information and promote anxiety in the viewer.”

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