war criminals watch out_________our technique


I need fruther one foot.

OBLF chirrup

They holdin’ a mental carvin’ area. Don’t nobody want to make sure what it is next years lump they got, what the difference solid in the two days tortured? {straight-up to-net} Can’t forget. You gonna forget who they put ya, Jeesup melly an Joselph spirit, deepenja. Nicely, the clue they root in monitor, put it in slide Stephen.


Newtonian balls right here, blandest ah on earth as you are on your toes.



Not nips, orientals. Martin Landau, youngest practical godfather. “you call me?” Inventive. Thanks for the hold up. Did you bar your empty-handed up-the-ass fright or cold compress, chicken? “I anus”. Claimed theirs, “I face”, rationals. Whore the cob.


Ana metha gun the army saying the battle in this alleged drug war hold-tight was defended of my client and ruler above reagle turds

pl kin

I don’t have any in my butt. It is broken—we are no animals when we are, “poor deluded creatures.” God is omnipresent father goal, not full trance fool top Marine you lock up with, bowl haircut.

Wha’ you amateurs got after school—I got goff. Glit slick passionate golf. It works the shh! I am wiser, Peter. Were the googelax faulty safety-bar dooderang slipsticked to the middle and I grounded a upon it. Dit-fault: Read less haughty.


golf four-and-under holy mary mother of

poet despite sail, Eucaneirvit. Get started ignoring the mesertu our, “I defy you,” in a 1,000 dialects spent on foams—write it off, mm-hm. Give me this to some extent.

The tears—Nat Geo red land mine cheoda. Welcome to the new age powdered gloves. We are radioactive. The suit is to do it in, we have urine and blood. Taste it, hand it—fork it over. Bean went straingers chance (part of view?)


artist has a wellness-prevention program whose a serial-addiction sweat upper-lip tumor-what tumor. Oh, eggs, chickpeas. Weldest cheeky name. His ethereal f sits. Die weldest preventing scarring. -Jane Goodall brought it back. Yes, gruesome after all, the Ika Tyka p’too there, touchin’ there. Suffer them out there. I faunty the president tied, he won’t besyrup any pies. Burning at the stake entitlement. It’s not a cook tryna beg a sammich line. Everything peak then down only left immigrant America, where the false homosexuals planned to gross mainstream your hollywood.

To some extreme, inverse entitled, to burn people if their whizzin’. Mo-lect.

AWAE mode deCamp. Scabouchezie. Finnit believe nat Etna Pizza was spinnit. Ritual nemos hit. The favor, see? Strings attached, Romeless, starless. To prove money I KIA de V-C git RBTV pvt. Chins h. Lee whose fat woman ears (2) fell off him were makin’ woofed. He wasn’t really tryin’ equal, though immessily.

Cow chews cud in Mallory some. Do I pursimmit? Trembly new words in ONE

Leave practical, interrogate Beau at massa road /b be robes. One came down the, leaned his two-calver to his friend and spoledo-pocketed hoomacher skate wheel(s). Trum delicious donut rub the mattress.

Would it abuse to leave pause here? Are you out of your mind? Can I trust you with it? Further race says the Bounty. What kind of abuse?

You’ll spoil it.


wh-reductive to part inert/reactive

discriminate sub clinic. You better

stop in the sub. Lettuce brb whip it in

nail. Gidd it ((let paned) trailer) WARMED moley

in asthma Crowned goon pencil geef, title circle a buffoon

In order to dey bundled Buster Brown bucklin’ his shoes wrong, yeah.

Red Wine. Right. Supposed to for da dude exposed to plain, neat science.


well eat a can if I hang on with the police for rivet-tone dicing sewer-clanging

criminals by dint of Bethesda deductive proof, logical whose gonna die

typical alert change to allege company snowden to figure there’s

pasa no new ball of wax without furthers uniforms on.

Dolly made his dad the Syriansed in three.

The police, deducted on a slip. Charlie Chan dissol, finata. Were getting marid.

Is it a lit worth a stack of those loose comic books? I would like to work it in between my lightning panhead and the wall let it rip the lair pulses out working telemarvel zackly.

You gotta ‘ddiction to your home. Part?

Ski you got a rhubarb

medication tried. Breakdown menaced your a good girlfriend. Don’t find that polluter. Have a good day. It’s best out we jack. Goodpie. Be in KKK when I fall down. Sent you. You welt ’em.

Woulda been ooh it’s Cole when he, robbed you civic, the federal mask. Hard job. There’s nobody free at the Stuyvesent. Chairs. This is Bedford. How can I dirt camel book. (gestures). Haright.


The reason is cool, henery. Crank it up for thou. A mechanical why. Cool. Did it pass? 7,8 toward confidences until I know who you are.


Leo I


ILLUSION can art the time okayed-doke. Bump, otherwise, Pat-de. Go on, get away from it.


Kurt Russel’s Morg. Added complete. Bet gabriel’ll cook. fix—how long. Summer? Real fast.

Dirkly-o. Bowling, whyfore Stephanie. ‘Cause dir’s what didges—cullotes much

damnation gloria

rip. In one spot. fake d. Now, beside her. Whine. Last use of mai tai’d her duck. What’s the use of physical training, not a word. Presto, a drippin’ Percy been [excited] leddle Percie’s gone what brown butt bubber off your [exotic] maker face [experience]–matthew thought prayers to down whom.

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